The Killer Bride Highlights Finale Episode 59-62

The Killer Bride Highlights Finale Episode 59-62 Camila exposes Alice’s real identity in a paranormal twist

In the aftermath of Camila’s untimely death, her loved ones struggle as they are faced with a heartbreaking reality.

Still in a state of denial, Emma grows eager to give justice to Camila. However, Alice uses another ace up her sleeve to try and sneak her way out of danger.

As lies continue to prevail in Las Espadas, Camila’s spirit remains restless. Seeking her revenge from beyond the grave, Camila begins to terrorise her enemies.

Emma’s grief morph’s into rage as justice remains out of reach for Camila. Elsewhere, Luis investigates Alice’s suspicious past.

Camila relies on Emma to sharpen karma’s nails and speed up her ruthless revenge against her killer. Terrified of her deceased enemy, Alice exhaust all efforts to protect the Dela Torre’s mansion from vengeful ghosts.

Later, Luis gets a ride awakening as he comes across a familiar face, who threw him a banquet of revelations.

Using Emma’s body as a vessel for her spirit, Camila makes Alice and the Dela Torres have a taste of her fury.

Under threat from Camila’s vengeful spirit. Alice’s mask of innocence begins to shatter. As Camila and Emma’s l*ved ones learn of the chaos at the Dela Torre mansion, Elias rushes to the scene to save his beloved.

Meanwhile, Vito uncovers the shocking truth about Vida’s identity. Peace overthrows the wrath in Camila’s heart as Vito reveals the missing piece that would fulfill her final mission.

Assuming that Camila is still taking over Emma’s body, Alice attempts to dispatch the young woman.

With the lives of many lying on his hands, Luis makes an agonising move to put an end to his mother’s reign of terror.

To free the town of Las Espadas from hatred and negativities, the young mayor then honours the late Camila for uncovering the truth on an old tale about the Dela Torres and the Dela Cuestas.

Emma and Elias finally settle their differences as they start to love their lives together knowing that their problems are resolved and their loved ones, both departed and alive, are at peace.


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