Betrayal (Halik) Episode 85 Lino returns to Philippines to discover CJ had been admitted

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 85

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 85 Lino returns to Philippines to discover CJ had been admitted

At the Bartolome mansion, Dolor prayed to God to watch over her grandchild. Jacky told her friends that she wanted to help Dolor but her action might trigger more problems due to Jade’s behaviour.

Jade in her room in Marissa’s house gathered her things and that of CJ’s, Marissa got in there to check on them and requested to go to the mall with Jade. Already Jade knew Marissa’s plan so she had her own plan in her head.

Marissa, turned and shed tears for her plans of betraying Jade. In the next morning, she went to Jade’s room to find out that Jade was not there.

She called Jade and Jade described Marissa as traitor for setting her up. She told Marissa that she was no longer in her house and she should not bother to search for her.

Marissa said she did that since she cared about her. The spy saw Jade and called Ace to inform him that Jade had left Marissa’s house.

Ace instructed him to follow Jade to wherever she might go. Tet got to Dolor’s house and informed her that their plans of meeting Jade at the mall had been cancelled, explaining that Jade had already left Marissa’s house as she heard the plan.

Dolor sent Jade a message, when she arrived in her new place. She replied that she would not talk to Dolor only Lino.

Dolor cried that she had no choice than to talk to Lino about Jade’s action. Jacky arrived in the house of the Bartolomes with Barry, Ken and Baste.

Dolor revealed her intentions of telling Lino about the incident but Barry objected it. Jacky seconded Barry and told Dolor not to as Jade might do something worse when Lino was informed.

CJ cried and Jade realised CJ was feverish so she headed to the hospital but bumped into Ace outside her new place.

Meanwhile, Lino had a nightmare about Jade having an accident together with CJ. Lino woke up and was bothered, he tried calling her and his mom but the phone was off.

Jade asked help from Ace and he sent her to hospital. Ace decided to stay to wait for the result of CJ and she asked Ace why he was helping her.

The doctor diagnosed CJ of measles and said the child had to be admitted. Baste who saw the location of Jade told the family about it and they headed to the hospital.

Jade pleaded with a nurse that her son had been transferred there and had no money at the moment but promised to pay it soon but the hospital cashier said she would have to pay before the child get the necessary treatment.

Ace offered to pay and Jade promised to pay him back. Ace explained that he wanted Jade’s son to get well soon that was why he was helping her.

Dolor and Jacky who spotted Jade together with Ace watched them closely.

“Is this why you are causing trouble again?” Jacky queried and Jade turned to see Dolor and Jacky. She was surprised she had been found and acted innocent of not knowing what Jacky was talking about.

Jade quickly turned to Dolor trying to explain but Dolor slapped her. Ace who wanted to confront Dolor for slapping Jade before opening his mouth also attracted a slap from Dolor.

Jacky then stood by Dolor’s side, trying to hold her. Jade still tried talking to Dolor and Dolor said she ran away with CJ and went into the alms of that monster (Ace).

Maggie and Ken got into the scene, with Maggie telling Dolor that they had already found CJ, Jacky warned Ace to stay clear off Lino’s family and she threw him out.

Lino who was having a bad feeling packed his things and left New York.

Outside the hospital, Ace received a call from Aliyah, asking him where he was but he vent his anger on her. He said his mom did not even know his whereabouts and warned Aliyah not to be questioning him. Aliyah said they should  talk the next day and Ace said that was the sensible thing she has ever said in her life.

Dolor slapped Jade again in the ward of CJ and threw Jade out for what she had done to CJ.

Jacky saw Jade passing and she asked Jade why she ran away with CJ. Jade said she did that because Lino was in l*ve with Jacky and would choose her over CJ.

Jacky said it was all in her head since Lino chose Jade over her (Jacky). She said Jade’s action has ruined her chance with the people who cared about her.

Lino called to inform his mother that he was already in Manila. Dolor said she was at the hospital since CJ had contracted measles.

Lino asked the hospital they were and was told they were at the hospital which Jade gave birth there.

As he got there, Dolor updated him on everything Jade did. When he got to the ward Jade acted like she did not know where the baby contracted the measles and Lino told her that he already knew what she did.

He threatened to push the annulment through and also make sure that CJ stay with him. Jade got upset and traded words with Lino. Dolor got in to stop them but the couple went out to continue their arguments.

Jade asked Lino if Jacky would be the right woman for her child. She admitted she did a mistake as a mother but did not mean that she was not a good mother.

Maggie got there to stop Lino and asked him to go inside and see CJ. Dolor pleaded with Lino for forcing him to accept Jade back since she thought she would change for the better.

Lino said it was not her fault but Jade was not appreciative. She screwed all the chances he gave her to be a better person but now he had reached his limit and would legally separate from her so that she did not use CJ against him anymore.

Maggie asked Jade not to go inside CJ’s ward to create a scene. Jade called her a brat and told Maggie she had forgiven her this time but would beat the heck out of her next time. Maggie replied that would give her a valid point to fight her back.

Jade walked out on Maggie and threatened her. The doctor told Lino that CJ was recovering so fast and within few days he would be discharged.

Lino asked the doctor if CJ could be vaccinated to prevent a future attack but the doctor said CJ was just few months old and could not be vaccinated.

She said he should drink more breast milk to gain more cholesterol to boost his immune system. Jade went straight out side and bumped into Ace. Ace asked if the child was okay and she said Ace kept adding to her problem.

She was rushing in and Ace held her back asking her problem, she said Lino was back and threatened to seek the custody of CJ.

Ace said Lino could not do that since Jade was the mother of the child. Jade said she was childless since she did not have a job and a place on her own to fight back at Lino but Ace offered to help her.

She watched Ace carefully and said she did not need his help and walked out.

A bang came on the door, Lino went to open and it was Jacky. His face suggested he was so happy to see Jacky.

Jacky was surprised to see him already in the Philippines and asked him when he returned. He said he returned early in the morning and asked her if Ken had told her.

“Told me about what?”

“About the custody of CJ and my annulment with Jade.” Lino added that he was through with Jade since she brought him problems and could not allow her to keep blowing the chances he had been given her.

He said he gave up on her since she would never change and would not allow her to take care of CJ.


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