Forever My Love Episode 1

Forever My Love Episode 1 Vicky betrays Maila to steal her glory, Bianca accepts Gabriel’s friendship

The tale began when a talented diver, Gabriel was diving to show his prowess. He summed up the lives of all those whose lives intertwined with his. The athlete Carlos who was a lead runner for the male athletes and Bianca a celebrated young athlete who also was leading the females.

But is it a battle of fight to run to overtake the other or the battle to fight to keep running in life in terms of love and career? To Gabriel, the battle of his life is just simple.

“Everyday, each person fights a different battle!”

“And ways of fighting their battles.”

“And in life, only the strong remain standing.”

“Some people fight because…”

“They’ve got something to prove”

“Because their victories define them.”

“But me my battles are simple!”

“I can’t stop running…”

“Because, I have to keep running.”

“Not just for myself!”

“But for the people depending on me.”

“They’re waiting for me.”

Carlos Dela Vega was emerged the winner while Bianca also won a gold medal. She was so happy and when they joined a bus, Bianca told her family that she could not wait to partake in an international competition for Filipinos. She wanted to be a great athlete just like her mother, Maila Salcedo.

Victoria Quintana was also in a car with her son, Carlos. As she was advising her son that to persevere without giving up was the only hallmark of every good athlete, she spotted Maila in a bus sitting at the window side. She then recalled how she and Maila used to be friends.

In 1993, Vicky’s best friend was Maila and they were all athletes belonging to the same team, Track and Field. They were training for one of them to be picked to represent Philippines in an international competition, SEA games in Singapore. The two friends agreed that the competition would come in between their friendship should one of them get selected for that games.

As they were talking, Joey showed up to ask Maila out. Unknown to Maila, Vicky was equally interested in Joey so she was jealous of Maila. During their next training, Maila was chosen to represent the team and Philippines in the Singapore SEA games. Vicky got affected and begun to sulk. She began to refrain herself from getting closer to Maila.

Rigor saw Vicky to ask her why she was in foul mood. Vicky in a sad voice said she was not selected to represent Philippines in the SEA games which would be held in Singapore. Rigor said he was not selected as well and talked to Vicky to accept his proposal since he has been courting her for five years.

Maila who noticed Vicky’s mood chanced upon the two. She asked her if she was upset that she was the one who got selected and not her. Vicky said it was not the case she was happy for her and reminded her of their promise they made to each other that they would continue to be friends irrespective of what happens.

Maila hugged her and invited her to her house for the birthday celebration of her father. Vicky lied to her that she has a date with Rigor, hence would not be able to attend. Rigor knew Vicky was interested in Joey and confronted Vicky for not lõving her, rather showing interest in the man who was interested in her best friend.

Vicky indicated that there was nothing going in between Maila and Joey and if Rigor really lõved her as he claimed he should do something for her to represent Philippines in the SEA games, only that would she accept his proposal. Later, Rigor lends her money, she was upset with Maila for not helping again. She claimed she did not get money to help her mother’s treatment all because of Maila for her mother to d!e.

Rigor did not see what Maila did wrong, he made it clear that she was jealous of her friend all due to Joey. Maila has paid for her father’s medical expenses and he was home as Maila prepared a birthday party for him. Joey arrived there to celebrate the special occasion with the woman he lōved. Maila then introduced Joey to her father as the man she lōved and they were courting.

Vicky who was coming there overheard the conversation  and got upset that her friend was finally involved with the man she lōved. She got drunk and came across some two drunkards who wanted to take advantage of her. Fortunately, Rigor found her that night and fought with those two drunkards to save Vicky.

Since Vicky was still sulking about her not having the privilege to represent Philippines, one night, someone attacked Maila and she was sent to hospital. Based on the X-ray report, she had talus fracture after the unknown guy hit her legs with an object. The doctor said she could not run again and was confined in a wheelchair.

