Forever My Love Episode 2

Forever My Love Episode 2 Bianca and Gabriel part ways, Joey d!es after an accident

The next day in school, Bianca realised the absence of Gabriel from school and asked Olsen about his friend.

Olsen told her that Gabriel was sick. He then learnt that Bianca had Gabriel’s umbrella and he now understood why his friend was caught under the weather since he got beaten by the rains.

The grandmother of Gabriel was taken care of him and was upset with the sacrifices he was making to get the girl he was courting happy. She had no doubt that he took after his father.

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Bianca got there to return the umbrella and Gabriel’s grandmother, Lydia asked her lots of questions. She already knew Gabriel worked to buy her new shoes and asked if it fit. Gabriel tried to stop her but she continued asking Bianca questions.

Through her interrogation, she learnt that Bianca’s mother used to be an athlete and she was in the same team with her son, Track and Field Team.

Lydia showed the picture of Gabriel’s father to Bianca and requested to talk to Maila if she knew the whereabouts of her son after he went missing several years ago. Bianca accepted to introduce her to her mother. When she watched the picture, it showed the facial profile of Rigor.

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Gabriel and Lydia followed Bianca to the Agbayani’s residence. Maila offered Lydia and Gabriel a seat and made it clear that she knew that through Gabriel, her daughter’s shoes got missing.

After those chitchat, Lydia told her that she learnt from Bianca that she used to be an athlete and she was there to ask about her missing son Rigor. Maila admitted and told her story on how she was attacked and couldn’t contest for the SEA games.

Elsewhere, Vicky pleaded with Roman on Carlos behalf and told him to be patient with the boy. Roman reminded her that Carlos was not her son and she said she has grown fond of the boy.

Maila told her that she knew Rigor, he was a good person and was even dating her best friend Victoria. Gabriel then concluded that Victoria could be his mother and wanted Maila to help get in touch with her.  Maila made it clear that she lost  contact with Victoria after she got married to a rich man.

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She said Victoria traveled abroad with her husband and they now have their family. Bianca and Gabriel grew closer to each other and became the best of friends. A friend of Dela Vergas saw the swimming skills of Carlos and suggested to Victoria to make her partake in the triathlon  contest and was sure he would be emerged champion.

However, Roman was against it and advised Victoria against putting trãsh ideas in the head of the boy. In his quest to gather 3000 pesos to help Bianca’s school project, Joey got a construction job and while working, he was hit by steel pipes and was rushed to hospital.

Bianca was called from school to the hospital. The doctor said Joey’s brain was swollen so they needed to drain the fluids from his brain. However, the hospital did not have the necessary facilities to carry out the process so they have to transfer him to Subic to perform the operation. Maila pleaded with the doctor to do everything to save her husband.

Later, Gabriel helped Maila to pack her things since she would leave the next day. She requested that he did not see her off tomorrow since she did have super powers to save herself from sadness when leaving him. It was raining when he was leaving but Bianca came to hug him for the last time.

The next day, Gabriel was sulking, he did not understand why all those people around him kept leaving him, his mother, father and now Bianca. Lydia told him to go and check, Bianca might be leaving. He stumbled on the bus Bianca was leaving with and he gave her an umbrella and they promised to write letter to each other.

Victoria gave her support to Carlos and what he was passionate about, believing that he would excel in it. Carlos who had been doubting his father’s lõve for him thanked his foster mother. He said he might have lost his real mother but God gave him a better replacement.

Soon, Gabriel and Lydia went to search for Joey Agbayani and was told his condition got worsened so was transferred to Manila. As Bianca was talking to her father, his condition got worsened and d!ed. Bianca then wrote to apologise to Gabriel for her inability to write to him after leaving Iba. She said her father was transferred to Manila but he did not get better.

He passed away and with an insurance money, her family has rented a place in Manila and her mother was operating a stall. Fast forward, a disaster occured in Zanballes and the residents who survived were evacuated to a safer place.

Years later, the three kids grew to be great adults. Bianca gained a gold medal, Carlos also took the first place award while Gabriel ran through the streets. Gabriel stopped Lydia from working, he said he was a complete adult and would work to feed them. Lydia was sad that if Gabriel had not dropped out of school, he would be managing a big business.

Gabriel promised to complete school and become a great person in life. Carlos led by Victoria went to ask his father to give him his business, Tigershark to revive it. Roman wanted him to focus on his graduation but Carlos said he would graduate yet he wanted to manage Tigershark to save the dying company since it was an energy drink and fit his sport work. Victoria added her voice and Roman accepted.

Bianca successfully graduated from school and snapped pictures with her family and friend. She received a surprise news that she has gained chance to become part of the Philippines team. She also wanted to use her Accountancy degree to work but her mother said she would not be able to combine the two unless she sacrificed one for the other.

Since the running was her greatest dream, she chose to be part of the Philippine team to participate in the SEA games to gain enough money to find, Jay-Jay, her kid brother, her mother and grandpa. While with her friend, they stumbled on Carlos who dropped off his girlfriend from the motor. Her friend was crushing on Carlos but Carlos caught the attention of Bianca.

Tigershark had a meeting to seek ways forward in expanding their market. Isabel did a presentation and wanted them to focus on promotional activities which would target students but Carlos protested since that idea did not work earlier.

He now wanted a female endorser who was not a celebrity since the company was working with a limited budget. Also Tigershark brand was widely known to be for the men so this time around the female would also buy the products.

Elsewhere, Bianca was being interviewed and was telling her touching story on how her dream was intertwined with that of her mother but a tragic incident happened for her mother who was a gold medalist couldn’t partake in the SEA game Olympics.

However, she has that dream to take it from there to honour her father who d!ed and fulfill her dreams and that of her mother.


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