My spirit is awakened to God now--- Wendy Shay explains why she removed 15 piercings
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My spirit is awakened to God now— Wendy Shay explains why she removed 15 piercings

My spirit is awakened to God now— Wendy Shay explains why she removed 15 piercings

Rufftown records signee, Wendy Shay has disclosed that she has removed her 15-17 piercing due to how quickened and awakening her spirit has been with God after three years of repentance.

According to her, the holy spirit told her to remove some of those piercing since she is a brand ambassador for Christ.

Revealing this on United Showbiz in Accra last Saturday, the “Shay On You” hitmaker explained that although she knew Christ right from infancy but was not acting upon his words due to the foreign environment she grew up from.

“At some point, I left God’s sight, you see when you are living abroad, you’ll think everything is ok.

There is so much comfortability there so if you are not lucky, you may think that how the world is but when I came to Ghana, that was when I experienced the other side of life,” she explained.

The 24 years Songstress indicated that her conviction in Christ was made possible when she embraced music as a profession.

She revealed that as she came in contact with her manager, Bullet, he introduced her to Christ as the only mighty one who could help her become a celebrated musician.

Wendy Shay noted that music was spiritual and that before one could excel in the industry the person had to be backed by a spirit before.

She said due to how awakened her spirit was and how the spirit of God has grown in her she was first directed as to how she would appear.

“So first I had to take care of my appearance. You know i am an ambassador for Christ which mean I have to appear in a certain way, that’s why I removed my piercings a month ago to be left with two of it.

I did that because the spirit of God talked to me to do that and I obeyed. Aside the spirit of God I believe I am growing I am going to be 25 years soon and can’t still lead life as I was years ago,” she added.

When asked whether she was passing through a thought situation before she removed her piercing she said the rumours speculated by Keche and Delay was not true, stressing ” I was perfectly alright.”


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