La Vida Lena Episode 45

La Vida Lena Episode 45 Lukas d!es mysteriously in an explosion after confessing k!lling Don Luis, Miguel begins to steal from Lena’s Company

At the birthday celebration of Lena which was organised by Lukas, the latter and Ramona clashed and this led to a revelation which Ramona had been searching over the 20 years to find answers. She had told Lukas that she did not k!ll Don Luis.

“I know because I was the one who k!lled him,” Lukas confessed.

“I did it!”

Lukas recalled how he went to confront his father for appointing Ramona Joaquin as the Plastic Surgeon and Reconstruction Head of Royal Wellness instead of him.

Don Luis was upset with his son and told him he was incompetent and was mere jealous of Ramona who was the best surgeon in the country. Lukas lamented that he served Don Luis, worshipped him and obeyed all his orders yet he had to humiliate him like that by given a position that he had to occupy to a stranger.

Don Luis in provocative manner said it was not easy for him to make that decision. However, Lukas was a disappointment even in his field a woman had to beat him to it. Lukas was infuriated by his father’s hurtful words that he was still not the best to be the head of surgeons and he hit his father without an object. The man collapsed and Vanessa came into the scene to ask what happened there.

Lucas who was overwhelmed by events swore that it was an accident. He then repeated to Ramona that he did not intend that to happen. Ramona fought him for making him spend 20years in jail for a crime she did not commit and threatened to k!ll him.

Kiko, Lena, Martina and the rest came to separate the fight. Lukas went to his study and Adrian told him that the creditors of Royal Wellness had failed to give them extension for their loan payment. They even threatened to file a lawsuit against them.

He also told Lukas that he overheard Ramona talking to Sheryl who was saying she would testify against him. Lukas then searched for his important files in his safe which he has been using them to control his nemesis and realised that it could not be found.

Lukas was convinced that Jordan took it. He also believed the camp of Lena had installed hidden cameras there to check their every movement. That was the reason they found out that Vanessa tried to poison him. Adrian advised him to leave before it was too late. Since Adrian told him he has done what he asked him to do, Lukas left and told Lena that he was going out.

Lena said it was late but Lukas said it was an urgent matter. Lena used that opportunity to thank him for the party and Lukas said that was to make up for all her birthdays that he was not part of it. When Lukas sped off his car, it suddenly exploded.  Ramona who was already home was telling Dr Martina and Betchay that Lukas confessed his crimes and he made him suffer something he committed.

Ramona lamented that through Lukas, her husband and her unborn child d!ed. Betchay said it was good Lukas confessed before he d!ed through explosion. Ramona looked stunned after hearing the unpleasant news.

Adrian made a report at the precinct and blamed Ramona for it since she fought his father and threatened to k!ll him but Lena shot down the allegations, saying it was nothing unusual since Ramona and Lukas had always argued when they meet. Kiko invited Vanessa for questioning, Vanessa said due to the fact that Lena was his illegitimate daughter, he did not invite her.

Vanessa denied the allegations that she k!lled her husband, saying she was in a hotel at that time of her husband’s incident. Kiko implied that since he was hurting her she might have done that. At the outside of the precinct, a misunderstanding happened between Lena and Vanessa. Vanessa accused Lena of k!lling Lukas for his inheritance. Lena also accused her since she has made several attempts on Lukas’ life.

Ramona was summoned to the precinct for questioning and Adrian insisted on her k!lling his father for threatening to k!ll him at the party. Digna was upset with her husband for questioning Ramona since they knew she was innocent. Jordan ran to the Narcisos mansion to check the cameras he planted there but couldn’t find it.

Rachel believed being closer to Miguel to experience his rejection constantly would make her fall out of l0ve for him. She and her sister prepared for Lukas’ wake. Vanessa arrived at the wake to pick a fight with Lena. She threatened to make Ramona pay for k!lling her husband. Lena also said she would do everything to prove that it was Vanessa herself who k!lled Lukas.

Elsewhere, Kiko went to ask Conrad about Juan Renoso, the master brain who makes such bombs but he knew nothing. Miguel met with an investor who accepted his proposal to invest in M&R  and Harmony. The man told him to bring the necessary documents and he would pay the money but Miguel said he would give an account that he would send the money in it.

The investor was glad to be working with Lena so he said he would inform Lena the good news but Miguel objected, saying he would do it. Only for him to lie to Lena that the investor did not accept any of their proposals and promised to persuade him.

Rachel slapped it on Miguel’s face that she had gotten clearer picture on everything. Lena was the opposite of Miguel, she was a fighter, intelligent and never back down. She had even given him Harmony Corporation while Miguel was weak and loser, reason he liked her since she was the commissioner’s daughter.

Rachel said he was after Lena since she was useful to him at that moment and not because he l0ved her. Miguel denied all the allegations. Lena went to Lukas’ study and Jordan got there to ask her if she had missed Lukas. Lena said she was hurt that he d!ed, however, she was not hurt like how Grandpa Dado d!ed.

Jordan saw the feelings as normal since she grew up with Dado and always known Lukas as an enemy. Adrian appeared in the scene to fire Jordan. He claimed that strange things happened when he was working for his father. His father’s hidden files were missing and he also found some surveillance cameras installed there and asked Jordan who did that.

Jordan knew what he was insinuating and warned him to only accuse him when he had evidence. Adrian believed he was helping Ramona to plot his father’s deàth and told him that he would find evidence but for the meantime, he should leave. Jordan wanted to leave with Lena but Adrian came in between that Lena was not his girlfriend.

Later at the Royal Wellness, the board lamented about how the stocks kept decreasing which would soon make them lose value. Adrian told the board that they should put their heads together to overcome the challenge. The board said the problem of Royal Wellness was personal and advised Adrian to solve his family’s challenges.

After the meeting Adrian accused Vanessa for everything she an Conrad did which in turn has affected the company. Vanessa said it was not her fault but Lena’s. Lena got there and confronted Vanessa for trying to pin the blame on her when she cheated on Lukas with Conrad.


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