Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 439

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 439 Diana misleads Hipolito on the location of the Vendetta, Guzman’s team saves the De Leon’s from Pantig and Gapuz

Margie’s mortal remains was cremated and was stored in a columbarium. Flora vowed to make all those responsible for her sudden demise pay for their atrocities. Lucas left the palace for Santo Niño to initiate his ace against the hero’s group, Vendetta.

Diana continued with her pretence to engage Renato. Hipolito who also has his personal motive made her believe that she has his complete trust and was glad that she has given up on her thought that Vendetta would come and save her. Diana said even if she was saved, she would still go back to her old self of hiding, she was exhausted. Hipolito then advised her to support the current administration.

Homer told Bubbles that he was jealous of Renato and Diana and urged her to take a cue from Diana for them to live happily. He did not even understand why Bubbles rather to be in the tent of Vendetta especially now that the group would be found wanting for the massacre in Santo Niño.

As Damien informed Lucas that the men who scout the province did not find the Vendetta anywhere, the public also continued their rally for justice at Margie’s funeral. They pledged their support to the cause Flora was fighting and that of Vendetta. Flora requested for their prayers on the safety of the family Margie left behind.

The media interviewed Grandma Flora to ask about her future plans with the case of Margie against Brandon. Flora indicated that the case would push through and would ensure justice was served. When asked of her message to Lucas and Brandon, Flora said Lucas and his son have abused the trust and confidence the people of Philippines entrusted him with.

She said the Cabreras had no mercy and have abducted people and k!lled some. She lamented that both the father and son had no respect for human right and warned them that their atrocities would come to an end. She declared that they would not be silenced and consumed with fear. They would keep the fight for a brighter future for their children and grandchildren.

Hernandez while watching the interview on television with Brandon said they now knew where Cardo took his strength from. Brandon said they have to eliminate them for good because no threats would keep their mouth shut. Alyana knew Cardo would not make her fight along with him during the rescue mission and begged him to allow her.

Cardo blamed himself for Ricky boy’s deàth and did not want anything to happen to Alyana because of him. Alyana also said she would not forgive herself should anything happens to Cardo so she wanted to be involved. Vice President Hernandez overheard Brandon making a call and he asked him the just in case he was saying on the phone. Brandon warned the VP to mind his business.

Hernandez reminded him that his father strictly ordered him to keep an eye on him so if he has a plan he should inform him. Brandon was tired of trying to prove himself to his father. Diana told Bubbles that they needed to find a way to help Vendetta but Bubbles wondered how they would be able to do that.

In a convoy, the president arrived at Santo Niño and was sent to see some of the bodies of those who d!ed. Lucas had crocodile tears and carried some of the buried bodies, claiming that only animals could do that to others. In front of Cameras, Lucas pinned the blame on Vendetta and declared war with the group.

Cardo and Alyana joined the group and Cardo ordered that they leave the place to Manila. Oscar seconded since their journey was far and believed leaving by that time they would reach Manila by dawn. Delfin said they would pass through many checkpoints so Cardo went to that Domeng’s family to thank them for accommodating his group.

The family wanted them to spend the night but Cardo said they could not afford to waste time there as they were risking the lives of Diana and Bubbles. Reuben decided to talk to his friend Temya to get a jeepney for them to travel with. Homer stole some diamonds from the mining site before returning to Manila. He stored it with a sole purpose to give himself and Bubbles a better life after everything is settled.

After an intimate time with Bubbles, Homer joined the Venom as Hipolito announced to the group that he was going to recruit more men the next day for the task ahead. He believed it would be a difficult task to get rid of the Vendetta. Coun Gee counted and amount of 25000 pesos for Pantig and Gapuz for protection.

The amount was too much so Nick suggested they get rid of the two cops. The Arevalos had a video call with Charlene and Denise to edged their support to them. Cardo bid farewell to Caloy and his Sto Niño family. Caloy wanted to follow him to Manila to help in his fight but Cardo refused. He wanted him to restart his life with his family.

Ambo thanked Cardo for his help and asked if they should expect him but Cardo said he could not promise them of his return, since he would be at the battle field not knowing what would happen to him. Charlene could not sleep since everything was like a dream to her.

Elmo told her not to worry, the family has promised to make her sister’s k!ller pay for their act. Yolly assured that the Cabreras would pay for their crime. Charlene said not only the Cabreras, Pantig and Gapuz should pay as well. Elsewhere, Pantig regretted that they did not k!ll Flora during the media interview.

Gapuz said it was a good thing because the public would have known if he had increased  the price. As the family left to sleep, Flora went to check on Charlene and Denise to find out that Charlene was still up.

Charlene said she was sharing the blog post of Teddy for it to reach masses before sleeping. Flora told her to go to sleep once she was done. Flora came out to realise the doors were widely opened. Unbeknownst to her, Pantig and Gapuz had sneaked in with one pointing his gün at Wally. Flora then saw Gapuz and her sound made everyone came to the living room.

Pantig and Gapuz wondered who they should k!ll first, whether Margie’s family or Flora. As they were blackmailing the De Leons emotionally and denying that the Cabreras sent them, they were caught off guard by Guzman’s team. Billy and his team knocked the two cops down, making the De Leons and the Coronas heaved a sigh of relief.


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