The Blood Moon (La Luna Sangre) Episode 1

The Blood Moon (La Luna Sangre) Episode 1 Woe befalls on humans over Mateo and Lia failure to fulfill their prophecy

Once upon a time on the land of the living, a man whose identity was not immediately revealed was driving while chatting with his girlfriend on phone. From nowhere, a creature appeared on the street and accidentally the driver ran him over.

Wondering what he has done, he stepped down from his car to assist the person he hit. In dismay, he searched for the being that he accidentally hit but could not find the person.

He wandered around, still puzzled with what had happened. The being appeared and disappeared, the driver turned and found the creature, standing at his back with his teeth sharpened as it growled, thirsty for blood. Behold the creature turned out to be a vampire who bit the driver on that empty street to suck the blood from its prey’s neck.

Baristo, a wolf with a colleague, LLU member was playing with the kids as a vampire attacking the children. Baristo charged the children who were portraying themselves as werewolves to face the vampire. Baristo then narrated the Story of Mateo and Lia to introduce the clash of the vampire and the werewolves.

Long ago vampires and werewolves were man bitter enemies but, eventually, all of that changed because of Mateo and Lia. Lia is the daughter of Lyka and the most formidable Luna Soldier, Noah.

The two of them started out as enemies but somewhere along the way, that relationship evolved as they found true l0ve with eachother. As of Mateo, he is the son of a vampire born of a mortal woman. He holds a unique distinction as the only vampire born out of the l0ve of two beings.

Behold! A prophesy came about of a destined saviour among the ranks of the vampire’s races and a chosen she wolf, will cross paths and deal with the death but it did not come to pass as that way.

They fell in l0ve with eachother and fight in all odds. They stood side by side as they fought their clans and in the end they sacrificed their lives without any hesitation to give way for an emergence of a new world, through a daughter they gave birth to. A world that there’s harmony among the vampires and the werewolves.

A group by name Luna troops mostly called LLU, an arm of government which was aware of the existence of vampires and werewolves launched a search for the the young driver who earlier got bitten, he was the 24th person to get missing and the mortal believed a vampire was responsible for that. Frederick assured the man that they were not responsible for the attack on the mortal race.

The next morning, Malia, the bubbly daughter of Mateo and Lia after talking to a passer by went to wake her parents up. She later searched for her dog while her parent also joined the town’s people working in a plantation.

Elsewhere, Tristan caught a spider and a boy wanted to bully him. He fled and the boy ran after him, warning him that the spider he caught was for him and next time when he sees him around his territory, he would beat him up. He pushed Tristan and the boy fell, Tristan’s friend helped him up. They planned to sell the spider.

Malia found her dog and her friends were glad she found it. As they were working, Mateo and Lia saw a wolf passing. They suddenly left what they were doing, telling their colleagues to sit Malia down once she returned. The wolf passed through the plantation and while it was passing, Malia saw it but her friends did not see it.

The wolf tried to attack Mateo and Lia but they escape the attacks. The wolf was not familiar to the couple, it then licked the couple and fled. The couple later realised that Baristo was the one who visited after he transformed from his wolf state into human. Baristo said he tested them to see if they still had powers and also visited to inform them about how the ranks of the vampires had defied the agreement which Mateo and Lia reached with them before relinquishing their powers.

A flashback showed that Mateo and Lia relinquished their power after the two lost Malia when she was a baby. They cast all their powers to give life to their daughter. Baristo proposed that they should make a vampire from their ranks to bite Mateo, perhaps, he could get his powers back.

However, Mateo declined, he seemed happy with his wife as mortals, especially he was enjoying those moments as normal humans, without supernatural powers of the chosen werewolf and the most formidable vampire.
Baristo insisted as he revealed a suspicion of a vampire managing SMV company and through that hurting many others and bringing down their business. Mateo stated that he was happy with his current life besides Malia was happy living a life as a normal person.

Malia called ou her father’s name and Baristo disappeared. He informed his ranks, werewolves that Lia and Mateo were happy and were not ready to trade Mali’s happiness to be werewolf and vampire again. He revealed to the LLU members that he could not tell Mateo about the death hitting the ranks of humans since he was not ready to return, however, his clan members insisted they needed a saviour.

In the house of Frederick, Veruska made the kids said good night to the father as she made advances on her husband, saying they did not need the formidable force of Mateo ever again. Her speech prompted a vicious plan against Mateo and Lia even though she was also LLU member.

Soon, a town’s function was held. The town’s people were in a particular costume, Malia dressed as a policewoman since that was her dream and introduced herself to her friends as SPO4 Malia Rodriguez. She could not find her dog and her friends helped her to look for it, only to find her dog dead. Elsewhere, Tristan went to catch the boy’s spider again and when his father, Tonyo saw him, he ran to buy a new walking stick for his father.

Tonio was about to beat him for always roaming around after he previously scolded him but the boy revealed to his father that he was doing all that to buy him a new walking stick since he wanted him to walk properly with a new walking stick. He cried that it hurt him that Tonio had to limp around with a old and a weak walking stick that was why he was doing everything to prove his l0ve as a son to him. Tonio did not take the stick he left in fury while Tristan ran while crying. His aunt, Betty called him but he turned into a deaf ear. Tonio was limping as he was left disabled during his previous fight with the vampires.

Malia wept and at the town’s function, she told her parents about the dead dog incident and her mother explained that, life was like that, sometimes humans’ lose their l0ved ones and animals.

Since Malia was still crying, Nita cracked a joke for her to laugh. Lia and Mateo spotted the presence of Frederick at the function, suddenly the moon and the sun clash, more of an eclipse as the supremo, the moon lord was being glorified by his clan. Meanwhile, Mateo and Lena was hoping that could be their opportunity to permanently be out of their other side as a vampire and a wolf respectively.


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