La Vida Lena Episode 43

La Vida Lena Episode 43 Conrad arrested for ordering the deàth of Lukas, Miguel and Adrian fight over Lena, Rambo discovers Alice’s lies

At the Narcisos mansion, Adrian pleaded with Lukas to allow Vanessa to stay but Lukas refused. He was expecting Adrian to know that what his mother did was unacceptable, thus his reasons of kicking her out from the mansion was non-negotiable.

Adrian was however, worried with how Lukas was looking at Lena as his right hand person and told him that his staff overheard that Lena was using him. That, he said showed that she might be plotting something against him and she was in it with Jordan.

Lukas made it clear that he already knew his enemies and he has been monitoring them so Adrian should be at ease. Kiko went to M&R to reveal to Lena that after her talk with Fernando Castro, he admitted to his crimes. He ordered Toto Ferrar, his henchman to k!ll Lukas but he did that as a favour for the commissioner, Conrad.

The secretary of Conrad told him the press were there to interview him. He got upset with his secretary and told her to do something.

“How dare you Fernando?” Conrad screamed alone while he gathered his things at the office.

“You threw me under the bus?”

“I won’t let them arrest me, they have no prove.”

Vanessa called Adrian to enlist his help to assist Conrad but Adrian said it served Conrad’s right for attempting to k!ll Lukas. Conrad rushed home to demand his daughters to pack their things for them to leave. As his children were asking questions about Fernando’s allegations, he got upset and yelled at them to pack quick for them to leave.

As he was running, loading into his car his and his  children luggages, Kiko and his colleagues arrested the commissioner. Rachel and Allison followed their dad to the precinct and Rachel demanded the police to release her father since he was innocent.

“Don’t worry if your dad is innocent, he can prove that in court,” Kiko hissed.

The journalists got there and tried to get Allison’s statement on her dad’s arrest but Rachel got in the way. Jordan came to inform Lena and Ramona that Commissioner Suarez was arrested. He bought a plane ticket and tried to escape with his daughters early that morning but the police got there to arrest him before he would be able to do so.

Lena wondered the solid prove the police had to arrest Conrad since she was sure the commissioner would throw a fist. Jordan explained that Fernando revealed the chats of Conrad with him and the list of the people he was supposed to k!ll which Lukas was not the only one.  Conrad was also the protector of their illegal drug business.

Ramona knew Lukas might be celebrating for them helping him to get Conrad behind bars.

“We will let Lukas celebrate for now,” Lena said.

“But he is next we will get the justice we deserve.”

Kiko went home to inform Digna that Commissioner Suarez was arrested and also revealed to her that Jordan decided to stay away from them not because he was upset with them but he was helping Lena in her mission by getting close to Lukas. He succeeded in his undercover mission and he believed with Jordan’s help Dr Ramona would be able to clear her name to gain the justice she deserved.

Digna made Kiko send her to see Jordan to invite him home to have dinner with them. Jordan went home and Rambo was happy to see Jordan. They saw the news and how Kiko arrested Conrad and Rambo saw his father as hero. Rambo got hurt when he discovered from the news that his Allice was Allison Suarez, the commissioner’s daughter. He felt so bad that she lied to him.

Jordan gave him an advice on how to deal with his pain and situation, urging him to talk things out to hear her side. The Suarez’s girls were worried, Rachel promised Allison that she would get Conrad out but they ought to be strong at the moment. When Allison left to get some rest, Vanessa got there to console Rachel but the latter saw her act as cunning and blamed Vanessa for what has happened to her father.

She accused Vanessa of manipulating her dad and turning him into a murderer just to protect herself and Adrian and she was well aware that Vanessa did not care about her and her sister. Vanessa vehemently disagreed with her but Rachel three her out.

Lena and the M&R executives brought some gifts to the Cabreras house. Jordan thought Lena was celebrating her birthday early but Lena reminded him that she stopped celebrating her birthday. They were there to celebrate Kiko for his gallant work as an officer.

Now that their enemies were fallen one after the other, they believed they would be able to live up to the task to get the Narcisos also behind bars especially now that Lukas and Vanessa’s marriage was hitting the rocks. Adrian visited Conrad at the precinct to demand him not to rat out his mother, if the commissioner indeed l0ved her.

The Commissioner affirmed his l0ve for Vanessa and told Adrian to find Brian to talk to him instead. His uncle knew much and should he be bribed or threatened, he might expose Vanessa. Adrian while at home tried reaching Brian but the call couldn’t get through. Lukas saw that Adrian was looking pretty upset and he said it was nothing. He then received a call from a bar tender and he went to the bar to find Rachel wasted.

Rachel was wasted and explained that she drunk her frustrations out simply because she first lost her mother, she lost her marriage and now her father. Adrian told her they should leave but she said she would only go with him if he assured to send her to Miguel. She screamed that she l0ved Miguel so much but Lena has taken him from her hand. She wondered what Adrian and Miguel saw in Lena and Adrian told her a story.

He said Lena was not only a pretty face, she was caring, l0ving intelligent and smart. Jordan brought Lena home after she talked with Ramona on what was driving her revenge. Jordan demanded for a k!ss from Lena after he alighted her at the Narcisos mansion. Miguel came there and Jordan left. Miguel was feeling jealous to find Lena in the company of Jordan after she was distancing herself.

Lena told him there was no need for him to be jealous, Jordan was her childhood friend. Miguel told Lena to come and live with him but Lena refused till he divorce his wife. Adrian got home and stumbled on Miguel, he asked him what he was doing there. Miguel said he came to see Lena,  Adrian got upset that he came all the way there just to see Lena while his wife was drowning in misery. Adrian indicated that Lena might be making a f00l out of him.

Miguel saw it that Adrian was jealous since she chose him over Adrian. The two exchange blows and when the fighting was getting intense, Lukas separated it and sacked Miguel from his house. While in his condo, Miguel received a call and it was Rachel who came there. He had a séxúal encounter with her. The next morning when he woke up to find Rachel with him, he sacked her from his condo and told her that he only l0ved Lena and what happened between them was a mistake.

Allison who was sad that Rambo did not talk to her the previous night since he was upset with her lies saw her sister and was glad that she had someone like Miguel to rely on but Rachel said  she had none of that. At Royal Wellness, Lukas lauded Adrian for his impressive job that had stabilized their stocks and the sales was stable.

Adrian said what he did was nothing close to what Lukas did for him, for accepting him as his son. Adrian pleaded with him to let Vanessa stay in the mansion. He then went to see his mother to tell her that Lukas has accepted her into his life once again. Vanessa who was excited waste no time and got to the Narcisos mansion, there, she had a banter with Lena and demanded she leaves if she was having a problem with her return.

Lukas made it clear that no one would leave, Lena was his daughter. Vanessa held his hand and ushered him to the bedroom, claiming to Lena that her husband might be tired.


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