The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’: The Death of Miyo and the Brains behind

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’: The Death of Miyo and the Brains behind

Miyo is an identity Malia obtained after the second massacre of the La Liga Unida (LLU) brought her to the city of Manila. In Malia’s quest to survive and make plans in wait of the manifestation of her supernatural powers as the Chosen one, she changes her appearance in to a man just to mask her real identity from Supremo in order for the vampire king not to find her.

An unfortunate incident of Kuto made her crossed paths with the lad. Through the pickpocket boy, Malia gains a roof over her head in Dory and Berto’s house as a male with a name Miyo. The disguise helps her to get close to Supremo at the SMV Corporation, where she sold corn and rice meal.

An event leads to the other and she gains the ability to cross paths with her foster father, Baristo, some of the werewolves Catleya and Jake and the rest of the LLU members, Erin and Gael. In the mission to re-establish the La Liga Unida, Miyo is able to win Lemuel for the LLU.

As things heat up to suppress the forces of the vampires, Miyo’s quest to gain a job at the Heat bar draws him closer to Omar. This happens after Miyo sold rice meal in the SMV. He (she) joins Supremo in an elevator to discover how the corporation is managed. She discovered a bar inside the corporation and took a tour in the place. She planned to infiltrate the heat bar with her disguise as a male.

Miyo applied as a waiter at the heat bar and met Therine who was incharge. She told Miyo that he was not a special person and only special people worked there. Miyo was told to gain a recommendation from a person who was affluent or affiliated to the owner of the bar.

Since Omar is affiliated to the vampire king, Erin had an idea to approach Omar who was once a Luna Soldier and even trained him. Omar was also a friend to Noah, Malia’s grandfather. Due to such rapport, Erin believes Omar even as an ally to Supremo will reconsider to help the “new chosen one” to infiltrate the camp of the vampires.

Erin fails in his attempt to get Omar on their side so Miyo decides to go forward by himself. Omar is a addicted to gambling, Gael then rolls out plans to facilitate the way for Miyo to get Omar’s attention.

He teaches Miyo how to play poker and using himself, a vampire as example on how he is able to detect the cards of each player, he skillfully teaches Miyo to face Omar.

Fortunately, Miyo wins the poker. Being defeated for the first time, Omar approaches Miyo to find out who he was, only to discover that “she” is the “new chosen one”. After opening Malia’s eyes on what goes on in the heat bar, he reveals that the workers there are merely vampires. Omar manages to secure a job as a security for her in Senator Paglinauan’s place.

In his job as a personal bodyguard to Senator Paglinauan, he is able to gather more evidence against the Senator and Supremo. Miyo fishes out that the Senator is into illegal business and tricks a loyal guard of Paglinauan, Manuel, claiming he needs an extra job to make more money to help his family. This quest makes him gain a post as an errand boy for Manuel and he gains the opportunity to know the real colours of Senator Paglinauan.

Manuel sends Miyo on an errands which almost took his life but he defeated the enemies to find more compelling evidence against Paglinauan and Manuel. This happens when Miyo is once again tested by Senator Paglinauan. He is sent to deliver a package to a mysterious location.

He sends a box containing money to the client of Paglinauan. However, the senator outwits the client by adding papers to the real money in the payment of his debt which puts Miyo in danger.

Miyo isn’t as defenceless as he seemed and managed to fight all the sketchy guys that threatened to k!ll him. He later confronts his boss and the head of Senator Paglinauan’s security, Manuel.

Despite telling his boss about his near brush with death, Manuel takes it nonchalantly and gives him the money he owed for completing his assignment. Miyo later overhears Manuel talking about a mysterious shipment and is bent on digging up the dirty secret of Senator Paglinauan. He decides to follow him to the meetup.

Miyo goes to the pier where the meetup is set and caught the whole thing on camera as he hid behind a huge pile of junk, recording Manuel and whoever he is meeting. Senator Paglinauan arrives and the shipment is finally revealed to be weapons that are gifts for an important and special someone.

The senator leaves, and while his car has hit the road, Miyo takes that opportunity to run but Manuel sees him. Knowing his reputation will be stained, Paglinauan sends his men to temper with the cylinder of Dory leading to the death of Miyo’s Samaritan.

Miyo finds the identity of the culprit but senator Paglinauan leaves no stone unturned. Paglinauan sensing Miyo as an infiltrator rolls out an irrational plan against his personal ally, Manuel and frames Miyo for Manuel’s death.

Feeling the weight of his adoptive mother’s death on his shoulders, Miyo tells Berto and Tristan everything about Senator Paglinauan’s illegal dealings and how he has evidence to prove it.

Miyo unaware of the deeds of Paglinauan, in fury, he searches for his boss Manuel, since he is sure he and Paglinauan are behind the explosion that cost Dory’s life. He vows to make those responsible pay for what they have done.

Paglinauan enlists the help of Supremo who hypnotised some three police officers on patrol to arrest Miyo. The three policemen walked in like robots and approached Miyo to unlawfully arrest him.

Miyo is sent to an empty warehouse where he is maltreated, tortured and is forced to sign confirmation of murder but he refused. Paglinauan also reveals his face to inform Miyo that he is the law and no one will be able to stop him. He asks who gave the order to destroy him.

Since Miyo is not cooperating, the police electrocuted Miyo and sends him far away to a mountainous place where Miyo discovers the police officers are under the hypnotic control of Supremo to k!ll him.

Although Miyo strives to break loose from the clutches of Supremo, one of the officers who got to his senses to help Miyo is killed by his two other fellows. Miyo then receives multiple shot and fell off to the bottom of the gorge. Before he closes his eyes he prays to his parent that it is not the time for him to die since his mission is not accomplished.

He also prays to the moon of the horizon not the stars to grant him his wish as he basks into its presence. The moon then shines at him and with time all the bullets came out of his body. For days, he laid helplessly on the field until one night the powers of the moon burst him from his attire as he metamorphosed in the skies.

Soon, his security attire which are torn into pieces is found by Tristan at the gorge, he also finds blood stains. Miyo is now declared dead by the Police authorities who found his bloody clothes, and assumed he is k!lled. Subscribe to the site for your telenovela updates and trending news.


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