Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 488

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 488 Jacob gets a lead on his brother’s deàth, Jane suffers from DID and her other personality is plotting to k!ll Cardo

Cardo led Jane to the police station. Alyana, on the other hand, has been calling Cardo but was not going through. The family advised her not to worry because he might be busy with his comrades. As they were talking, the team arrived but without Cardo, Alyana asked Domeng where Cardo was.

Domeng was skipping the question when George disclosed that he went to drop off Major Romero. Alyana became bothered but the guys explained that the driver of Alex couldn’t come so due to what happened to the ladies in the task force, Cardo took it upon himself to drop him off.

Cardo made Jane take a seat to report the incident which led Cardo to save her. She narrated that she was called Jane Sebastian and she was 32 years old. She said she was on her way home when the bad guy saw her and stopped her. She tried to run when the bad man ran after her and covered her face till she fell unconscious.

She woke up to find herself in the man’s room using her to satisfy himself. She managed to escape but was calling for help, no one was there to help her. She then hit the streets in hopes of getting help but her abductor still ran after her and when he almost caught her to force her back, fortunately, Cardo was there to rescue her.

Cardo told the officer that he could be her witness. The officer said she would be medically examined so that they could add it to her testimony. Elsewhere, Jacob arrived at the crime scene and was not allowed in but the maid told the officers that Jacob was the brother of the deceased so he was allowed in. Jacob had painful memories of his brother.

Wanting to rush the investigation, the officer asked Jacob if he had any suspect in mind but he had no clue. The officer showed her a sketch image of a woman, the caretaker of the house suspected to be Jacob’s k!ller and her face matched that of Jane. Jacob took pictures of the sketch and they called her name Maureen.

Cardo arrived home to find Alyana sitting on the bed waiting patiently for him. He apologised for being late and explained that he sent Major Romero home since her driver was busy with other important things. He also said on his way, he bumped into a woman who was being attacked by a serial k!ller and he saved her.

Alyana understood him and told him that she would serve him but Cardo said he was still full because the parents of Major Romero made him eat dinner and since he did not want to sound rude, he ate there and went to take his bath. Alyana did not look cheerful. Jane arrived home and set her eyes on Cardo and planned to woo him because she viewed him as handsome and manly.

Having a lead about his brother’s k!ller, Jacob went to the prostitutes’ joint to search for Maureen. He was told he came there only once and Ranold chose her. Jacob gave the boss of the prostitutes money to inform him once Maureen showed her face. Jane stumbled on her doll and she began to talk to her about a man who was holding a knife and wanted to k!ll her.

However, a guy by the name Sir Cardo came to her rescue. She experienced a headache and when she touched her head, she realised there was a plaster and she peeled it off. She wondered how she was wounded on her forehead. Suddenly, her identity switched to her brother who claimed he had warned Jane not to allow herself to be swayed by any boy and since he was her brother, he would k!ll Cardo to save her.

Jane might be a Disassociate Identity Disorder (DID) patient based on her aggressive and calm attitude. She destroyed things in her room as her brother who had taken over he body was furious. Jacob came home to inform his family about Maureen, the suspect of his brother’s deàth. Jacob believed Uncle Red was right to say Mr Chan’s men were behind that.

He told them he has hired a private investigator to delve into the matter. Hipolito supported but he said they should hide their connection with Mr Chan’s illegal operations. Cardo skipped breakfast to make it to work in order not to keep Jane waiting. Jane woke up and vowed not to allow her brother to take over her body because he has k!lled so many people.

She planned to tell Cardo the truth in order to seek his help in her situation. Hipolito believed the private investigator would get an update for them. He planned in his head to do something to get their operations back on track so that he could carry out his plans against the group. The comrades of Cardo thought Cardo was having a secret affair with Major Romero.

Cardo arrived at the office, unknown to him, Major Romero had called Billy to ask about Cardo’s favourite food and he said it was Karekare. Major Romero was beaming with smiles so her parents asked why she was happy. Rosario said she had spoken with some of her superiors to give her office job instead of going to the field.

Alex refused, she liked her job and said she learnt it from her father. Her mother then advised her to always get protection from a skillful officer like Cardo. Together with the maid, Alex cooked Karekare.

The comrades of Cardo asked him what happened between him and Alex. He knew his comrades were pulling his legs and he said nothing happened. He was invited by the Romeros to join their dinner and afterwards he left. The guys said he was a guy and should anything happen they would keep it a secret.

They apologised for telling Alyana that he drove Alex home. Cardo said there was nothing that happened so he had no problem with that. Domeng swore his allegiance to him and promised to get his mouth sealed because whatever happens in the office should remain there.

Cardo told them about Jane and wanted them to investigate her case as the serial k!ller might be connected to her case. Rigor had information about the whereabouts of Skull. Elsewhere, Skull robbed a shop and killed the security there. Oscar partnered with Japan to improve the lives of the Filipinos.

The media made a report about it and Lazaro asked Lily if she was aware of the partnership event and questioned why she did not partake in the event. She revealed her plans to benefit from the deal by being part of it to gain millions of it. Jane had breakfast and prayed.

Virgie prepared a new can of sauce and called Teddy to ask how it was. Teddy said it was yummy  and might even get customers from Hayag publishing company, his work place for her. Virgie said she would introduce the sauce to Flora so that she could sell it at her eatery. Teddy knew his wife wanted to meddle in Alyana’s affair and stopped her from meddling.

At his work place, Teddy discussed the issue of Skill with his colleague and they believed Skull could be the same serial k!ller. As the CIDG did their investigation on Robert Smith, the man who Cardo shõt to save Jane, they realised that he has been sëxüally assaulting his victims.

This made Cardo doubt that he was the notorious serial k!ller they have been searching for. However, his comrades believed Jane could be his first female he assaulted.


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