Two Wives Episode 34

Two Wives Episode 34 Mimi, Shakira advise Yvonne to snatch Victor, Janine threatens to make Yvonne see her dark side

Yvonne and Victor woke up the next morning after their intimate night. Yvonne felt guilty for what she did with Victor since he was married to Janine. At Bind Insurance Agency, Albert charged the workers to start the year, 2015 right.

Later, he drew closer to inquire from her why her face was like that while they were in the new year. In the house, Victor tried to patch things up with Marlon. Marlon reminded him that he was the reason Jaime d!ed and his sister, Yvonne suffered.

Victor anxiously asked what he did to Yvonne but Marlon said he would know once he recovered. Victor recounted the affair between him and Yvonne and wrote it inside the diary that his therapist gave. He said after the night with her, he cleared all his doubts about her.

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Yvonne thought of Daisy and Albert, she shook herself off from that jealousy. She met with Mimi to inform her that she had së× with Victor and she felt guilty. Mimi told her not to feel guilty because Janine stole from her first and she was only taking what was rightfully hers for Janine to also feel how she felt when she stole her husband.

To Mimi, that was the karma Janine was facing. Her words really encouraged Yvonne. Mimi said they were friends so they would continue to support and watch each other’s backs. Unlike Shakira who was upset with her due to her løve life. Yvonne surprisingly asked her about the lucky guy but Mimi concealed it.

Janine visited Victor to present to him a painting dear to Audrey. Victor did not understand why she could give him such a painting since she claimed it meant a lot to her daughter. Janine explained to him that his recovery was way too important to her and Audrey that was the reason she gave it to him to aid in his memory for him to recall them.

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When she left Victor regained part of the memories with Janine but it appeared through a dream and he jotted it down. Janine while in the house looked cheerful, making Carla ask her questions. Yvonne made a promise to Audrey that she would soon bring her father home.

Gary planned a surprise party for Doris since her birthday was approaching. Dale called Obed, his private investigator to show him the house of Janine but the man claimed she packed out. Dale asked where she went and he could not say. Obed requested for time and Dale threw his phone away. Unknown to him, Sandy was secretly watching him and was happy.

Mimi sent food to Yvonne’s house and met Carmen and Marlon. They ate and she accepted to be Marlon’s girlfriend. She went to the salon to inform Shakira. Shakira said her potion worked. Daria invited the condo seller, Phoebe and she also told Janine to go with her as they might find a buyer there. Shakira spoke to Yvonne over the phone while she was at the office.

She told her that she would equally grace the occasion. Yvonne did not see Albert and bumped into him. Albert saw that she had been working so hard and wanted them to have lunch with him. Yvonne refused and told him that she did not want his girlfriend, Daisy to be jealous of her. That took Albert by surprise.

Yvonne and her family graced Doris’ birthday and to their dismay, Janine and her friend arrived there.  Janine’s friend was surprised to know that Janine knew them. Yvonne felt uncomfortable seeing Janine and she finally told Shakira what she did with Victor. Shakira also advised her to get Victor back because Janine first stole him.

When Janine got home, she doubted the intentions of Yvonne and told Carla that Yvonne was keeping a secret. She vowed to find out. Yvonne and her family got home and she talked with Shakira and Mimi. The next day, Janine and Phoebe met with Daria and an orphanage operator to sell a condo.

The woman invited them to be at the orphanage as she believed her sponsors might buy some of the condo. Phoebe asked Daria whether she would push through with buying the condo for her boyfriend. Seeing Janine, she claimed she has changed her plans, she would rather travel to Singapore with her boyfriend.

Phoebe said that would be good since she could meet Janine’s husband who was in Singapore. When Phoebe was seeing the orphanage home owner off, Daria asked Janine when her husband travelled to Singapore while she knew Victor had not even set foot at the airport. Janine explained that due to how complicated things were, she said it in order to prevent Phoebe from delving into her life.

Daria said she deserved commission for keeping her secret of marrying someone else’s husband. Janine also asked if Gary knew she was buying a condo for her boyfriend. She emphasised that everyone has a secret so they should all mind their business. Daria felt threatened.

Marcus prepared himself for the school family competition. He and his father were painting when Janine knocked at the door. Yvonne went to check and lied to Janine that Victor was asleep. However, Janine could hear Victor and Marcus’ voice and wondered why Yvonne was acting contrary to their agreement.

Yvonne insisted that it would  make her know how she felt when she stole her husband. Janine reminded her of their agreement and told her that in case she forgot she was only acting as the wife. Yvonne refused to make Janine see Victor and Janine also threatened to make her see her other side should she try to go contrary to the plan of returning her husband to her after three months.

Victor descended down and called Janine’s name. He denied being asleep. He requested to talk to Janine privately and Yvonne seemed agitated. Janine told Victor that she had great sales and Victor wished to be lucky like her. Janine said he was also lucky in his business and got promoted when he had an accident.

He even told her about his plans of exhibiting his works. Victor was surprised to know that he said that to her. Janine had a surprise for him so she decided to borrow some of his paintings and paperwork. As Yvonne told Carmen the reason for her agitation, Victor came in to seek her permission to escort Janine with some of his work and tagged Marlon along.

Audrey was happy to see Victor and hugged him. She asked if he could remember her now but Janine said he needed time before he could remember them. The next day, Janine spoke with the owner of the orphanage regarding the exhibition and she was giving the go ahead to do it.

Carla questioned her about what she would do if after everything and Victor did not remember her. She said she would create new memories with him, besides she was his wife and Yvonne had to keep that in mind.


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