A Soldier’s Heart Highlights Finale Episode 39-42

A Soldier’s Heart Highlights Finale Episode 39-42 Fonti arrested after k!lling Dante, Alex and Saal d!e in a bloody encounter while Minda and Yazmin make amends after the war wipes out their respective families

Later on, Jethro’s world come crashing down when he learns the cold hard truth. Isabel finds herself at odds with her father following her shocking discovery.

After realising Fonti’s true colours, Jethro finally let his walls down by apologising to the Marasigans. Raul and his squad race against time to capture the corrupt Colonel.

Bearing the weight of Fonti’s betrayal, Dante recalls the friendship that he gained and lost throughout his military career. Following Isabel’s confession, Michael alerts Raul about Amer’s connivance with Saal.

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Hoping to change Saal’s mind about the course, Yazmin resolves to end the strife that stemmed from her and Yosef. All hands are on deck as Task Force Alhuraji and Saal’s insurgent forces brace themselves for an all-out war in Mindanao.

Hoping to bridge the gap between her two sons, Yazmin surrenders herself to Dante. Unknown to them, danger lurks around as Fonti waits for the opportune time to strike against the unsuspecting general.

Minda’s world comes crumbling down when she learns of Dante’s untimely deàth. visit Desperately, trying to hold herself together the shell-shocked woman attempts to relay the heartbreaking news to Elmer and Alex.

Bracing himself for his upcoming mission in Mindanao, Alex remains committed to his duty as a soldier despite his adoptive father’s unfortunate demise. Joining Alex to mourn Dante’s sudden passing, Raul recalls his priceless memories with his fallen comrade.

Afraid to lose another l0ved one while still mourning her husband’s untimely demise, Minda begs Alex to prioritise his safety and come back alive from his mission. Before he leaves, Alex gets the chance to speak with Yazmin.

Hoping to assuage his biological mother’s warning, Alex promises to remember his ties with Saal despite their differences. Later, Alex explodes with rage when he encounters Fonti.

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After dividing themselves into four teams surrounding the insurgents encampment from different direction, the soldiers put their lives on the line as they attempt to make their way towards their enemies’ lair.

Following the grenade blast that nearly wiped out Team Charlie, Alex decides to back Team Alpha up after learning about Elmer and his team’s current situation. published by SpotOnNews Michael, meanwhile, places himself at risk to help Lourd locate their invisible enemy.

Soon after, Raul comes up with a plan to lure Saal and the insurgent forces out of their encampment. The military continues to close in on the insurgents. Through the combined efforts of Jethro and Lourd’s groups more areas surrounding the terrorists’ camp are successfully secured.

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As Saal and his comrades prepare for the military’s arrival, two of the leaders l0ved ones suffer a tragic fate after engaging in a shootout with Jethro and his troop. Choosing to fight their beliefs and remain by Saal’s side, Rasheed and Fatima meet their unfortunate demise.

As the military troop continues to advance toward him, Saal remains hellbent on fulfilling his vision from the very beginning. Soon after, Alex comes forward to plead with Saal to finally lay down his weapon to surrender himself to the military.

Recalling how the war affected the lives of their l0ved ones, Minda and Yazmin pray for guidance and protection for their sons. Meanwhile, Saal begins to realise what matters most despite their conflicting beliefs.

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As Alex slowly inches closer to his brother, a looming attack from one of the insurgents threatens to disrupt their heartfelt encounter.
In the aftermath of the bloody war, the unfortunate deàths of Alex and Saal cast a dark cloud over the people close to them.

Devastated by the heartbreaking piece of news, Yazmin reminisce her fond memories of her sons. During the wake, Alex l0ved ones look back at how the fallen soldier changed their lives forever.

Sharing the same pain of losing their families in the war, Minda and Yazmin make amends as they recognise their undying l0ve for their l0ved ones. During his visit to the detained colonel, Raul laments how Fonti’s betrayal eventually destroyed their brotherhood.

Moving forward with their lives a few years later, the soldiers dedicate their new mission to Alex. Subscribe to the site for your daily updates



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