A month to the SEA games, the coach chose Vicky  as a replacement for Maila to represent Philippines in Singapore. As she broke the good news to Rigor, the boy then told her to accept his proposal and revealed that he attacked Maila for her to gain that chance. Fortunately, Vicky won the athletic games and won medal.

Maila who was confined in a wheelchair watched the news and was sad at the same time happy for her friends. She apologised to her father that she would no longer be able to shoulder her medical expenses. Joey and her father promised to help her in her trying times.

Since the attack on Maila was still under investigation, Vicky used that as an excuse to continue to push Rigor away from her life. However, Rigor was not ready to leave her for her to enjoy her new riches alone.

He reminded her that his act made her get that new house she was living in and all the wealth she was currently enjoying. She threatened to reveal how she gained the chance to get to be the athlete. This compelled Vicky to give in to his demands.

They had intimate moment together. At the peak of her career, Vicky came across a successful business man who owned the Dela Verga industries, operators an airline business, Roman de la Vega. She got interested in him as he was wealthy and handsome. Vicky discovered that she was pregnant and device means to sail through her situation.

She framed Rigor up and got him arrested while she began a new relationship with Roman. Maila also was able to stand without a wheelchair and she got married to Joey. In 2006, Maila packed out from Pampanga to a new place with her family. There the young Bianca met Gabriel. A boy who was raised by his grandmother and was in search of his missing father.

Gabriel had a talk with Bianca since she was new in the area. Bianca threw some tantrums and accidentally fell into the sea. Gabriel whose dream was to be the greatest diver jumped into the sea to save Maila but she lost one of her new shoes, her father bought for her to run. She blamed it on Gabriel and left to the house.

Maila was upset with her since she has a baby brother and her tuition was not taken cared of yet.  She was upset that they have run out of funds and she lost her shoe. Gabriel overheard the conversation and went to dive with his friend to search for the other shoe in the sea but couldn’t find it.

Elsewhere, Vicky sent her son Carlos to a place where her husband was having a business meeting. Carlos met the son of his father’s business partner. They went to play basketball. Vicky overheard some people talking about her. They said Carlos was Roman’s illegitimate son and Vicky was infertile.

Vicky then revealed herself to them and told them that she was not infertile. She had several miscarriages after marrying Roman simply because they were incompatible. And scolded them for the lies they were spreading as rumours.

Maila led her daughter to see the coach to beg her to get Bianca on the team and asked her for another week to buy a new shoes for Bianca. However, the coach was not willing to do that. Bianca then ran to prove her ability to the coach. Gabriel felt so sorry for Bianca. As Fate would have it, the two met in class.

Mrs Javier, their teacher introduced Bianca to the class. Since Bianca was still upset with Gabriel, she refused to accept his friendship request. Olsen teased Gabriel, knowing his friend was interested in the girl. In order to earn Bianca’s affection, he decided to work in shop for a seller who sells rubber shoes to patronise it for Bianca.

He worked for a week in the shop. Once he got the 250pesos rubber shoes for Bianca, the latter forgave him. Suddenly it began to rain so Gabriel ran home for umbrella to help Bianca to get home without getting wet. The next day, Bianca realised the absence of Gabriel from school and asked Olsen about his friend.

Olsen told her that Gabriel was sick. Olsen learnt that Bianca had Gabriel’s umbrella and he now understood why his friend was caught by the weather since he got beaten by the rains. The grandmother of Gabriel was taken care of him and was upset with the sacrifices he was making to get the girl he was courting happy. She had no doubt that he took after his father.

Bianca got there to return the umbrella and Gabriel’s grandmother asked her lots of questions. She already knew Gabriel worked to buy her new shoes and asked if it fit. Gabriel tried to stop her but she continued asking Bianca questions. Through her interrogation, she learnt that Bianca’s mother used to be an athlete and she was in the same team with her son, Track and Field Team.

She showed the picture of Gabriel’s father to Bianca and requested to talk to Maila if she knew the whereabouts of her son after he went missing several years ago. Bianca accepted to introduce her to her mother. When she watched the picture, it showed the face of Rigor.


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