Until We Meet Again: Conching’s death and a psychopath schemes in concealing the hidden secret

Until We Meet Again: Conching’s death and a psychopath schemes in concealing the hidden secret 

Conching Luna a character played by Luz Valdez saw her untimely death getting to the end of Until We Meet Again originally known as Hanggang Makita Kang Muli in her zeal to make things right and expose her niece, Odessa Luna’s crimes.

Conching raised Odessa after the latter’s mom out of obsession dies. Odessa inherited the ailment so Conching makes it a point to ensure her niece always takes her medication.

But her case worsened after crossing paths with Larry Medrano, a married man who saves her from her near-death incident at the pilot episode of the series.

Odessa attempted to commit suicide when she stood at a tall building with an idea of falling from there to the ground but her plans saw a new twists when Larry saves her.

Odessa finds new hope in her saviour and becomes so obsessed with him to an extent of her posing off as Larry’s pregnant wife, Evelyn in order to woo Larry to bed her.

Conching tells Evelyn about Odessa’s sickness but Odessa on several occasions failed to take her medication. She ends up in mental institution but breaks out by causing a fire incident.

Conching welcomes her niece again without doing prior investigation whether she has recovered fully or not.

The unfortunate happened when Odessa kidnaps, Larry’s three years daughter and keeps her as hostage. Realising her niece crime, Conching makes a phone call and plans to reunite the child, Ana with her parent but her plans tangled with an obstruction.

Years passed and Odessa’s hostage escapes, leading Odessa and her aunt to travel to Manila. There she crosses path with Larry who returns from United States of America after a failed marriage when Ana got lost.

Odessa pretends to be someone else to lure Larry to be her boyfriend. However,
Conching in order to break from her niece grips pretends to be paralysed and was confined in a wheelchair.

Conching becomes a victim of her niece’s craz!ness when she makes an attempt to confess to Larry who visited Margaret in their new house in Manila.

Odessa ties her up and covered her mouth to stop her from screaming. Still pretending to be paralysed, she one night steals Odessa’s phone to call Larry but the psychopath was smart. She followed Conching at the blind side and caught her. She threatens to cut off her tongue if she attempts again.

Conching had lied to Odessa to pass the night with her when Odessa makes her gun ready to end the life of Angela before she exposes her deeds to Larry since now the father and daughter are working together in a landscaping site.

Aunt Conching pretends to be sick to obstruct Odessa’s plan and when she thought Odessa is asleep she stole her phone and heads to the washroom which she received the threat of her life.

In a failed attempt to talk to Larry to expose her niece, Conching, later, visits Larry’s garden to reveal the truth to him concerning Margaret. She has learnt that Larry will soon marry her niece so in a way to make up for Odessa’s lies she decides to go in person to voice out the truth.

Odessa had a flight to shop for her wedding, so Conching takes advantage of Odessa’s absent to visit the landscaping site. Unfortunately for her, Larry was not at work. He had followed Evelyn who had a lead about a potential place her mIssing daughter could be. Larry and Evelyn were doing the investigation so Conching met Larry’s absent.

Odessa whose flight gets cancelled is shocked to the core to see her aunt standing on her legs. She felt betrayed by her aunt and knew that her aunt’s mission was not good. She reprimanded her aunt for telling her lies and pretending to be paralysed.

They argued inside a bathroom, where aunt Conching said she wants to tell Larry the truth that Margaret is Odessa and she kidnapped Ana and makes her a feral, adding that Angela is Ana and Larry deserves to know the truth.

Unknown to Odessa, one prominent character, has heard and has recorded the conversation that transpired between the two. Odessa has worked hard to trap Larry in her bid to make him her husband so she would not allow anyone to ruin her wedding plans.

Conching provoked Odessa to kill her but she hesitated and said she will not kill her. She will rather keep her alive for her to hear the good news of her marriage to Larry.

She then ties her aunt and kept her in a certain building where she tied her to a chair and only leaves food behind for her to feed on.

Soon, Conching got a company, another victim of Odessa who wanted to expose her evil deeds. The two victims planned an escape but Conching was caught before she could go while the other victim suffered a bullet, leading to her sudden disappearance.

A phone call to Larry with Conching screaming from behind that Margaret is using a false identity planted a doubt in Larry to suspect Margaret but a charade she pulled kept Larry under control.

Odessa moved Conching to another house but this time, Aunt Conching was able to free herself.

While Angela was at work, Calvin went to see her to talk about his feelings for her. He said that he meant what he said about winning her back but Angela was not able to reply him since a phone call came through obstructing the conversation.

The caller said she knew about Angela’s past and her family and asked to meet her.
Calvin insisted on going with Angela but she did not want him to. Calvin said it was better to accompany her since she did not know the person and might be a trap. Malia agreed with Calvin and convinced Angela so she went with him.

When Odessa returned to the office, she asked where Angela was and Malia told her that she received a call from a woman claiming to know about her past and she went to meet with her.

This becomes a wake-up call to Odessa as she realises Conching was behind that phone call. She rushed to the location where Angela was going to meet Conching.

Aunt Conching was walking toward Angela and Calvin but she was suddenly shot from behind and fell to the ground. Calvin and Angela called the police and ambulance to get her to the hospital.

They never got to know whether the woman who got shot was the person they were supposed to meet and Calvin was sure that it was more dangerous meeting the person due to the shooting. Angela had a vague images about the woman but could not clearly figure out.

Unfortunately, Conching was not able to survive the bullet and died from the hand of the psychopath she raised, in her zeal in keeping her identity and the truth behind the feral child hidden.

I know most have been wondering who the other victim was, I will tackle that in my next spoiler. Subscribe to the site and follow my page.



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