Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 71-75

Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 71-75

Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 71-75 Lino almost dies from explosion

Mauro fumes upon discovering that the Corpuzes are expediting his expulsion from Montecorp.

This prompts him to confront his traitor friend, Paeng. However, Mauro finds himself on the receiving end of humiliation.

Jacky, on the other hand, learns about the ruckus and immediately comes to Mauro’s aid.

Bent on bringing back her stepfather’s glory days, Jacky arrives at a decision. Meanwhile, Lino advises Jade to be strong for their premature baby.

Jacky remains adamant in her decision to leave Dos Disenyos despite her friends’ disapproval. She then wastes no time in the her resignation.

Meanwhile, Barry gives Lino a valuable piece of advice upon learning about the latter’s feelings for Jacky.

However, Lino enumerates the reasons why he is undeserving of Jacky’s affection. Later, Jade reveals to her estranged husband the series of events that transpired before she gave birth to their baby.

Lino’s mood turns sour upon learning about Jacky’s resignation. Overwhelmed by dejection, the Dos Disenyos owner inadvertently vents his frustrations on Jade.

Things take a turn for the worse when he crosses paths with Ace. The arch rivals the find themselves at each other’s throats one again.

Following his recent altercation with Lino, Ace resolves to retaliate against his loathed adversary.

Lino informs the authorities of his hunch about Ace’s involvement in the bombing incident. Unknown to him, the young Corpuz is pulling some strings to mislead investigation.

Paeng, on the other hand, rejoices over his son’s vile transformation. Meanwhile, Jacky exhausts all the possibilities to facilitate her return to Montecorp.

Later, Jacky is reduced to tears when she finally gets the acceptance she had been longing for.

Jade convinces Lino to let her participate in Dos Disenyos’ project Give Back. She, however, ends up getting hurt at the sight of her estranged husband greatly affected by Jacky and Yohan’s sweetness.

To make matters worse for Lino, he learns that his team has to work side by side with its top competitor. Elsewhere, Dolor raises concerns about her grandson’s safety.

Lino and his workers are dumbfounded upon learning that their materials for the outreach programme were stolen.

Suspicious of her former lover, Jade eyes Ace’s moves. She then rushes to inform Lino after confirming her hunch.

Fed up with his archenemy’s scheme, Lino gets into a brawl with Ace. However, Lino’s clash with the MonteCorp mogul puts Dos Disenyos in a bad light.

After asking for Lino’s forgiveness, Jade becomes hopeful that they can finally rekindle their relationship.

Lino, however, makes his true feelings clear to his estranged wife. Despite this, Jade remains determined to win Lino’s affection.

Meanwhile, Dos Disenyos faces a major setback due to the scandal involving MonteCorp. Refusing to give up without a fight, Lino resolves to gain concrete evidence against his adversary.

While engaging in a heart-to-heart conversation with Dolor, Jade finds herself opening up about her desire to win Lino back.

Dolor then urged her estranged daughter-in-law to change for the better. Lino, on the other hand, receives information about the bombing incident and the sabotage against his company.

Unknown to him, Ace is cooking up a vile plan to lure him into a trap. Meanwhile, the workers of Dos Disenyos plan to organise a farewell party for Jacky.


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