The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 86

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 86 Sandrino plots Tristan and the Toralbas death, Collin reveals his true identity to Apple

Malia shed tears as Tristan remained in his stance of wiping out both werewolves and vampires.

“Are you still there Tristan?” Malia asked.

“That Tristan is long gone Malia,” Tristan replied.

“I still believe there is some good left in you!”

“I know the Tristan I l0ve is still there.”

“L0ve is not for creatures like us,” Tristan rebuked.

Malia then asked if his action was triggered by the fact that they were not mortals and Tristan said they were monsters.

“Please allow me to change your mind!”

“To show you that there’s still hope for our kind.”

Elsewhere, Soraya and her black werewolves teamed up. Vanessa asked if Supremo could reprimand his brother. Soraya said she least cared about them and they could go ahead to k!ll themselves. The one who would survive is who they would pledge their allegiance to. She later went to the LLU and Baristo said they wanted to have a talk with her.

Malia sent Tristan to a village where werewolves and vampires were living peacefully with mortals. They even dined with them and Tristan saw how the children were happy to have the Lord Sentinel and her guest with them. Malia told Tristan that all that the people wanted was to also live without stepping on anyone. As they walked down the road, Malia held his hand.

“Please come back to us!”

“Come back to me Tristan!”

Tristan pulled back his hands and left.

“I know you will come back Tristan…” Malia thought.

“I will be waiting for you.”

In the lair, Greta asked Supremo what he would do and the Vampire king said he hated traitors and would k!ll Tristan. Greta assured that their loyalty would only remain with him. Prof T said Malia knew Tristan so much to have sent him to that village. Knowing that Malia has succeeded in turning Tristan against his plans, Prof T asked him if he believed that.

“Why shouldn’t I believe in her?” Tristan queried.

Tristan said it was not the fault of the werewolves to be in that state and all that they wanted was to live peacefully.

“Tristan you yourself told me that as long as the battle between the werewolves as well as the vampires in order to gain powers continues ordinary mortals will forever be their victims.”

In the lair, Supremo held the Ancient book of Cursed Spells to know what he could do again in order to obtain the other unparalleled power of the cursed ink and he thought about the solution Lucho gave which was for him to k!ll Tristan.

“If I only have full use of my powers, I will have you k!lled right now.”

“But instead I need to plan this carefully.”

“I need more time so that I can be sure that when we meet eachother, you won’t be able to fight me and the power of the two set cursed ink will be mine.”

Malia arrived at the camp will Jake and told Baristo and Miriam about Tristan’s way of protecting mankind that was to k!ll both Vampires and the werewolves.

“Tristan want us k!lled?” Baristo marvelled.

However, Miriam broke the news about Soraya so Malia planned with them to keep the information on Tristan from her as they were not only at risk but Tristan as well. She later went to see Prof T to alert him on Soraya’s plans and also told him to tell Tristan not take Supremo’s suspicions likely.

Tristan arrived in the lair and told his brother that he went to a place that he could focus and think. Supremo said he also did same and realised he had no reasons to doubt him, therefore he would concentrate on their plans to succeed. He later met his minions to make them pledged their allegiance to him.

“When are you planning to k!ll Tristan,” Greta quizzed.

“At the right time!”

Supremo told his minions not to make Tristan aware that they had uncovered his treacherous act. Ellice realised Supremo had changed otherwise he would have k!lled Tristan. She believed he was weak and was rather scared of Tristan while Greta believed he might l0ve his brother or perhaps since his heart was alive and beating reason he had coiled to his shell.

Sandrino later visited the President and hypnotised Osmundo to squeeze Tristan’s agenda from him. Osmundo told him that Tristan was planning a battle which he was determined to even d!e for the werewolves and the vampires most especially Sandrino and the Lord Sentinel d!e for mankind to remain on earth.

He then blocked Osmundo’s memories and the President could not recall anything. As Supremo was leaving, he vowed to ensure that he would remain alive and make Tristan d!e in his plans.

Meanwhile, Prof T and Prof Eli made a progress as the latter received a mixture of Mercury, silver and acid from Russia which they would formalise to see how the components would work. Prof Eli believed that mixture would make Tristan’s dream come to pass as the formula would not have any effect on mortals. Tristan came there and he told Prof T that he had to find a way to get rid of Sandrino.

Prof T said after he got rid off his brother would his plans against vampires and werewolves push through and he said yes so Prof T revealed the formula to him but wondered who they would experiment on. Tristan went to the lair and did not find his brother. He told the minions that he would be gone for few days and Greta together with others followed Tristan.

Tristan managed to capture Greta and sent her to the Moonchasers Headquarters. Meanwhile, Supremo was on k!lling spree to stop his heart from beating. He believed Tristan’s betrayal was good enough for his heart to stop beating again.

At the LLU, Gael and Miriam came across Soraya joining a cab and they secretly followed her to discover that the business One Telecom was returned to her. Soraya later received a Vampire visited who came to hand her a bag of money and she was happy that she sided with Sandrino.

When she returned to the LLU, the council members asked where she had been and she lied. Gael then exposed her but she found no remorse in her action and said while their Lord Sentinel was busy fighting, she was also working to ensure she gained that business as she would not allow all her efforts in making money go down to drain.

Miriam got upset and said the Lord Sentinel was a Sentinel for all and all that Soraya cared about wad money and power. Baristo and Gael had to hold Miriam back to stop a possible fight. Soraya got emotional, saying she had been through a lot in life and Miriam did not know how she had struggled to be who she was, hence she could not judge her.

As she went inside, Baristo reasoned that it was high time for Soraya to appear before the council to be judged. Soraya later met her black werewolves to inform them about the incident and promised them that she would rather d!e before confessing. Miriam lamented that Soraya was making Lyka’s work of bringing all werewolves with different colours go down to drain.

Gael said they would not allow Soraya to bring division in the group to destroy Mateo and Lia’s work of unity and peace among the vampires and werewolves get wasted. Sandrino got to the lair to discover that Greta was missing after following Tristan. He then made up his mind to k!ll the Toralbas and called Soraya to find Tristan’s family location.

Receiving the good news that James who lost his mother has now returned to being a mortal, Malia now believed the information could be a key for them to win over Tristan.

Elsewhere, Collin told Apple about his plans of resigning as her bodyguard. Apple did not know the reason but believed it was because she had not reply his l0ve letter and she said she also cared about him. However, she made a promise to her aunt Betty to hold on l0ve for a while. Collin confessed that meeting her was not a mistake, he intentionally did that since he wanted to get close to his father, Doc.

Apple then researched the family of Collin and got his mother on social media and sent her message. As Doc presented milk to her, she talked to Doc about his son. At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Malia got there in search of Tristan and found him.

She sent to the LLU lab to reveal to him about the research that Lemuel had been doing which had received lots of errors but now with formulas from various countries together with a certain plant, he was able to achieve the aim.

James got there and Tristan hit his palm and he began bleeding. Knowing that James had become mortal, he now found hope and told Malia that her vaccine has changed everything he would work with her. Malia shed tears of joy and hugged him, saying she never gave up on him.


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