The Legal Wife Story in Retrospect: A regular One-sided Betrayal story?

The Legal Wife Story in Retrospect: A regular One-sided Betrayal story?

There is nothing new under the sun. However, the twist to stories makes them unique and creative. After nine years of its released on the market, The Legal Wife series has been a master piece which many could not wrap their hands on the actual story line.

As most believed the story only centred on Monica, Adrian and Nicole, a small fraction of watchers believed the story exceeded just the three Characters, in fact they were mere guests on the round table of the actual plot.

Succeeding the traits of the main players, suffering from the mistakes of the main players and paying for the consequences of the actions of the main players. They only set the dice rolling with the twist surrounding the fight between Dante and Javier in their quest to own the l0ve of Eloisa.

Through the fight for Eloisa, many characters were stepped on leading to the suffering of some guests on the round table when the situation escalated to affect the l0ve life of the children from both parties.

We met Monica Santiago De Villa a role played by Angel Locsin a child who spent seven years of her childhood years in Daet, believing her mother’s l0ver, Dante Ramos as her father till an omen reunited her with her biological father, Javier Santiago.

Monica had an accident and was rushed to the hospital. Due to financial constraints, Eloisa was pushed hard to accept the help of her husband who arrived from the United States. As part of her treatment, the hospital was changed.

She later found herself in a bigger and an expensive mansion owned by a person she earlier presumed to be a samaritan who helped her in her recovery process. Wanting to get close to Dante, the man she knew to be her father, the reality hit her hard as she uncovered the truth that the Samaritan was her biological father and she even had two brothers, Javi and Jasper.

Still not able to adjust well to the truth, she gave her biological father the cold shoulder till the rich man began to punish her in his own way. This made Monica grew to work her way to win over her dad, by simply obeying all of his instructions and orders.

This in a way affected her friendship with Nicole Esquivel, her childhood friend who we later discovered to be the biological daughter of Dante Ramos. A daughter he knew not since he abandoned her mother, Camila Esquivel when she was pregnant to run after Eloisa, a woman who jilted him for a rich man, Javier in order to gain money to treat her father’s ailment.

Eloisa was forced by her mother to marry Javier but her father gave her the option to do what her heart felt and should not succumb to pressures around her. As her father’s health kept deteriorating, Eloisa made that painful decision to leave the l0ve of her life to pursue the rich man in order to give a life to her ailing father.

After her marriage to the rich dude, her father sadly d!ed. Since she had no feelings for Javier and felt that her marriage was out of pressure she did not live to Javier’s expectations so out of jealousy Javier physically abused her. One day, she had enough and decided to run away from her marital home.

She managed to escape with her last born, unfortunately, she left her two young sons behind. As she hit the street to hustle and fend for her baby, Monica who is also called Ikay, her former flame found her in the market and took her from the street to a secret home in Daet to live together as l0vers.

The two rekindled their l0ve with hopes of Dante getting married to Eloisa but least did Eloisa know that the woman she snatched Dante from her hand was carrying a child. Hearing the return of her husband, Eloisa planned with Dante that she was going for her two sons so that their family could be complete.

However, Monica who she left in Dante’s care and was hiding her from Javier, was run over by a tricycle when Dante left her to play with other kids. The unfortunate incident rather solidified Javier’s stance to fight for the custody of his daughter. This crushed Eloisa’s dream of reclaiming the rest of her children from Javier.

She was left with no option than to go by the condition of Javier to live with him as his wife or he used the law to reclaim Monica from her hand. Eloisa once again parted ways with Dante to live with her husband for the sake of her children.

When the Santiagos believed all was well with Javier also believing he has gotten rid of his enemy, Dante, the movie climaxed with the introduction of a young vibrant man, Adrian De Villa who came from a poor home but was very ambitious. He met Monica, our lead character in record studio and fell in l0ve with her.

Adrian told his best friend Bradley about it. One day Adrian pitched advertising idea to some client and gained the thumbs up. Unknown to him, the woman he fell for had earlier spoken to that client and due to his better ad pitch, the agency Monica was working for lost that client.

JJP Advertising Agency later recruited Adrian after learning of how top notch he was in order not to lose more clients to the young man. Stumbling on Monica, she gave him the cold shoulder for making her life impossible. After a banter at the working environment, the two became close to eachother and Monica fell in l0ve with him as well.

Unknown to Monica, the challenges her father was facing with his family’s company, Vita Sardines has made him given her to another business tycoon from a wealthy family, Miguel to marry her. In return, Miguel would inject money into his company to save it from collapsing.

Monica refused to be patronised by this spoilt arrogant rich dude and eloped with her l0ver with Eloisa’s blessings after Miguel kidnapped her to tighten the loose ends for Adrian not to get close to Monica. During their escape, Adrian did the unthinkable to marry Monica.

The sacrifice Monica made to elope with Adrian made her father disowned her so it was her and Adrian against the world. During her stay with Adrian in that l0ve camp, various scenes were also unfolding behind her back, Nicole lost her grandfather, Gramps-Eduardo Esquivel.

Eduardo gained the sole custody of Nicole after the latter’s mother who he disowned for dating Dante d!ed from agony, pains and suffering for being a single mother with no roof over her head. Nicole was about to be given to the social welfare for the government to cater for her as an orphan when Eduardo showed up to reclaim her and sent her to Manila.

Nicole was so affected by Gramps deàth since she earlier broke up with Max Gonzalez, her boyfriend who was in l0ve with his ex, Audrey. Nicole had no one except Monica to lean on in her trying times but her childhood best friend was also not available to comfort her.

She singlehandedly, laid Gramps to rest and got so upset with Monica for not being the friend she wanted her to be. A friend who would watch her back and lean on all the times.

Seething with rage, Nicole traveled to Australia, leaving the events agency she worked for in the hands of her colleague who was also her subordinate, Rowena.

After marriage, Monica had to work her way to gain the trust of her mother-in-law, Sandra. Soon, she gave birth to Bunjoy, her son and decided to get reunited with her family when her father was celebrating her birthday. This called for another task to regain her father’s blessings to her marriage and for him to finally accept her husband.

Waking up to the near bankruptcy of the family’s business with the zeal of Javi, the senior son to sell off the company, Monica was recommended by Jasper to set in since she had been awarded for managing her own company, Idea Factory Advertising Agency.

Javier once again saw his daughter as an escape route to his omen and dwelt on her potentials to revive Vita Sardines. This compelled Javi to resign and sold off 30per cent of his shares to Max Gonzalez, an unknown enemy who used to be the boyfriend of Nicole Esquivel.

Gaining part of Vita Sardines shares, Dante rose from the ashes as his involvement with the plight of Javier’s company unfolded. The threat Dante imposed on Vita Sardines was the establishment of Infinity Sardines. His brand has garnered momentum on the market swaying all the customers of Vita Sardines to his side.

He worked behind the scenes to get the sardines poisoned for it to suffer bad name on the market to make it easy for his brand to penetrate into the market. These vicious deeds were rolled out to get back at Javier for his attempt to k!ll him years ago after he visited the Santiagos mansion to see Monica and Eloisa to bid his final goodbye.

As part of her efforts to bring Vita Sardines back to its feet, Monica made it a mandate to uncover the truth behind Max’s sudden wealth which they believed he accrued through inheritance and gambling. With the help of Nicole Monica found the truth from Max’s mother who revealed to her that she had no clue on how Max suddenly got that money.

Max also screwed up when he attempted to buy shares from a man who was Javier’s close pile. He then confessed the truth to Monica and Dante’s cover was blown, making Monica and Eloisa affected by the fight.

End Of Part ONE

To be continued


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