Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 275-279

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 275-279 Hipolito paints Cardo black to the country, Olegario, Borja and Alyana on a mission to unmask Hipolito

Despite being on the verge of ending Renato’s life, Romulo sets him free and commands his old friend to clear his name. This proves to be a fatal mistake as Renato draws Bloody Sun’s name through the mud on the national television.

To make matters worse, Renato tarnishes Cardo’s reputation and provides an incriminating piece of evidence to back up his claim much to Alyana’s dismay. This sparks a disagreement between Renato and Diana. As the entire nation craves for the hefty bounty on Cardo’s head, another relentless foe is dying to exact revenge on him.

Cardo exposes director Hipolito’s dirty secret to Alyana and asks her to clear Romulo’s name. As Hipolito makes conscious efforts in sabotaging General Borja, Cardo meets with his grand uncle to enlist his help in unmasking the government officials helping the Venom group.

All the while and acting on Don Emilio’s suggestion, Senator De Silva offers additional ransom money to whoever can point the location of the members of the Bloody Sun.
At the same time Renato orders Homer to set off another bomb while Romulo vows to track down Homer’s group despite the bounty on his head.

The authorities get overwhelmed by multiple reports of rebel sightings as the public tries to cash in on the huge bounty on the Bloody Sun fugitives. Seeing Bert’s dire in need of money, Dulce and Regine mull over the idea of ratting Cardo and his comrades out to the cops.

Meanwhile, Alyana tries to find solid evidence that will prove Renato’s connection with the Bloody Sun but it might cost her the job of being a reporter. As Renato continues to steer clear of irreparable damage to his reputation, Homer wreaks havoc in the metro to further pin the fugitives down.

After nearly gotten caught by the police, Bloody Sun members seek shelter in another ally’s place. However, the greedy Ellias has other plans for his former comrades. Flora and her family are shocked to find out someone has hung the Bloody Sun banner outside their home, all while they grapple with news of another bombing being pinned on Cardo and the rebels.

Meanwhile, Dulce and Regine face the consequences of their betrayal as their neighbours blame them for the police raid and the subsequent arrests. The search for the remaining members of the Bloody Sun continues but behind the seemingly organised manhunt, the various officials are splintering on who and what to focus on.

Delfin and Diana want to keeps on following leads instead of blindly hunting down Cardo and Romulo. This puts them at odds with Renato who wants to find the rebel group as soon as possible.

Their argument has now come to a point where Renato is trying to keep his mask in front of Diana with how angry he is at her for not following his orders. Meanwhile, Delfin has noticed a possible traitor within their ranks.


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