Rhodora X Episode 17

Rhodora X Episode 17 Angela has a miscarriage while Roxanne k!lls Dr Bautista, Joaquin leaves the country

Joaquin sent Roxanne to a hotel and when he was leaving to his house, Roxanne didn’t allow him to. She said she was sad and needed Joaquin’s company. She begged him to stay with her when Joaquin didn’t want to. Joaquin gave in to her demands and told her not to feel sad anymore, he would keep her company. Roxanne lured him and they got intimate.

At the precinct while the inmates were eating, someone came to cause trouble and Angela got kicked in the belly for her to bleed. Roxanne felt satisfied when she and Joaquin consumed their relationship. Rhodora woke up the next day to find out that she lost her virginity. She cried and as she was panting and crying, wondering what had happened, Joaquin woke up to explain to her that they had sëx.

He apologised for his act but Rhodora was upset with him for what he did to her. She sacked him and Joaquin went home to destroy things. He was màd at himself for sleeping with Angela’s blood sister. Santi witnessed him destroying things and he intervened, only for him to be shoved to hit the wall.

Santi confronted him for hurting his own cousin all because of Angela. In the the hotel, Rhodora was sad about everything that had happened. She called Dr Bautista to tell her that she believed she k!lled Trisha and wanted to talk to her right away. She said she was on her way to the hospital.

Joaquin, on the other hand, told his grandmother that he had to leave that place otherwise he would hurt himself and all those close to him. He said he has already bought his ticket and would leave the next day. Sita saw that as a good idea to have a vacation in order to get over everything.

She gave her consent. As Dr Bautista was using her update recorder to record that the host thought she had k!lled someone. She rhetorically asked whether the host did or the alter did. Suddenly, Rhodora barged in making the doctor dropped her recorder to talk to her. Rhodora said she did not want Roxanne to stop her.

She confessed that she saw Roxanne k!lling Trisha. She said it was not Angela who k!lled Trisha but Roxanne did. As Dr Bautista tried calming her to make her tell her all that she knew, Roxanne fought with Rhodora and began to sing her lullaby. Dr Bautista tried to make Rhodora fight her alter but Roxanne took over the host’s body and set her hair loose.

She called Rhodora a snitch as she took a seat and admitted that she k!lled Trisha and blamed her sister for it. Now she had no rival who would fight her over Joaquin and saw her idea of k!lling two birds with one stone as the best. Dr Bautista told her that Rhodora did not like what she was doing. However, Roxanne said it was the best and Rhodora was just a weakling.

She said she was the reason Rhodora had survived all those years because she had been fighting for her and that was because she lõved Rhodora and never wanted her to get hurt. Roxanne hoped Dr Bautista would not hurt Rhodora or put her into trouble.

Elsewhere, the Ferrers went to see Angela at the hospital and she had a miscarriage. Dr Bautista took her phone and Roxanne asked her what she intended to do, whether she wanted to tell on her. The doctor said she wanted to help but Roxanne got upset and ran after her.

She wanted to use the elevator but the elevator was not working. Roxanne told her that she could not escape from her hand. Rhodora tried to warn Dr Bautista to run. The doctor realised Rhodora was trying to be in charge so she tried talking to her to fight Roxanne. Roxanne got more provoked and the doctor took to her heels.

Roxanne said nothing would save her and took a stand trying to hit her. Dr Bautista fell off the stairs. She was later rushed to the morgue and her emergency contact, a colleague Dr was called to the morgue and he said he was the only person Dr Bautista had as all her family were deàd.

The police did not see any foul play. The officer said Dr Bautista’s neck was snapped because of the accident. She really hit herself hard and per their investigation, they saw that she had a handbag which meant that she was leaving the facility and slipped off the stairs. However, her phone which was found was broken and they did not know why but per her body, there was no force.

Roxanne got home to discover that Angela had a miscarriage. Lourdes saw that Rhodora looked surprise and she explained that they never told her that Angela was actually pregnant for Joaquin but an unfortunate incident happened that made her lose her baby.

Roxanne went to her room and was happy that Angela had a miscarriage. Rhodora tried to fight Roxanne for causing problems in her family. She was not happy that Roxanne hurt Dr Bautista. Roxanne while looking in the mirror said she never wanted to hurt Dr Bautista but Rhodora did that. She forced to make her do that. She said Rhodora should be blamed, actually the doctor fell she did nothing to Dr Bautista.

Rhodora said she would expose her deeds but Roxanne said she would not allow her to come in between her plans. She threatened her that she would never allow her to take over her body again and covered the mirror.

Joaquin embarked on his journey. While he was at the airport, he saw some lōvers who made him think of his night with Rhodora. Derick told Lourdes that the CCTV footage showed that Joaquin left a bar with Trisha. The report also stated that Trisha was múrdéred in between 9-12 midnight.

Roxanne went to the house of the Vasquez and saw Santi. She asked Santi where Joaquin was and Santi said Joaquin had traveled. Rhodora got upset when Santi asked if he could help her. She took a cab and rushed to the airport.

Pia went to see Angela at the city jail. Angela had been brooding over her lost child. She wondered if she was being punished because she was a bad person: Joaquin is gone, she lost her freedom and now her baby. Pia comforted her and assured everything would be fine.

Roxanne rushed to the airport and tried to stop Joaquin from going but he did not see her. The security guards stopped her from going inside the plane. The plane took off and Joaquin left, making Roxanne cried while trying to break lose from the guards. Derick after paying the bar owner to obtain the footage during the night Joaquin and Trisha went to the bar went home to view it.

While looking at the footage, he saw Rhodora in the bar and wondered what his daughter was doing there. He was extremely shocked to see her. Roxanne went to the club in ears, trying to k!ll her pains. She told Bianca that Joaquin left without even saying goodbye. Bianca thought she had already gotten hold on him.

Roxanne said she was wrong to think that they were fine but he left. She then left the club to cause a scene at the Vasquez mansion. In the house, Derick asked Lourdes about the alibi Rhodora gave during the night of Trisha’s deàth. Lourdes said she claimed to have gone out with a friend but wondered why Derick was asking that now.

After, Cita got her thrown out of her house and even threatened to get her arrested if she dared destroy something in her house, Rhodora came home crying while she told her parents that Joaquin was a liar he left the country. Lourdes and Derick looked stunned when they saw Rhodora crying over Joaquin.


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