Now and Forever Episode 7 Rebecca returns with a vengeful heart

Now and Forever Episode 7

Now and Forever Episode 7 Rebecca returns with a vengeful heart

Rosa ran after Stella when she was leaving for work. She wanted to talk to her on an urgent matter but bumped into her leading Stella for her file to fall down.

Rosa picked them up for her. They were the sketches Stella had been copying from Eva’s notebook so she was uneasy having Rosa seeing them. She took them from Rosa and asked what she wanted.

Rosa said she needed permission to leave for Abel’s surgery and Stella granted her the permission to go. When she went to work, she took the designs to her sculpting team and asked them to create them.

Eva was worried about what she would tell Rosa since she could not tell her where she really got the money. When Rosa arrived, everyone was glad to see her.

Abel’s doctor soon arrived to take him in for surgery and Rosa got the chance to ask Eva where she got the money. Eva fumbled around trying to give Rosa an answer. Isda cut in and said that Dom lent it to Eva. Rosa asked where he would get that kind of money and they said he probably got it from his mother who was abroad.

When Dom came to the hospital, Eva and Isda talked to him and told him to say that he was the one who gave Eva the money. Abel’s surgery went well and he was looking forward to recovering so that he would go back to work. Adessa and Eva however asked him not to worry and recover first.

Stella met up with her friends to unwind but they ended up talking about Hernan and one of them told her that Hernan was cheating on her hence why he left her.

When Inno got home in the evening, Oli was going through his clothes. He wanted a shirt for his date and Inno asked him if he met up with his friends. Oli asked him why he seemed so interested when he didn’t care most of the time. He picked out a shirt and left.

During breakfast the following morning, Rosa prepared a special dinner for Inno to thank him for lending her the money for Abel’s surgery. She told him that her brother in law had the surgery and was already recovering from the hospital.

Oli came downstairs and told Inno that he would be introducing his girlfriend to them that evening. Inno reminded him about their grandmother’s party but Oli left without hearing him out.

Oli went to get Eva and took her to a stylist to get an appropriate dress for the party. Inno tried to call him so that he would not be late for the party but Oli rejected his calls.

Hernan spent time with Rebecca at the farm and she told him that she did not feel fulfilled while living abroad and that is why she went back to the Philippines. She wanted a simple life and she figured that Hernan wanted the same thing. She went to get them snacks to eat and when she was gone, Stella arrived.

Stella asked Hernan to go back home with her. She was also worried about Carmen finding out that they were separated since she would be blamed for it.

She asked Hernan what he wanted from her and promised to change. Hernan said that he wanted her to live with him in the farm and leave the luxuries behind, saying that money did not belong to them. Stella got pissed off and argued with Hernan. She did not see any need to continue the argument so Stella left.

Hernan called Inno and asked him to take care of Stella explaining that they had an argument so she was not okay when she left. He then told Inno that he would attend Madam Carmen’s party because he wanted to tell her about his situation with Stella.

Rebecca saw Hernan and Stella, she then went back to her house. Her aunt asked if it was necessary for her to get involved with the Cortes family and Rebecca said she had to find out what happened to Rodrigo.

A Flashback revealed that her attack had been investigated and the police claimed that some unscrupulous drug addicts attacked her. They stole Rebecca’s car but after a police chase, the car exploded with Angela still inside.

Rebecca woke up from a coma a year later only to hear about her daughter’s death. She was convinced that the Cortes family had something to do with the attack and decided to find out the truth.

When Carmen arrived, none of her family members were there to greet her. Stella went to a bar and refused to go to the party. Inno called to ask where she was but she hanged up on him.

He called her driver and he told him where Stella was. Inno asked to take Stella home but she did not want to return to an empty house. Inno therefore said he would stay with her.
Oli went to Carmen’s party with Eva.

When they arrived, he held her hand but Eva did not want to allow him to do that. Oliver said they had to act in that manner to show that they were a couple.

When they went inside, Oli left Eva for a while and went to greet Madame Carmen. She asked him where Inno was but Oli said he didn’t know either.

Explaining to Madame Carmen that he didn’t meddle with Inno’s business. Carmen told him that it was time he start meddling with his family’s business.


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