Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 365

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 365 Cardo and Alyana receive blessings from their respective families during a farewell visit, Marco races after Alyana and Cardo with guπ

Marco paid a surprise visit to Brandon to request for a private army and weapons. He revealed to Brandon that though they have not talked about it but he was fully aware that he and Lucas had been smuggling illegal weapons into the country.

Brandon looked at him mysteriously since his junior brother after his transfer never came to see him and he only came there to request for weapons to find Alyana. Unknown to Marco, Lukas was standing at the back of him listening to his conversation.

Marco realising the presence of his father protested that if they did not help him, he would do it by himself. Lucas made it clear that they all had a common enemy. Brandon seconded it was due to Dalisay that was why he was locked up and Marco said they should leave Cardo for him to k!ll him.

Lucas objected, saying if he did something their name would be ruined so Marco should leave the hunt of Cardo for the necessary authorities. He explained that aside the CIDG, Oscar has employed a special task force to manhunt Cardo. He did not want anything to happen to Marco but his son took it that he was insinuating he was weak. Marco was hellbent to prove his strength.


Once they reached Manila, Cardo told Alyana they should first visit Ricky boy’s grave. They went to their son’s grave to leave a flower there and journeyed to Amor’s house. Upon arrival, they realised the space was for rent and Grandma Flora’s eatery was no longer there.

Cardo was scared that something bad had happened to his grandmother so Alyana made him park somewhere while she got down to find out only to discover from Nick that Flora had parked out and was living three blocks from there, at Simons street. Nick told Alyana that they thought she was missing and rumour has it that she fled with Cardo

Alyana denied saying he and Cardo were not in good terms, she was sent to Singapore to study there. Nick advised her not to fall for handsome boys but should fall for simple guys like him as the handsome ones were unreliable. Alyana ran to inform Cardo and they went to Simon Street. Flora was happy to hear she came with Cardo. The kids ran to hug her and Flora pleaded with them to keep it down since someone might hear them.

Cardo jumped through the kitchen window to get there. The family were happy and hugged him. Marco led his private army to hunt Cardo. As the Vendetta were planning to discreetly follow Hipolito, Peng reminded them of how dangerous it was for them to step out of there.

Cardo told his family that Alyana and him have reconciled and they even got married again to renew their vows. The family clapped for them, Alyana added that, that was not all they were moving to live in the country side to restart their life as the place was peaceful. Paquito wanted them to join the couple but Flora said it wouldn’t be now. The couple had to be certain and settle first so for now the he and the rest of the kids should take their lessons seriously.

Flora advised Cardo not to go there anymore. Cardo and Alyana passed the backdoor and went to the Arevalos mansion. Alyana was surprised to see JP, they rushed inside fast. After gaining a vital information from Lucas, Hipolito called Homer to inform him. Homer was impatient, he wanted to know the place right away to take the Vendetta by surprise.

Pilo was worried about who they would use as scape goat to continue wreaking havock. Hipolito said they would make it to be like some of the Vendetta members were alive for the Venom to continue their work. Cardo told the Arevalos not to be upset with Alyana as everything was his idea. He dissuaded  her from calling them since that would endanger them.

He revealed that he took Alyana to protect her from Marco. Teddy was grateful he did that, confirming that Marco was monster and he has been harassing them, he almost hurt JP. JP added his voice that Marco was not a good person. Cardo now told the family that he and Alyana renewed their vows and were there to seek their blessings for them to go to the province to start their lives again.

Virgie was against it but Alyana asked her mother to let her go, she has already made her decision. Virgie could not allow Alyana to throw away her future, even though she has to stay away from Marco but she should not go into hiding. Alyana followed her mother to her room. Virgie said she and her father had a future for her, they sent her to school, made lots of sacrifices for her all to nothing.  Alyana now used her mother’s words against her, that she has to sacrifice, support and l0ve her husband no matter what.

Teddy, on the other hand made Cardo promise not to hurt his daughter though he showed concern that Cardo was a fugitive who his daughter living with him would make her dragged into his mess but admitted they were married so he would support them ever step of the way.

The spy went to inform General Perez about his discovery about a particular room that the Flower Power Girls had been sending food to. He was then told to go and find who was in that room. Oscar had a lead and told Herald about it so Herald concluded that General Borja was shielding his grandnephew. Guzman also went to inform General Borja that the spy was connected to General Perez.

General Borja was left in the dark since he did not know that General Perez was equally assigned to the case and he has even sent his men to survey the suspected hide out, the club girls and Andy. Catherine and her husband had a misunderstanding since Lucas was not ready to press charges against Teddy for assaulting their son. Lucas reminded her that Marco was not innocent so they would not press any charges.

Alyana packed some of her things and they bid final good bye to Arevalos. Alyana told JP to take care of their parents and left. Unknown to them, Marco was surveiling the ace and spotted Cardo ushering Alyana inside the jeep and he also climbed inside the car. Marco followed them secretly. Cardo was glad that her family had given them their blessings.

He was also happy that he took her away from Marco. He told Alyana that he could not promise her luxury but he could promise her plenty baby. Cardo told her they should go and say goodbye to his comrades and revealed that General Olegario was part of the group. As the two were busy making promises. Marco was also scheming in his mind.

“You can’t lose to anyone Marco, if anyone has to d!e then it’s not you!”

“Cardo has to go! It’s Cardo who needs to d!e!”

Cardo later spotted that their jeep was being followed. Alyana realised it was Marco.

“Pull over right now!” Marco yelled.

“Don’t be afraid,” Cardo told Alyana as he drove faster.


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