The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 29

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 29 Miyo survives a death trap, Supremo to hire Jacintha Magsaysay as his campaign strategist

At the restaurant, Tristan ushered Toni to her seat. He then told her that the lady vampire was actually the leader of the Moonchasers and he did not understand why the headmaster was keeping Samantha from them. He was against the vampire and Toni said if she was not a good one she would not have k!lled her kind to save his comrades.

Elsewhere, Samantha was glad that she had met Madam Star. However, Madam Star told her that what she saw some years ago when she read her palm concerning a man bearing the mark of the cursed ink was what was revealed to her. Samantha said she was not there to know her fortune but was there because she needed a guardian.

Tristan was still upset that Prof T kept such a horrible truth from the Moonchasers. To Tristan, all vampires were the same and believed that Samantha was using them to fight against her kind to bring Supremo down so that she could takeover from Supremo to terrorise the world.

Tristan saw the act as deceit, stressing that if Samantha has k!lled her kind then it would be easy for her to dispose the humans once her purpose was served. Malia insisted that there were good vampires. Before she could end her statement, Tristan interjected that the world was only meant for humans not vampires or any creature

Madam Star tried to resist the offer. Samantha pressured her and gave her a stone to check into the future but such stones did not work on Madam Star, she could not see anything and tried to convince Samantha that her predictions were always wrong so she should look elsewhere for help. Samantha thanked her for trying.

Tristan apologised to Toni for venting his anger on her. Jake received a message from the Moonchasers about a scheduled interview for the next day. Baristo told him to find everything about the group. Later, Senator Mallari’s wife had a media interview and she cried for justice for her deceased husband. Gilbert watched the news and Paglinauan told him that it was rumoured that Mallari’s wife would stand for the presidency.

He convinced Gilbert that he needed a strategist who could transform his Gilbert Imperial personality which Supremo has built over time as a hero who saved the people from bank robbery and charity work to help him win the election. Paglinauan said the wife of the late Senator has won the heart of the public. Supremo now looked worried as he queried on what to do to get the masses on his side. Nisha stepped in to say that she and Paglinauan already found a strategist, an agency called M & L.

Malia told the LLU that a vampire by name Samantha was the one helping the Moonchasers. Gael knew Samantha but doubted if she was the actual person Tristan named since Samantha was already dead. Baristo charged Jake to make it a priority to find out who the vampire was if he successfully infiltrates the Moonchasers camp.

Admitting that he had to change his ball game, Supremo asked about the M&L and Paglinauan told him that it was a strategist agency which helped the Indonesian President who used to be unpopular four years ago to win the presidential seat.

Manuel asked Miyo if it was fine with him to engage in illegal activity to earn money. Miyo was willing to do anything to make money so Manuel gave him a package to be delivered to someone. After questioning Manuel whether the package contained illegal drugs and also wanting to know the person who was his boss, Miyo finally decided to deliver it for a sum of 5000.

Tristan visited Doc and spoke with Piolo to organise their comrades who were against the decision of Prof T for them to meet. Soon, Gilbert Imperial fetched for Bill Mejia, the face behind M&L who told him that it was a colleague, Jacintha Magsaysay who transformed a gambler, a womaniser who had no clue in politics but was only challenged by his brother to win the Indonesian election.

Gilbert was enthused and wanted to meet Ms Magsaysay to be his campaign strategist. However, Bill told him that she resigned three years ago and was now a strategist for the Indonesian President. Gilbert’s told him to hire her back but Mejia said he had tried several times but she refused. He then told Mejia to help him contact Ms Magsaysay so that she could head the PR team. Bill refused and Gilbert said no one says no to him.

Jake went to the Moonchasers auditioning while Erin and Gael waited for him in the car. Prof T together with his team met the new people who came for auditioning and introduced himself to them. The new ones narrated their shocking vampire experience stories and Jake said his father was a leader and was k!lled by a vampire so he wanted to become a hero like his father.

