The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 40

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 40 Gilbert fires Jacintha, Paglinauan trapped in his own game

Senator Paglinauan called Tristan who he believed to be a maintenance to return for his detergent he left on his table at the office. The rest of the Moonchasers got rid of the CCTV footage that captured them at the Senator’s office and took pictures to gather enough evidence against the senator.

However, on their way to their headquarters, Tristan received a bizarre video about her sister who was being maltreated in an unknown location. Malia who saw what had happened to Apple due to the hidden camera on Tristan wondered what the kidnappers were doing to the girl and told Baristo that the girl was Apple, Tristan’s sister

Tristan quickly called the number that forwarded the video and Nisha received it, warning her not to do anything to his sister since it was him that they wanted.

Betty was devastated that Apple had still not received her calls. Tristan rushed home to see his family worried about Apple and they decided to go to her school but before they would take a step, she showed up with a wet hair, claiming the bad people did that to her. However, she changed the entire story seeing the family worried. Tristan advised her to inform the family before going anywhere. .

In the lair, Omar reported his failed mission to Supremo but was surprised to hear Supremo asking them to leave without punishing them. Elsewhere, Jacintha arrived at her condo from the resort and made a call to an unknown person informing her that Maria Villalobo would be the key.

Later, Jacintha went to Youtopia to query Gilbert on the reason he left the resort without informing her. She added that she has called him a number of times but he failed to pick the call. Gilbert ordered her to leave, Jacintha did not understand him. Gilbert said he had fired her and she would no longer handle his campaign.

Jacintha wanted to find the reason behind the firing so Gilbert told her that he was firing her because he was done with her. Jacintha reminded him that she was living a quiet life in Indonesia when Mr Imperial went for her. Imperial retorted that she would be well compensated and would even pay double of the amount.

“I just want you to know Mr Imperial, this isn’t my lost,” Jacintha warned.

Toni arrived at Tristan’s house in the morning to remind him to be cautious since it was the day for his mission with Senator Paglinauan. Seeing Toni was worried, Tristan told her that he would be careful and had not forgotten about their agreement as he was still having the pin on. He promised not take any decision before informing her.

The LLU were watching the whole thing and Lemuel began to tease Baristo by coughing. Baristo wondered what Lemuel was doing, suddenly Gael also coughed and Baristo asked if vampires also catch tuberculosis while reminding them of the video being a surveillance video not a l0ve story or a soap opera.

In the lair, Supremo thought about Jacintha and reminded himself of being a monster while he screamed in terror trying hard to get rid of the l0ve he was feeling. He tried to k!ll his vulnerability by going on blood hunt. However, before k!lling all the humans he met in the mission, the lady in red saved one lady from his grasp. He was a bit relieved that after four to five years he had encountered the lady in red.

Soon, Boris informed him through a phone call that a mission was accomplished when he was talking to Paglinauan in Youtopia. Since Tristan had a group backing him, Supremo ordered Paglinauan to k!ll Tristan to end all his troubles.

At the LLU, the surveillance footage revealed Tristan walking alone in the night and Malia referred Tristan as being impulsive. Someone attacked Tristan from behind and covered his face with a mask. Since the attack made Tristan hit the ground, the LLU lost the signals. Lemuel tried to get the signal but couldn’t since the pin broke. Jake volunteered to find what had happened to Tristan but couldn’t find Tristan’s team.

Tristan was sent to Paglinauan’s office to meet the Senator who already seated waiting to rock and roll.

“Looking at you, I could tell you have many enemies,” Paglinauan hissed.

Tristan was tied with a rope to a chair and was beaten. He warned Paglinauan that he would pay for what he has done but the senator threatened Tristan, saying constantly that he would suffer the same fate as Miyo. Paglinauan asked Tristan to tell him about his group and those who he was affiliated with.

The senator also threatened to involve the family of Tristan in their little game, aggravating the young warrior for him to warn the Senator that his companions were with him when he was taken, stressing that they would find them but Paglinauan called it a bluff. The pin on Tristan began working so Malia who had already hit the road with the LLU saw the video and identified the location as Paglinauan’s office.

She and her group went to the office to inform the security to allow them in and showed the footage to the security. They went inside the building while Malia assured herself that she would save Tristan at all cost and asked him to wait for him. The LLU saw no one in the building and thought it was a trap. However, Gael used his vampire eyes to scout through the building and did not find anyone. Lemuel found a device which had a footage of Paglinauan committing his atrocious crime.

When Tristan had a chance, he fought Paglinauan’s men and tried to escape but the Senator shot him multiple times. Paglinauan then called Supremo to inform him that he had k!lled Tristan. The vampire king saw him as useful and threw a word of caution to him that he should make sure the crime was not traced back to them.

Meanwhile, Prof T had been sitting in solitude at a dark place while recalling Samantha’s words to him to protect Tristan. In the Senator’s office, Malia cried for losing Tristan and Baristo comforted her that they did all that they could save him. Lemuel suggested they could use the surveillance footage to get the Senator arrested. In his car while waiting outside Jacintha’s house to see to its that his plans were well initiated, Jacintha’s parents arrived and Jasmin told them that she was already asleep.

As she learnt who they were, she ushered them in. Jacintha appeared and her parent asked Jacintha why she was in the Philippines but failed to come home. Jacintha reminded them that they knew why she went away and became cold to them. Her father suggested to his wife they leave to give Jacintha the chance to reflect on issues. Jacintha went to her room to cry.

Meanwhile, Paglinauan found himself in a dark place and was trying to figure out where he was. As the light was on, he saw his henchmen tied up together and still puzzled about what was going on. Prof T appeared and the senator wondered who Prof T was.

As Prof T smeared on his face the scientific potion, Tristan who told Prof T that the mission was successfully accomplished recalled how the plan was rolled by the Moonchasers to trap Paglinauan in his own game in order to obtain evidence against the evil Senator for his various crimes.

Prof T smeared the memory blocker on Paglinauan’s face and issued his orders which Paglinauan would act on to sail in victory that he had successfully k!lled Tristan and everything had gone as planned.

Bill Mejia went to Youtopia to talk to Gilbert about the need to identify himself with a party but branding himself to meet the public would be a bit difficult since he had already fired Jacintha. In Jacintha’s condo, she started a research on Maria Villalobo to find out that the woman committed suicide and her son, Sandrino was kept hidden from the public.

Jasmin tried to spy and wondered why Jacintha was still doing a research while Gilbert had fired her. Malia after reflecting on the beautiful memories she shared with Tristan decided to break the bad news to Tristan’s family. She went to Tristan’s house with Jake but was shocked when Betty called Tristan that Toni was there. Tristan appeared and Toni seemed quite shocked for seeing him.


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