Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 225

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 225 Cardo to return to SAF, Hipolito plans to make Cardo k!ll Romulo

In the room, Cardo blamed himself for the death of Ricky boy and Alyana consoled him, saying it was not his fault. Both couple cried bitterly. At Mt Arayat, Pampanga, Snake wanted to go out to buy something from town and Scorpion did not allow him since they might be caught. He made it clear that a time would come that they would spend their money.

Alyana could not sleep and said Cardo and her were hurt by the terrible incident. She believed they would go through it. Pillow rushed in to inform Homer that he learnt from Aurora that Romulo and Anton had left at dawn for Manila to meet Capili. Homer called Catindig to make him alert Capili but Catindig said Romulo would never find Capili.

Capili came from his car and was held at a g*n point by Romulo who accused him of being behind the numerous b0mbing$ which was pinned on the Bloody Sun. He threatened to find evidence and when he got to know that Capili was the brain behind it he would k!ll him.

The next day, Cardo left with Paco and the rest of the guys with an aim to search for the r3bels. Catindig gave the ex-military men a new job to stage a riot in the name of Bloody Sun. Capili was scared that Romulo would take him down and wanted Catindig to make them k!ll time before executing that vile plan.

Catindig assured him of his safety. He then called Director Hipolito to inform him about the black force which would go out in the name of the Bloody Sun to cause chaos in the name of Bloody Sun. He knew Hipolito had been protecting the Bloody Sun and wondered why he was now sending the name of the group to the mud.

At Mt Arayat, Pampanga, Romulo informed the group about his visit to Capili. He assured the group that they would continue to do what was right and would not allow the setbacks to obstruct their mission. Later, Snake wondered if Catindig would stop trusting them due to Romulo’s threat to Capili. Scorpion doubted as he already called Catindig to inform him about Romulo’s visit to warn them.

Alyana gathered Ricky boy’s things in order to give it out to people who might need them for their child within the neighbourhood. She became emotional while telling Grandma Flora about her plan.

Dianna discovered something from the footage she had been watching and she sent it to Camp Crame for General Borja to watch it. General Borja gave Guzman a new assignment to go to the St Michael’s church to check if he could get a clearer footage for them to identify the particular person who was spotted in various locations before the e×plo$ions.

Delfin used that opportunity to apologise to General Olegario for his inability to attend her son’s funeral. Dianna understood since Delfin was also mourning his great grandson and asked how Cardo was doing. Delfin indicated that Cardo was deeply affected by his loss and has detached himself from everyone. Dianna indicated that the death has been a blow to them all.

Alyana met her family and JP was willing to school in Philippines just to be by his sister’s side but Alyana dissuaded him and told him to continue his schooling in Japan. Although she was hurt by her son’s sudden demise but with time she would overcome it. Her problem was how Cardo has distanced himself. Her parents advised her to be the pillar for her husband and never lose hope.

Elsewhere Paco told Cardo that even if they found the r3bel$ Cardo was no longer a cop to arrest them. Gedong advised Cardo to take it easy as they were all behind him in his fight for justice. On Mercader Street, Cars began to run people over injuring pedestrians and k!lling some while hooting and chanting the Bloody Sun’s name with a flag.

The news about the incident went viral on television and radio, angering Cardo yet the more for him to vent his anger on some guys who came to sit at a certain table next to them in a bar. He beat them up, Paco and Gedong separated the fight. Director Hipolito claimed they had now gained the confirmation that The Bloody Sun was behind all those attacks and tasked his men to find them wherever they were.

However, the Pulang Araw group did not take it likely with the news. Cardo was sent home and Paco told Flora about Cardo being agitated by the news of the r3bel and he beated some guys in return. Flora called Jerome to come home to talk to Cardo as his state was worse.

In Bilibid, Ladronio confirmed to Don Emilio about Mangubat’s involvement with the Pulang Araw group and wondered why Don Emilio was so interested in it.

Jerome and the entire friends of Cardo including Pinggoy visited Cardo. They assured Cardo that they were doing everything possible to catch the ruthless group. Rigor suggested that Cardo should join the force to catch the culprit himself.

In Bilibid, Don Emilio tried his best to win Mangubat’s over. During the lunch time Don Emilio appeared with his allies, carrying the lunch box.

“Eeei Luis my friend you shouldn’t be eating that.”

“That is cat food it can give you sickness as worse diarrhoea”

“Look at this, we brought something special just for you.

“Please serve yourself.”

“I guess what they said was right, if I decide to side with this man no one is gonna try to k!ll me.

Aside from that, I will be living more comfortably in here until Leon comes to get me out of this place,” Mangubat thought of.

Ramil’s group realised that Don Emilio was trying to woo Mangubat with food and believed he has already swore to give him protection. Jimboy said if Luis knew Don Emilio planned the attack on him just to win his trust to get him into his group he would not have accepted.

Miyong asked if Mangubat was a r3bel, Julian said he was a b0mb expert more like a terror!st and he was the reason Cardo’s son was dead. Miyong believed it was not possible since the guy was confined in there but Julian insisted that he did not trust him.

At Mt Arayat, Pampanga, Homer planned to make Leon d!e in the hands of Catindig’s men for him to take over the group so he decided to rat Romulo’s plans out to Catindig. At the NDA office Cardo visited the director to inform him about his decision to join the PNP Special Action Force to help the NDA in catching the group behind the e×plo$ions.

He met General Olegario who introduced herself to him. She also told him about losing a son who had dreams of becoming a military personnel like her from the incident at the Everest mall. Cardo told her about his decision to return to the force and came to seek help from Director Hipolito. Diana formed an alliance with Cardo to work side by side to bring the culprit to book.

However, Director Hipolito and Major Catindig made plans. Catindig asked Hipolito to make them plan an accident for Cardo since Leon was now a problem. Director Hipolito did not have any intentions of raising a finger at Cardo but would use him as a solution to silence Leon.

In Bilibid, Mangubat asked Don Emilio why he was helping him. Don Emilio wanted to know more about the Bloody Sun group since their activities ended up the life of his enemy’s son and wanted to show his gratitude to the group.

Don Emilio started off by giving him drugs as Mangubat was about to sniff it, Gener and Julian went there to stop him. Gener warned him against Don Emilio but Mangubat said he would not join Gener’s group and walked out.

Director Hipolito said sorry to General Olegario for not listening to her earlier. Dianna said if they wanted to get the group they had to find them at Mt Arayat in Pampanga since that was the intel she had but would work hard to pin point the exact place they were located in the place.

Delfin told his group about NMIG’s plans in finding the r3bels in their hideout in Pampanga. At Mt Arayat, Pampanga Romulo planned with his guys to go to Manila to face Capili’s force and show them that they fight on a good course.

Homer called Catindig to inform him about Leon’s plans and promised to relay all the necessary information to him once he obtained all the information about the operation. He made Catindig assured him of his safety and protection since he would join the group in the operation.

Elsewhere, Cardo visited his son’s grave to plead with him for his inability to save him and what he was about to do.


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