Tristan held a meeting with Leo, Adee, Piolo and the black boy aka Dracula who were against Prof T’s decision of keeping some vampires with the belief that they have good intentions. Tristan created a fraction from the Moonchasers in order for the five of them to depend on eachother for their own missions when the need arises.

Miyo sent the parcel to a certain were house where he met Derrick and his ruthless guys. Derrick told Miyo that the parcel was his payment for keeping the illegal operations of his boss as secret. He opened the parcel and realised senator Paglinauan has pulled a fast one on him. He called Paglinauan to query him on the reason he had not fulfilled his side of the bargain.

The Senator failed to give in so Derrick threatened to k!ll Miyo if he did not give him all the money they agreed on. Paglinauan did not care and urged Derrick to k!ll Miyo. Miyo asked Derrick who he spoke to. His questions got on the nerve of Derrick and warned him to find somewhere and hide by the count of 10. At the Senator’s office Manuel was worried that the senator was leaving Miyo to his fate. Paglinauan said if Miyo makes it alive he should triple the amount he promised and would also earn his trust.

Miyo tried to run out but they closed the gate even before the count reached eight. They shot Miyo but Miyo swerved and engaged them in a run inside the were house. He hid behind some trunks and took the scoundrels one after the other. He engaged Derrick in a fight and pointed a gun at him to compel him to talk about the person who he was covering his secret. Derrick said it was his boss and Miyo kicked him.

Tristan told his comrades that they still needed Prof T to know the missions they have to embark on and also they needed his weapons to fight the vampires.

“We need to be extra careful now. We don’t know what the vampires are thinking. We need not to believe in whatever they say even when they tell us they have good intentions. The Moonchasers are keeping too many secrets from us. It is hard to trust them fully,” Tristan addressed his comrades

At the Moonchasers head office, those who came for the audition were made to fight the existing members of the vigilante group. Prof T pointed on Jake that it has reached his turn. He actually wanted him to face Tristan but was told that Tristan had met with the rest. Jake fought skillfully so the Moonchasers pounced on him in multiple attack but Jake beat them all. The manner of his fight turned Prof T on. He was so shocked to see such a fighter and pushed his cup up to watch him well.

At Youtopia, Gilbert Imperial received a message from his worker that the secretary of Jacintha has replied their message and asked them to send a proposal to them. Gilbert ordered his secretary to send a formal proposal.

Jake came out to tell Erin and Gael that based on how things went he believed he would be accepted. They saw Prof T coming out, Erin told Gael that he would be the one to talk to Prof T so Gael and Jake left. Erin tailed Prof T, the professor discovered that someone was tailing him. He parked his car and Erin went close to it in search of Prof.

Prof T attacked Erin from the back. Erin assured that he was not a vampire but a Luna Soldier who wanted them to work together in bringing down the evil vampires but Prof T refused. Miyo returned to the office to scold Manuel. Manuel was surprised to find Miyo alive. Miyo confronted him for ordering to get him k!lled. He brushed it off and said what he did has made him gain a trust.

Miyo then said if he had gained his trust then he should tell him who the boss was. Manuel said he would know the boss later but for now he would gain lots of errands and he gave Miyo triple the amount they agreed on. Manuel had a call and Miyo overheard the conversation about a shipment that would be at the pier. Elsewhere, Tristan tried reaching Toni but couldn’t. He told Piolo about this new person he has encountered who knew about vampires.

Piolo asked Tristan to talk to Toni to make the person join the Moonchasers but Tristan said Toni had her own group. Realising Toni was a female, Piolo knew what Tristan was up to. He took her number and tracked her. Piolo discovered that she was at Senator’s office and later saw her location at the pier. Meanwhile, Supremo was still struggling to get Jacintha to be his strategist. He emailed her and was willing to meet her in Indonesia and promised not to waste their valuable time.

“One stare from me will make you say yes!” Supremo said.


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