Until We Meet Again Episode 26

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Episode 26

Until We Meet Again Episode 26 Calvin and Angela’s l*ve story begins 

As Angela was playing the guitar, she felt tired and told Calvin her fingers were already tired, besides she was unable to learn how to play the guitar well. Calvin told her that it was fine and what mattered most was that she tried.

He remembered the way Claire betrayed him and then said that actions mattered more than words did when it comes to l*ve.
They left the guitar in the car and went for a walk. It was night, Calvin and Angela seemed hungry so Calvin left Angela for a while in search of food.

Calvin gathered some fruits mainly mangoes and Angela decided to create a nice setting for them to sit. Calvin returned and was happy with the setting. He clapped to cheer Angela up and also commended her for her talent.

After Margaret saw her friend off, she turned and found Glenda and Evelyn. Margaret was a bit scared if they heard her conversation with her friend. She talked to her friend about how she did not care about Angela and was just playing a charade to make Larry believe she cared about Angela.

She then asked Evelyn what she was doing there. She wondered the nerves Evelyn possessed in coming there after their fight at the mall.

Glenda and Evelyn were just there at Larry’s garden to look for Claire but Margaret who gave them attitude told them that Claire went out with Elmo to look for Calvin and Angela.

Claire was upset with Elmo since they kept getting lost and she wanted to stop Angela from stealing Calvin from her. Elmo told Claire that she had to calm down and learn to accept that Calvin was already falling for someone else.

Claire asked him to clarify what he had said. Elmo said he could clearly see that Calvin was falling for Angela. Claire however promised not to let Calvin go.

Calvin and Angela stood, they walked in order to get to the car, Angela tripped and broke her leg.

Fortunately, Elmo and Claire arrived at the spot where Calvin had left his car. Claire quickly came out while Elmo followed.
They searched for them and when they did not find them, Claire got hysterical. She tried calling Evelyn.

Elmo tried to calm her down. Glenda went to talk to Margaret and Margaret who thought she was coming to talk about Calvin and Angela being together said Glenda was overreacting.

Glenda wanted to verify a conversation she heard Margaret talking about t her friend concerning Angela but she denied it.

Evelyn after gaining a lead about the potential location of Calvin and Angela went to talk to Glenda who was talking to Margaret that Claire found Calvin’s car but Angela and Calvin were not there.

Evelyn got worried and Larry who was already there with them asked her not to worry. They decided to go to the police and ask them to look for Calvin and Angela.

When Calvin got back to the spot where Angela had prepared, he was happy to see the set up and she said she wanted to make an effort for him. Angela asked Calvin if it was possible for him to fall in l*ve again and Calvin said it was.

Angela asked him if someone would l*ve her since she stammered and behaved like a dog. Calvin told her that a lot of people did love her; like Larry, Evelyn and his family. They later decided to go back to the car but Angela twisted her foot and was unable to walk.

They went back to sit on the log they had used before so that Angela could rest her foot.

They saw a shooting star and Calvin told Angela to make a wish and see if it will come true. Angela asked Calvin if her wish would still come true if she stammered and Calvin laughed at that. He assured her that her wish would come true so Angela closed her eyes to make the wish.

Angela wished that Calvin would fall in l*ve with her as she had really fallen for him. Calvin watched her as she made the wish and when she asked him what his wish was. Calvin wished that the moment between them would never end and then leaned in to k!ss her.

After the k!ss, Angela said she was embarrassed and then asked Calvin whether his k!ss meant that he l*ved her too, explaining that Patricia told her that when a man k!ss a woman it meant that he l*ves the woman.

Calvin said he liked her and then asked how she knew that she l*ved him. Angela told him that she felt happy being with him and her heart could not stop racing. Angela asked if he would court her and Calvin said it was something that both had to think about first.

Angela fell asleep and Calvin watched her. He however woke up when he said he wished he could l*ve her too and Angela asked him what he had said. Before Calvin could answer, the policemen arrived there.

They took them back to Manila and everyone was glad to see them back home safely and sound. Claire hugged Calvin but he got out of her embrace and said they wanted to go home since Angela was tired.

Claire called Calvin when she got home but he told her that they could talk later. Claire went to cry to Evelyn that she wanted Calvin back and Evelyn advised her to let him go since she had already tried everything to win him back.

She made her see a hope that there were other guys around but Claire refused to fall for any man other than Calvin since she had completely fallen for him.

Calvin was unable to sleep as he thought of Angela so he decided to go to her room. Before he knocked on the door, Angela opened it, she was also not asleep.

Calvin said he was going to get some water but Angela asked him to go to her room since she had something to give him. She gave him a drawing that she had made for him and Calvin was delighted.

He asked her to go to sleep, he then k!ssed her on the forehead. Glenda saw them and asked Calvin why he had k!ssed Angela. Angela happily said Calvin was courting her. Calvin asked Angela to go to sleep as he went to speak to his mother.

Glenda asked Calvin if he liked Angela and Calvin admitted that he might be in l*ve with her. Glenda told him that Angela was feral but Calvin said it was only a small part of her but she was sweet and thoughtful.

The following morning, Angela was making a packed lunch for Calvin but when Francis found her, he told her to get ready for work since it was not her job.

Evelyn and Helen brought breakfast for Claire as she was depressed but Claire told them to leave her alone and threw the tray away. Helen slapped her for her behaviour and Claire got mad so she took her bag and left the house.

Evelyn told Helen that she should not have slapped Claire but Helen said Claire was being disrespectful. Angela ran into Elmo as he was looking for Calvin and she told him that he was in a meeting.

Elmo asked her what happened with Calvin and she said Calvin k!ssed her.


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