The Killer Bride: The death of Fabio and how it occurred

The Killer Bride: The death of Fabio and how it occurred

The Killer Bride: The death of Fabio and how it occurred

The Killer Bride” takes another shocking twist as a favourite character Fabio, a role played by Miko Raval died.

Fabio had been unconscious in the hospital for days, but with hints of recovery that built hope that he would soon wake up.

Those hopes were dashed, however, as Alice, disguised as the “killer groom,” kidnapped the helpless Fabio and tortured him before taking his life.

How Fabio dies

Alice successfully abducts Fabio by disguising as a nurse. Wearing her costume and determined to give Fabio a gruesome murder, Alice opts for a large piercing weapon.

She raises her hand and furiously aims Fabio’s face but to her surprise, Fabio miraculously gains consciousness, blocks her arms, and pushes her away.

The chasing game begins as Fabio miserably fights for his life. With all the strength he could muster after four months of being in a comatose, Fabio forcibly crawls and drags his body on the way out of the safe house. Fabio manages to climb up a wheel chair and tries to escape until they reach the streets.

Tension heightens as a tricycle passes by and accidentally hits a fleeing Fabio. Rescue seems to have arrived when the driver makes a stop. But the poor man only falls victim to the “killer groom” as well.

Alice takes advantage of Fabio’s frailness and relentlessly beats him. She gets on top of her crippled victim and, using her weapon, scratches Fabio’s chest.

Alice appears getting more thrilled seeing Fabio’s determination and will to still fight amid the struggle. The “killer groom” continues to torture Fabio who keeps on grunting in pain.

A group of teenagers’ vehicle is shown approaching. Tension escalates as Fabio manages to take a grip of Alice’s hands and take off her mask. Fabio is now the first one to know that Alice is the “killer groom.”

The approaching car fails to take control and hits both Fabio and Alice. The latter is able to get up and escape while Fabio is shown lying unconscious.

Why Alice killed Fabio

The death of Fabio was a case of “an eye for an eye” for Alice, who wanted to inflict the same grief on Camila for the death of Luciano, her secret lover. Luciano had earlier died after being shot by Fabio.

Fabio, who had helped Camila re-establish her life after being presumed dead, also became her partner and a father figure to her adopted daughter, Emma.

In a heartbreaking scene Camila and Emma frantically searched for Fabio, only to find his lifeless body in the morgue.

The Accident of Fabio

It can be recalled that Fabio was shot by an unknown person when he was walking while talking to an attorney about Camila’s arrest after she revealed herself to the people of Las Espadas in a grand celebration of Dia de Esperanza.

Luciano planted a bomb on stage during the celebration and compelled Camila to choose either to save the people of Las Espadas or to catch him but Camila chose to save her loved ones.

Since then Fabio had been hospitalised. The exit of him from the scene turns fans who referred to themselves as “Cambio” (Camila and Fabio), those who had been hoping for a happy ending heartbreaking.

Fabio’s death came just as “The Killer Bride” started counting down to its finale.


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