The Killer Bride Episode 51 Camila bitterly weeps over bomb explosion involving Emma

The Killer Bride Episode 51

The Killer Bride Episode 51 Camila bitterly weeps over bomb explosion involving Emma

Iking climbed the stairs and saw spirit hovering around. He got scared and screamed. Mayor Luis was interviewed and said Camila was one of the driving force in the project ongoing in Las Espadas.

As the people were gossiping, Manay Ichu advised Camila to ignore them and she said she was okay but her problem was Emma and Luna.

Camila asked her nanny if she did the right thing to advise Emma to stay away from Elias. Manay Ichu asked her what Emma said and she said Emma was cool with it. Manay Ichu told her to talk to Emma again because she was going through a lot especially now that Aurora had gone missing.

Agnes startled Manay Ichu by asking who went missing. She explained to Agnes that Aurora left town without informing Emma. Manay Ichu excused the two friends.

Agnes also told Camila that she had to go and do something. As Alice and Guada were walking she spotted Camila and her looks showed that she was upset.

Agnes eyed Alice, they were up to a mischief. Emma tried to help some of the people, Vito asked Emma if she had an update on Aurora and she said no. He then watched Camila.

Luna told her friends that she told Camila to warn Emma to make her stay away from Elias. Sonya could not believe that Luna would ask her mom to do that.

Luna corrected her, the woman’s name was Camila and not her mother. She just wanted to use her to gain Elias and would go any length to achieve that.

Mr lover boy, Elias arrived, he offloaded his flowers. Both Luna and Emma who were standing in different directions were happy to see him. Emma took steps to approach him but Luna held her back.

The two engaged in verbal war, as Luna said she warned Emma to stay away from Elias and asked if Camila did not tell her. Emma said she also told her about her stand on the matter.

Their action attracted the crowd, Camila and Vito got there and asked them to stop. Emma explained that Luna started it and Luna said she was reminding Emma of their deal. Vito seemed lost, Camila told Emma that they should leave. Emma asked why did she have to be the one to leave.

Meanwhile, Alice watched them and was happy with the misunderstanding. Camila insisted on leaving with Emma but Emma left taking different direction. Intoy alerted Elias to watch the commotion. Least did Elias know that the two teenagers were fighting over him.

Camila followed Emma while calling out her name. She finally stopped, and pointed out to Camila everything that she did for her, to make her despise boys, give herself a new identity in Las Espadas, lie to everyone, all she did for her without protesting.

She asked Camila what about what she also wanted, she said Camila did not care about her and now that she has found her daughter she would cast her aside. Emma cried while Camila’s eyes suggested that it was not like that. Camila said it was not true, Emma asked her what would she do if she said she did not want to stay away from Elias.

She added that Aurora was right, now that Camila found Vida she (Emma) had no place in her heart.

Meanwhile, Vito asked Luna why she created a scene and she said she was upset to accept the fact that she was adopted and Camila was her mother.

Vito told her to think about it this way that she had two mothers and two families, thus there was no need for her to fight Emma over anything. She warned Vito that if he wanted her to accept Camila then he should not take sides with Emma.

Emma said she was entitled to her own decision. Vito said he realised he did the wrong thing by giving Luna everything she wanted. Elias came to ask Emma if she was okay, Camila told Elias that Emma was okay, they were just talking.

Emma voiced out that she was not okay and walked out. Elias tried following her but Camila held him back, advising him to give Emma a space.

Elias said Camila was making Emma go through a lot and she said he had no right to talk to her that way since he knew nothing.

Emma was standing quietly and a black car stopped by, the glass rolled down and Alice called her. Elias punched Camila with the hard truth that Emma had always fought for Camila’s l*ve, she gave up her music career to make her feel happy.

He said Camila did not reciprocate the l*ve Emma showed her, asking her did she know how much Emma cried when she found out that Luna was Vida. Elias insisted that Emma sacrificed everything for her yet she did not care about what Emma was going through, referencing that she thought he knew nothing.

Camila cried and started looking for Emma, Alice offered Emma a ride to wherever she wanted to go. She sneaked in without her guards noticing and Alice said Guada missed her.

Emma was puzzled since they already knew the reason. Alice said the reason was Camila. She turned saying Camila has always been the problem. Emma said she wanted to alight at the hospital but Alice said that was not where she had to alight.

Camila alerted the bodyguards to search for Emma when they said they had not seen her. She was having a bad feeling. Luis and Guada seemed not to see Alice but the Mayor was called to deliver his speech.

Meanwhile, Luna told Tessa that she would have dinner in the house. She could not find her car. Someone hit her with an object from behind, behold it was Belladonna, Agnes.

The friends of Luna did not see her and they decided to go and listen to the mayor. Camila told Nanny Ichu about the missing Emma, Vito also learnt that Emma had gone missing.

Elias called Emma too but no one was picking, Emma was shown tied up while being unconscious. Camila went to see Fabio to voice out her pains. She said although she found Vida but she was restless and cried that for the first time she was scared that she might lose Emma.

Antonia and Tessa still could not see Luna, Vito called Alejandro to search for Emma, Alejandro later received a kidnapping incident.

Alice narrated that they were driving Emma off at the hospital, suddenly, a van appeared from nowhere and they kidnapped Emma while injuring her driver.

The driver was put on a stretcher. Emma woke up and recalled what happened. A van came over and men in masks shot the driver while Emma said Alice should go out with her but they pulled her and Alice left her for them.

Luna woke up in a similar place with Emma, Camila who was upset asked Alice where Emma went to. Agnes called Camila to tell her that Emma was with her.

Emma looked around and realised there were bombs. Agnes told Camila that she planted bombs at where Emma was and asked her if she recalled 23 people who died during De Esperanza bombing incident, she added that it was a tribute to Luciano.

Camila said she would kill her if she did something bad against Emma, Agnes said she had Luna as well, She said the two were in different locations and said she should choose one that she would save as she only had 10 minutes to save both. The voice sounded like a man.

She told Vito about it and they decided to save them. The voice also alerted Luna and Emma that she made Camila choose between them. So the one that Camila would come to her aid is the one Camila chose.

Agnes said she lied to Camila that there were bombs planted in the buildings where the two were kept but only one had the actual bomb.

Camila decided to go for Emma but that location had Luna, meanwhile, Vito went to Emma’s direction. The time that Vito reached there Emma’s bomb exploded.

As Elias was driving, Intoy saw a lantern and told Elias to stop the car. They came out and Intoy explained that someone had died that was why a lantern was in the sky.

Alice got to the sage house really happy, confessing her deeds to Luciano’s corpse. She said she took the life of someone very deer to Camila.

Camila asked if he was able to rescue Emma, Vito was crying he said he went for Luna but Camila said Luna was safe with her and the bomb didn’t explode.

She asked if Emma was safe but he said he could not save her. They arrived late and the bomb had already exploded. Camila wept bitterly, she screamed the name of Emma as Luna tried to calm her.


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