All Of Me Episode 43

All Of Me Episode 43 Manuel discovers death date after a nightmare, Carding shoots Kristel in an attempt to k!ll Manuel

Bebeng told Princess that Ivan had told Henry about their new location. Princess was so worried since she feared Henry might attack them when they least expected. Nonoy and Ringgo were in the living room and Ringgo told Nonoy about what Ivan did.

Dr Manuel found himself in Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital touring his work place when the workers were conveying a corpse to the morgue. One of the the conveyers gave Manuel the details of the corpse and saw the name of the corpse as Manuel Figueras and the date of his death was January 29,2016.

Manuel was surprised and wanted to know the actual corpse so he took off the cover cloth of the dead body to watch his face and was puzzled to find himself as the dead body. Suddenly, he woke up. He saw Lena sleeping, he jotted down the date given to him. Unknown to him Lena saw everything.

The next day on the breakfast table, Lena joined Ivan and asked him whether he gave their new address to Henry and Ivan admitted doing so. Lena told him that they were being pursued by someone and their lives were in danger that was why she warned him against Henry. Ivan apologised and Lena dropped the issue.

Soon, Henry and his lawyer met with Manuel and his lawyer. Lawyer Mike, Henry’s lawyer told Manuel’s attorney that his client was willing to settle the case. However, Manuel’s attorney said the harm Henry caused was too big for him to just settle. Manuel indicated that Henry squandered 85million and was not sure he would be able to pay off all the damages. Henry made an unpleasant statement which got Manuel pissed off. Manuel stood up and said they should meet in court.

As Manuel was leaving, Henry followed him and called Manuel to confront him. He said Manuel shouldn’t think he was bringing him dow. He made attempt to punch Manuel. Manuel blocked it and pushed Henry off. Meanwhile, in the house, Bebeng joined Lena and Ivan on the table.

Elsewhere, Marlon told Kristel about her father who was wanted due to numerous crimes he has committed to help Henry in his evil plot. Kristel was willing to collaborate. Lena clash with Greg for not having pity for a patient whose family did not have anything. Lena talked to the woman and assured her of their assistance in giving the patient the needed healthcare solutions.

In the house, Ivan had a call and gave the phone to his grandma. When Bebeng received the call no one talked so she put down the phone. Greg saw Dr Manuel and pleaded with him to temper justice with Mercy as he has filed civil and criminal case against him. Manuel asked him to be a witness for him if he wanted his burden to lessen.

Greg after agreeing met with the attorney, Marlon and Manuel and he was asked many questions for the filing of the case. They went through all the necessary documents and Greg signed underneath. Attorney Mike advised Henry to cut down his high heels as there were many evidences against him and now that Greg was standing for Manuel as witness Henry would lose everything and nothing would be left for him.

Carding prepared to be with his daughter, meanwhile, Henry wallowed in misery as he went to the bar to get drank. A prostitute came to him to caress him, willing to give him one night stand. However, he pushed the lady aware insisting that he was not in the mood for that. A witness helped the lady up and approached Henry trying to talk to him to make him see that he did the wrong thing by pushing the lady.

Henry fought with the guy and they landed in police station. Carding got home and hugged his daughter. Kristel served him and he ate like he was starved for long. At the precinct, Marlon was surprised to see Henry drank again and was causing trouble. That night, Manuel slept and saw himself on top of the rooftop of Rosita Figueras. He saw the face of Salvacion in the dark clouds, he hurriedly woke from his nightmare.

Now knowing his time was up, Manuel was so tensed, Lena woke up to ask him about his bothering issue. He hugged his wife and failed to tell her. Lena was bothered by her husband’s behaviour, so the next day she decided to find answers to her questions to find out about the connection of the date, January 29 with her husband. She told Bebeng about it and Bebeng was puzzled.

Manuel went to see Marlon and the latter showed him footage of Henry who was brought to the station for assault as he was drunk. Lena met with Madam Estrella at a certain eatery where Madam Estrella displayed her cards and interpreted that the date was a day which Manuel’s agreement with his protector comes to an end.

On that day, the clouds would darken and things would come to an abrupt halt in the life of her husband. Lena found the words as mysterious and strange. Ringgo and Ivan were playing football when Bebeng asked them to go inside. Henry arrived and Bebeng stopped him. He pushed Bebeng aside, claiming he was there to see Ivan and he would not leave. Fortunately, Lena arrived. She witnessed how he was pushing Bebeng to make his way into the house.

Lena slapped him and threw him out. Lena asked Bebeng if she was okay and she said she was fine. Henry while driving thought about everything that was messing up his life and drank. His lawyer called him to give him a bad news that his license has been revoked and within five days court would hear the case Manuel has filed against him.

Manuel arrived to overhear the conversation of Ringgo and Nonoy that Henry had come there since Ivan gave the address to him. Lena was in the bedroom thinking about what Salvacion told her concerning the life’s span of her husband. Henry got to the ghetto and met only Dennis. He was told that Carding was with his daughter and Henry ordered Dennis to send him to Carding’s house the following day.

Manuel asked Lena about Henry and Lena told him about what Henry came to do. The next day, his lawyer told him that the case would be heard in five days and Henry’s professional license has been cancelled. Henry went to see his lawyer and was told his license has been revoked. Lena told Ivan about his school and the boy was happy that he would soon go back to school.

Lena spoke with Bebeng and heard a news about and enclose which would happen on January 29. Lena suddenly off the radio to the dismay of Bebeng. She was in deep thoughts, recalling what Madam Estrella and Salvacion said, Lena was saddened. At Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital, Manuel addressed his doctors and announced to them that they have obtained the loan through the help of Philippine Medical Association and now the clinic was back on its feet. The staff celebrated.

Elsewhere, Henry and Dennis head to Kristel’s house. Carding in the house watched the picture frame of his daughter, Kristel asked of her leave. While left alone at his office, Dr Manuel now recalled his consistent nightmare about his life and knew his time was up. He now researched on Solar Eclipse and found out that it would occur on that January 29. He now recalled all the joyous moment he spent with his family during the Christmas.

As Kristel was going, she turned back home for something she left behind. However, she came to meet Henry pointing his gun at Carding and contracted him to k!ll Manuel. She ran away and called Marlon to alert him about Henry’s scheme. Meanwhile, Lena was in a restaurant with Ivan waiting for Manuel. Since she could not reach Manuel, Kristel called Ivan and the boy told her that he and his mother were meeting Manuel in a restaurant.

Dennis went to Rosita Figueras Hospital to overheard a conversation of Manuel’s lawyer and Manuel to know where Manuel was. Dennis informed Carding and they went after Manuel to the restaurant. Manuel, unaware that he was being followed got to the restaurant. Ivan who had told Lena about the call of Kristel saw Manuel and rushed out to meet his father. Lena followed and as Ivan was talking to Manuel, Carding aimed his gun.

Kristel and Marlon arrived and Dennis who was down spying to ensure they deliver a perfect job saw Kristel going to the direction of Carding’s guπ point. He screamed out Carding’s name which prompted Kristel and she covered Manuel and took the bullet on his behalf.

Carding was shuttered for shooting his daughter mistakenly. Dennis quickly fled with the motorcycle while Carding sat and cried, giving Marlon the opportunity to arrest him. Meanwhile, Kristel was down with the bullet and in the arms of Dr Manuel, motionless. Lena, Ivan and Manuel were speechless.


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