The Law of Revenge Episode 1

The Law of Revenge Episode 1 Marissa takes a fall for Ellice and suffers 8years imprisonment, Gabriel weds Ellice

Ellice Ceñidoza and Marissa Pineda were good friends. Marissa was a daughter of Nestor Pineda, Jorge Ceñidoza’s business partner who died and left his daughter in the care of Lucing who raised her as her own. They lived in Villa Ceñidoza as guests.

One morning, Ellice took Marissa on a ride and they received greetings from all those around. A guy who was interested in Ellice was spotted and Marissa teased her friend. The two returned home and Lucing scolded Marissa for abandoning the house chores to go out with Ellice.

Jorge Ceñidoza pampered his daughter. He advised her to study hard while he also worked on the Ceñidoza business for her to manage it after school completion. He reminded her that her vacation was over, and within few days she would have to travel back to the USA to complete her MBA which has left with two years.

Watching her best friend and her father, Marissa told her mother, Lucing that if her father were to be alive she would have also completed her Masters in America. Ellice gifted Marissa with all her clothes.

Soon, a send off party was thrown for Ellice. When Jorge and Lucing left the party, Victor Montelibano, the congressman’s son who Marissa was crushing on appeared. Ellice excused the two, however, Victor made it clear to Marissa that she came from a political family and deserved a woman who matched his status like Ellice not her.

Victor found Ellice and started to hit on her. Marissa saw it and thought her friend was rather interested in the congressman’s son but she denied.

Marissa insisted that she saw her flirting with him and Ellice said she would show her what a real flirting was so that Marissa could learn. She then went to dance and caressed Victor. Seeing her friend broke down in tears and fled to the beach, Ellice went after her but Victor who was enjoying the moment with Ellice ran after her in desperation. He caught up with Ellice and told her that they should finish what they started.

Ellice made it clear that if he was not interested in her friend, she was not interested in him either. Victor pushed himself on her, Ellice tried to break loose from him yet he went on to tear her dress, ready to rape her. Ellice kicked him and he hit his head on a rock.

Marissa saw what was happening and joined her friend. They realised Victor was dead. Ellice cried that she did not want to end up in jail. She informed her father and Jorge said he would do everything possible to ensure she did not end up in prison since she was the heir to the Ceñidoza business and did not want anything that would ruin her reputation.

Marissa saw what her friend was passing through, she told Jorge that she would take the blame so that Ellice could continue her education. Jorge then promised to ensure she did not end up in prison. He also offered to give Ellice a sum of 10million to start life once everything was over. The police came to Villa Ceñidoza to invite Ellice and Marissa for questioning but Marissa said there was no need for Ellice to follow.

She admitted to the crime and was whisked away, much to the dismay of Lucing. Lucing visited her at the precinct and she said Victor was a monster he tried to rape her and kicked him in defence. Recalling Jorge’s promise, Marissa told Lucing not to worry as Jorge would help her out.

Ellice questioned her father why he allowed for Marissa to be taken away and he said he had a deal with her so Ellice should continue her education and make the sacrifice her friend had made worthwhile. Later, Ellice visited her friend and bid an emotional goodbye to her. She promised that the family would always be by her side. She still did not want Marissa to take the fall for her but Marissa assured that everything would be settled.

Congressman Joaquin Montelibano went to the precinct to overhear Marissa telling Lucing that Jorge would help her. In anguish the congressman stormed Jorge’s house to threaten him that he might lose the business he worked so hard for. Soon, Marissa was tortured as a detainee and at times failed to see her mother since she did not want her to see her like that.

Lucing pleaded with Jorge to explore all chances to ensure her daughter is set free. Soon, the court heard the case and Marissa was sent to eight years imprisonment. In the prison, she suffered brutalities, torturing and all forms of abuses which made her to rescind on her decision but Jorge assured that he was exploring all means to get her out. He said he was up against a big politician that was why things were at it seemed.

Ellice called her dad and told her about the frantic nightmare she has been having on Victor. Jorge told her to forget about it and learn hard. Ellice asked of Marissa and Jorge told said he had fulfilled his promise by ensuring Marissa was discharged, adding that he gave her the 10million he promised and now Ellice has carried on with her life which in reality not true.

He even said Marissa was studying in Manila and also did not have her contact. Ellice was shocked to hear that, her father told her to concentrate on her studies.

Ellice’s deed had a toll on her and affected her studies. One night she went to a bar to drink to forget he worries. A certain guy tried to hit on her, there Gabriel appeared and defended Ellice. Ellice fainted and woke up the next day to find herself in a strange man’s room. The two eventually became friends and Gabriel helped Ellice to overcome her mental challenges to even pass her academic thesis.

Soon, Ellice was raped in in prison by some prisoners who were hired to do it. She was hospitalised in the prison and even wanted to voice the truth out to Lucing but was stopped by the prison guards. Gabriel and Ellice got married and Jorge found himself as a fulfilled father while in prison, Marissa felt abandoned as each day she got prone to bullies. She cried all night thinking about what she had to endure in prison.


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