All Of Me Episode 4

All Of Me Episode 4 Manuel returns on earth to discover that Lena has moved on 

After his marriage with Lena, Doctor Manuel faced another challenge at the hospital. The doctors complained about Henry’s management of the hospital, leading Manuel to set him incharge of the Foundation he established for Dr Vincente.

Henry was not happy with Manuel’s decision as that would prove to the doctor’s of the facility about his failure and would lead them to disrespect him. However, Manuel insisted that it was an order which he had to follow. Lena surprised Manuel one night with an outdoor moonlight party. She made Angel played their “All of Me” a track by John Legend to light up their intimate moment as they danced their heart out.

Soon, Dr Manuel held a meeting with the doctors and chose Dr Raul to replace Henry, his protégé. The other practitioners congratulated the newly appointed.

Manuel got to the office to find Henry packing his things as he was leaving to embrace his new post, he hugged Manuel. Manuel got home to inform his wife, Lena who was preparing dinner that now their plans to go for their honeymoon could push through. Lena was so happy and Manuel asked if she would prefer Europe, Rome, Paris or Spain.

The couple had several days of intimate moments together. They consumed their marriage night and explore eachother’s body every single day. At the mystical Island, after the young Manuel narrated his story, he pleaded with the fairy to give him a second chance to be reunited with his l*ved ones and continue the good works of Dr Vincente. The fairy believed the necklace of Dr Vincente has probably saved him from tragic incidents.

She was touched by Manuel’s story and gave him his freedom but under three conditions not to reveal his identity, talk about what he saw about the mystical Island, otherwise his l*ved ones would d!e. Manuel returned to his world in 2015. He ran to the Island to see his hut empty. He watched his face and realised he was not wearing his necklace Dr Vincente gave him.

He was heartbroken, after seeing a news of Edong Basa and also discovered that seven years had passed on the land of the living. He was now forced to search for his lost family so Manuel changed his white dress and left on a boat. Meanwhile, Princess was still sad about what had happened to Manuel Figueras.

Manuel came across some teens beating up someone and he went to the boy’s rescue only to discover that the boy was Ringgo. He introduced himself to him as Edong. He was glad to meet Ringgo and recalled how they first met at the market when he was a lad. Ringgo was grateful that Edong has saved him from the bullies, he later introduced Edong to Nonoy.

Later, Edong went to Bebeng’s house only to be nabbed by some local barangay officers who deemed him as a thief over his failure to produce an ID. The officers beat him and sent him to the Barangay office. Nonoy was already there chatting with one official and he saved Edong. Nonoy sent him to Manuel’s hospital to get his wound treated. Edong got emotional at his own clinic and was emotional as he got treated.

After Princess was told about Edong, a new person in Manila, she came across Ringgo with him. Princess was doubtful about Edong and sent Ringgo away.

At one stormy night, Manuel (Edong) came across his wife and followed her to the house without her seeing. Lena had missed Manuel and Princess reminded her on how she first met Manuel. It saddened her and she went to her room. While changing, Manuel watched her from afar and was so happy to see her. Lena was hooked with the memories of her past and was sad, however, the call from Ivan, her son lightened up her night.

The next day at the Vincente foundation, Some doctors working at Manuel’s health centre came to meet Ivan to ask of his father, Henry. They saw Henry and informed him that Dr Raul was traveling abroad and Henry was the right person to manage Manuel health centre.

Lena was so down during breakfast. Bebeng asked her not to bother about what princess told her the following night. Lena said she was not thinking about what Princess said but was thinking about the number of years since Manuel passed away. It had been seven years already and Benbeng asked if she would celebrate the seven years anniversary. Benbeng then consoled Lena.

Elsewhere, Ringgo rushed Edong to the health centre after seeing that he has caught fever from spending a stormy night in his boat. There, he finally got reunited with Lena. Lena took care of him and got him treated.

Elsewhere at the Vincente foundation, Some doctors working at Manuel’s health centre came to meet Ivan to ask of his father, Henry. They saw Henry and informed him that Dr Raul was traveling abroad and Henry was the right person to manage Manuel health centre.

Edong was feverish, Lena helped reduce his fever. He coughed and Lena gave him water. Lena had that feeling that made her drew closer to the patient she had. She explored all means to help Edong.


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