Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Dela Paz and Velasco finally reach home but lands in the hands of Hipolito

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Dela Paz and Velasco finally reach home but lands in the hands of Hipolito, What will happen to them?

Discovering Fernan’s top secret, Tadpole and Earthworm understood Fernan as a person whose two years son died untimely in an explosion at Everest mall in Manila, an incident which the blame was pinned on the Bloody Sun. Fernan was now embarking on a mission to find out the truth about the k!ller of his son and were ready to support him to find justice for his lost child.

Tadpole and Earthworm shared Fernan’s pain and now understood why he was so attached to Emman, they decided to cover his back. They pleaded with Katrina and Gerry not to inform the SAF force about their hideout if they managed to escape alive, stressing that they had children, aged and women in the camp and if they get attacked those mentioned categories of people would be harmed.

They promised Fernan that they would help him and if he was done with his mission, he should send them along. They said they were tired of hiding from the security agencies and wanted to live a normal life. Tadpole and Earthworm indicated that they also lost their loved ones, hence the reason they joined the group. They began sending food to the two SAF troopers who were in a hideout in the woods. Days fled, Katrina and Gerry were still camped in the woods.

Romulo began monitoring Fernan as he always saw him leaving the camp with a sack which contained food. One day, he began following Fernan in the woods. Fernan later felt that someone had been following him all those while and managed to escape the person.

He went to the hideout of the missing SAF troopers and gave them food. He also told them that it was time they leave the camp since he felt that was being followed. Gerry and Katrina began a journey in the woods while Fernan ran back to the camp to cover his back.

Before leaving, Fernan destroyed the coconut brunches shelter he made for his friends and left. Fernan went to the camp to find his two friends stealing fruits to send to Gerry and Katrina. They believed the two SAF troopers were hungry and Fernan asked them not to since he has already sent them away.

Tadpole and Earthworm prayed that Kath and Gerry would be able to flee alive. However, Romulo held a meeting with the r3bels and instructed them to search for the troopers before they leave the woods. Elsewhere, it was late in the midnight and Katrina wanted Geraldo to make them search for a place to rest and continue the journey the next day.

She said they did not know the way of the forest and since it was late they might end up returning to the point they began the journey from but Gerry urged that they continue the journey without stopping. The next day, the rebels began their search and bumped into Velasco and Dela Paz. They ran after them, Homer and Anton kept shooting and bombing them as they ran.

Cardo could not hold back and joined Romulo and the rest of the rebels when some of the reb£ls returned to the camp to inform Romulo and Domingo that the troopers were spotted in the woods and Homer and his gang were after them. Kath and Gerry now fought between life and death as they kept running with their might amidst bombing and shooting.

Getting close to the river, Homer threw a bomb and made ready to fire the two to end their lives. Cardo could not watch for his last two friends to also die from the hands of the rebels so he pushed Homer’s hand to change the direction of the gun and it fired in the air, giving the troopers opportunity to jump off a high cliff into the river.

Fernan was blamed and Anton used that to strengthen his case against Fernan that he was a trooper and he was the one who helped the two to escape. Fernan made an excuse that he was only following the mission of the Bloody Sun as they fight for people.

They don’t shed innocent blood and advised thet they keep running after the escapees to nab them alive. Kath and Gerry swam the river as the the rebels searched for them. Gerry heave a sigh of relief when he felt that they were getting close to the street.

Having ran all night and day, Kath became weak and wanted them to hold on for a while. She panted, trying to slow their movements but Gerry wanted them to hurry, knowing the reb£ls were after them. Kath queried Gerry what they would say if they make it alive. Gerry wanted them to reach home first, Kath suddenly fainted. Gerry who was also weak due to the gun shot he suffered at his rib had no option than to carry the unconscious Kath to ran away with her.

He passed through a ditch and was so tired. Fortunately, he reached the street, seeking for help as he could not walk any further. Behold, a moving vehicle spotted them, the driver and his conductor went to their aid and sent them to a near by hospital in Santa Barbara. They received medical attention while the rebels searched everywhere and could not find them.

Fernan was criticised and held accountable for the escape of the SAF troopers. This made it difficult for Fernan and wondered what he could do to win their trust again. Romulo and everyone was upset that he has jeopardise the safety of the people in the camp by allowing them to flee while Homer could have k!lled them. Fernan pleaded, admitting that he did a mistake. Romulo now charged his people to stay alert. He doubted Fernan, though he had no evidence against him.

Romulo threatened Fernan that it should be true that he was not the one who set the SAF troopers free. He began to pull himself away from Fernan and did not want him to get close to the sick Emman. For Lena, she still trusted Fernan irrespective of what her father was saying. She believed Anton and Homer had manipulated the thought of her father.

At the hospital, Gerry made a call through to the PNP’s SAF camp and Dela Rosa picked the call. He wondered the person on the line, Dela Paz then mentioned his name that he was the one on the line and told his boss that he was in Santa Barbara hospital with Katrina so they should come for them.

Delfin was informed and he told General Olegario about it. They told Gerry that they would be the one to come for them. After, Director Hipolito found out about the escapees, he quickly sent Manolo to go behind Delfin and Diana to fetch the two troopers and send them to his place to query them to fish out what they knew before Olegario and Borja get to them, otherwise they were doomed and all their efforts would be in vain.

Due to how Hipolito tempered with a CCTV footage of him k!lling the former military officer, Manolo did not hesitate and rushed around the clock to the location of Velasco and Dela Paz to fetch them. The two troopers hesitated since they were told only Borja and Olegario were mandated to come for them. Kath and Gerry were scared to follow Manolo, even though Catindig said the NDA boss, Director Hipolito sent him.

They were also scared that the rebels might find them so they followed Catindig. Shortly after General Borja and General Olegario arrived but came to meet the unpleasant news that Gerry and Katrina had already left with someone who said he was fetching the two troopers on behalf of the NDA boss, Hipolito. What will happen to Geraldo De la Paz and Katrina Velasco?


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