Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 407

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 407 Margie resigns after Adonis cleanse Brandon’s name and criminalise Kanor, Lucas orders for the student protestors to be abducted

While in a car, Jonathan showed concern about Teddy after he was threatened. Teddy did not want to allow his fears to consume him so he told his boss that he would follow his example. Jonathan was scared that he wouldn’t be lucky like he was.

Margie went for Don’s food from Flora. Flora was relieved seeing Margie was okay. Grandpa Marsing told Ambo and his family that he would speak with Cardo to seek his help to protect the neighbourhood and keep it safe and peaceful. Baldo and his paramilitary journeyed to riches. Those who saw them took to their heels.

Javier said the people thought they were gone for good but they would soon return from their bigger camp to make life impossible for them. Grandpa Marsing went to talk to Cardo about joining the patrol men in their town. He said there were few of them so he wanted the Vendetta to help the patrol men to keep the neighbourhood safe.

Oscar said they would do everything to help them after they accommodated them into their place. Cardo and his group followed Counselor Marsing  to the Captain. They accepted to help in patrolling the place. Some men raced there to inform the Captain and Cardo that Javier and his paramilitary were out of the place. The people were really happy that they would not pay for any protection.

Meanwhile, Adonis addressed the press to retract all his statement against Brandon, saying the police investigation established that it was a mere accusation Kanor concocted and he even blackmailed Brandon. Flora looked shocked together with Margie but Adonis stood by his words when Flora tried to speak with him. Yolly doubted that a common person like Kanor would be able to blackmail an influential person.

Adonis asked them whether they were claiming that he was a liar. Margie did not seem to like what Adonis was saying and she tried to fish it out. Captain Gina also made it a point to find why Adonis changed his statement. Wally who had been eavesdropping went to tell Elmo and Yolly that Captain Gina was actually being blackmailed by the two cops. He believed they might have seen her illegal business and instead of them arresting her, they rather extorted Money from her.

Mayor Adonis’ statement retraction went viral. Jordan told JP that he believed the mayor was either paid or threatened just to silence him. However, they have to act like a heroes to sacrifice for the truth to prevail in the country without subjecting themselves to fear and would not remain coward. JP said they have to encourage the people to fight for their rights.

Margie apologised to Flora for what Adonis said. Yolly believed he was threatened because the current administration, if you were not on the government’s side they get rid of you. Yolly was worried about Flora’s case against Terante but Flora told her not to worry. She would not be coward, she would keep on fighting.

Albert called Adonis to thank him for keeping to the script. He told him not to engage the media again. Kanor went to see the Mayor to question him on why he did that against him while his assurance made him file a complaints. But now the Mayor has lied and has even ruined his reputation for claiming he was blackmailing Brandon, making him look like the criminal.

The two criminal officers came to nab Kanor for questioning over Adonis claims that he was blackmailing Brandon. Adonis tried to stop them but they nabbed Kanor and he was crying for help. Virgie texted JP but he lied that he was doing overtime. Least did his mother know that he was staging a protest with Jordan and some youth.

Damien went to inform Lucas that there were group of young people staging a protest in front of the palace. This made him look worried together with Hipolito. Elsewhere, Madonna cooked for Señor Gustavo and spoonfed him. The Vendetta thought Aye and Ana how to play traditional games. Margie tend in her resignation letter. Adonis was surprised and Margie explained that she could not continue to work with him since he has switched sides.

She said they both know Kanor was innocent of the crime of blackmailing. Besides both saw his bruises when he was beaten by Brandon. However, for him to ruin the man’s reputation was too much. She told Adonis that he has taken a bribe from Lucas. She tried to force him to deny the allegations but Adonis kept quiet. Once Margie left, Adonis told himself that it was good for her to be away from him for now for her own safety.

Lucas, Brandon, Hipolito, Terante and Damien went to the security room to view the footage of the youth who were in clad in red, hooting and chanting that the President should release all those he has abducted simply because they did not side with him. Damien told Lucas not to worry because he has ensured the media did not report that. Hipolito interjected that the youth had already recorded themselves and were streaming live on social media.

Their post had even been viewed by three million people as said by Brandon. Lucas sided with Hipolito and decided to teach those brats some lesson. As the Vendetta kept entertaining themselves with outdoor games, Madonna tried to woo Gascon but he didn’t give in due to fear of what Gustavo might do once he found that out.

The De Leons watched the viral protest and saw the youth as courageous. However, they were scared for the youth since they had entered in the lion’s den. Yolly spotted JP hooting that they wanted justice. Virgie called the boss of JP only to discover that JP and some students activists were at the palace protesting against the president and she called Teddy to inform him.

Diego showed Javier, Baldo and Gapon the mountain where they would keep stolen gold and diamonds. Baldo in a private chat with Javier was not at ease with Gapon. He believed Gapon was cunning but Javier said Gapon was the type of guy who got things done, that was why he contacted him. However, his worry was Diego. Diego has expanded his camp by betraying Balons, his boss.

Baldo claimed to know Diego well. He could testify that Diego was a person who you have not stepped on his tail he wouldn’t bite you. Least did they know that Diego had a vicious plan to backstab them once they managed to steal the diamonds and jewelries from the mining site.

Alyana after eating went to talk to Cardo as he would be out to patrol the next day. She was scared that Javier might cause trouble. Cardo assured that he would take care of himself and told Alyana not to worry because now the Vendetta were there to help him. They owed the town that much so the least they could do is to secure the people. At the palace, the youth protested till the night and they kept chanting that “We Want Justice.”

Suddenly, some violent men appeared to demand that they stop the protest. However, Jordan said they would not till they got the justice they were fighting for. The violent men began to hit and punch them. JP tried helping Jordan but was punched in the belly. Jordan was carried into a car but JP was not ready to stop. One of the violent men hit his head with an object.

He fell on his knees and was losing his vision as he bled in the head. Some of his friends tried carrying him to run away with him but he fell unconscious.


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