Love Thy Woman Highlights Episode 28-32

Love Thy Woman Highlights Episode 28-32 RJ&E Interior collapses as Dana executes her revenge against Jia 

Upon learning that Dana is expediting the approval of Michael’s Singaporean citizenship, Jia files a petition to nullify the kid’s adoption.

Dana and Lucy send Jia on thin ice after successfully besmirching her name in court. Lucy comes up with a desperate scheme when her past sin begins to plaque her. Meanwhile, David unknowingly falls into Dana’s trap involving Michael’s living arrangement to spell his and Jia’s downfall.

With help from Kai and the Chaos, Jia prepares a surprise party for Michael’s real birthday, soon, Jia and her mother head to Helen’s home for the intimate celebration, unaware that someone is observing them from afar. Elsewhere, Dana fumes when she discovers that David went through with his plans of helping Jia.

Dana celebrates as her dubious plans against Jia comes to fruition. However, her mood immediately turns sour when she meets with Attorney Samenago to discuss David’s petition. Meanwhile, Jia rushes to Singapore after receiving an urgent phone call from Richie regarding an emergency at RJ&E Interior.

Unfazed by RJ&E Interior’s setback, Jia remains determined in saving her company despite Richie’s doubts. Lucy assigns Amanda to replace Jia as head of major projects while she is busy settling the financial crisis in her company. Elsewhere, Dana attempts to get rid of David’s evidence against her.

Refusing to give up her marriage, Dana takes the stand in court and provides a strong defense against David’s opening statement.
However, David remains determined to pursue his annulment from his wicked wife and get sole custody over Michael. Struggling to sell her properties in Singapore, Jia receives help from an ally to pay off RJ&E interiors’ remaining debt.

Elsewhere, Adam finally received a call from the person who holds the answers to his lingering questions. Dana continues to grow distant from Michael because of his adoration for Jia. To make matters worse, Dana learns of the court’s decision to favour David and grant the annulment of their marriage.

However, Dana transforms this heartache into an opportunity to turn Micheal against his father. Meanwhile, Jia vows to prove that she can pick herself up from the gutter on her own.

Furious over her annulment with David, Dana uses underhanded tactics to discredit Jia during their court hearing. She also finds a way to gain Michael’s sympathy after informing her adopted son of her separation.

Upon moving to her new home with Kai, Jia wonders about Harry’s whereabouts as the date of her next court hearing approaches. With David’s help, Jia presents proof of her son’s supposed death in a hospital fire.

However, the new pieces of evidence push Judge Andeza to schedule a private meeting with Michael. In hopes of maintaining custody of her adopted son, Dana manipulates Michael into obeying her every word before his appointment with the judge.

After the judge decided to grant Jia’s petition, Dana points a guπ at her half-sister. Despite the stunt his daughter pulled, Adam begs Jia and David to give Dana more time with Michael. However, Dana’s stubbornness in keeping her adopted son pushes Adam to issue a warning to his eldest daughter.

Dana decides to use her knowledge of David and Jia’s past affair as leverage to force her ex-husband to follow her demands. Showing no signs of slowing down, she then manipulates Michael into making his father guilty of ruining their family. Bent on finding Harry, Kai and Simon discuss the possibility of Bossing’s connection with an influential person.

Jia faces another chilling obstacle when she loses her work on her first day at a real estate company. Unbeknownst to her, Dana runs a smear campaign against her to block her from landing a job. Meanwhile, Adam makes strides in his investigation and receiving an important detail that would confirm his hunch on Lucy.


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