Two Wives Episode 35

Two Wives Episode 35 Janine woos Victor, Yvonne acts jealous over Victor and Janine’s relationship

The Guevarras arrived at the school for the Sportfest. The headmistress of Marcus’ school was glad that the bad news she gave to Yvonne still did not deter her from separating from her husband. Victor overheard it and asked who was separating and Yvonne lied to him.

Mimi, on the other hand was glad to be part of the Guevarras and told them that very soon she would become the daughter-in-law. Albert wondered why  Yvonne did not make it to work. His friend found it strange that Albert was unaware that Yvonne had gone to her son’s school spotting activity with her family.

He was surprised since Albert used to know Yvonne’s schedule but right now he had no clue. He advised him to tell Yvonne who Daisy was to him because he was certain that Yvonne was jealous. Marcus was hopeful that his family would win the family sport. However, Marlon seemed bothered since he was upset with how his sister was relating to Victor.

Carmen told him to wear no frown. As Yvonne approached, Marlon confronted her and reminded her that all that she and Victor were doing was for a show and it seemed she was unconcerned at all, and was rather happy. Yvonne said it was high time she rebuilt her family. That pissed Marlon off and he left.

At St Ophelia’s Orphanage, the manager thanked Victor Guevarra for the paper machines and sculptures but she realised that Victor was not there. Janine was compelled to call Victor to drop by at the Orphanage but Victor said it was his son’s family day out in school so he would not be able to make it. Yvonne also urged him not to go.

Janine waited till the evening and Victor did not show up so she went to the house of Yvonne and Yvonne met her. She warned her not to come there without letting her know. Janine said amusingly that she forgot to revise that in their agreement. Yvonne told her plainly that she would not return Victor to her because for the second time she  would not allow her to steal Victor from her because Janine was only a mistress.

Janine was surprised to hear her say that because the only mistress here was Yvonne. She told Yvonne that since they were both mistresses may the best mistress win. Yvonne slapped her and Janine dragged her on her hair. They fought and Carmen together with Marlon separated the fight. She advised them to stop fighting over a man.

She told Janine that Yvonne would never be a mistress. Janine did not think so and urged Yvonne to tell her mother the truth. Victor arrived at the scene and Janine fled. He wondered why Yvonne could fight her own friend. Janine went home to inform Carla that her hunch about Yvonne was right, she did not  intend to return Victor.

When Carla asked for her plan, she told her that she would win him again. She had stolen him before and she would re-do it again. Elsewhere, Sandy revealed to Dale that she knew he had hired a family investigator. Dale deduced that she had bribed his investigator that was the reason he had been keeping vital information from him.

Dale got upset with his mother for turning his life upside down. Dale told his mother about setting a business in Manila and Sandy had no choice than to support him. Dale went to Manila and was with his friend. He told him about his plans to get reunited with Janine. Janine met Victor and told him about a deal.

Victor told Yvonne about it and she refused to let him go since she and Janine had not patched things up. Victor insisted on getting the deal to help her. He went and was surprised to know that Janine made it there. Janine claimed that she finished her appointment early that was why she was there. She looked stunning and sounded so nice and lōvely all in an attempt to seduce Victor.

Victor gained the deal and Janine invited him out. Meanwhile, Yvonne was waiting anxiously for the call of Victor but it did not come through. Albert made an attempt to talk to Yvnonne but she was trying to avoid him. Albert made it clear to her that Daisy was his cousin.

The office had a meeting and after that, Albert had a talk with Yvonne only to discover that Yvonne has rekindled her relationship with Victor and wanted Albert to continue being her friend. Albert knew it was hard but vowed to wait for her. Janine kept on with her seduction act. She went out with Victor and the latter wanted to go home since she has kept long.

Janine and him came across a place and she told him how beautiful the sky was. They got seated on the available bench. Janine showed him the pictures of the exhibition of his art works and told him that she wanted to surprise him but he did not show up. Victor was excited that Janine had fulfilled his dreams and was grateful to her.

He called Yvonne and she acted jealous that he was alone with Janine. Victor wondered where the jealousy was coming from so after the call, he asked Janine whether Yvonne has been jealous of her before. Janine said no, however Victor kept thanking her for fulfilling his dreams.

Janine said all she wanted in return was for him to spend the night with her but Victor refused. He reminded her that he has a wife and walked out on her. Janine was emotionally butchered and she began to sulk. This led to complications so Victor turned back to carry her to the hospital.

The doctor after treating her asked whether Victor was her husband. Victor said he wasn’t, Janine added that Victor was her friend. The doctor warned her against stress because her baby got suffocated that was the reason she had stomach pains and told her that if the act gets repeated, she might have a miscarriage.

Victor experienced a headache and he called Yvonne to the hospital. Victor then asked Janine the father of her child and she claimed he was the one. Yvonne arrived at the hospital and was looking for Victor. As Janine said Victor was the father of her unborn child, he looked so disturbed.


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