Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 491

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 491 Maureen k!lls another victim and recalls how she k!lled Ronald, Cardo gets a lead that the serial k!ller is a lady

Lily was buying a property and Lazaro questioned her on that. Lily revealed that she was taking advantage of the projects she was advising the president to undertake in order to help herself. Diana was also thinking about the real motive of Lily, whether she was genuinely helping Oscar or she has an ulterior motive.

At Camp Crame, Greco sent some documents to Alex and the boss asked him about Jane. Greco said she was not living with Cardo but it happened that there was a vacant room next to his and that is where Jane is residing.

Guzman and his team arrived at the hospital to speak with the doctor and he said the victim was still not awakened so they spoke to the mother and returned to Camp Crame to inform Cardo that the victim suffered the tragic fate after he went to a bar.

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The De Leons spoke to Jane against going out alone since the police still had not found out those pursuing her and she promised not to risk her life again. She went to the kitchen to rinse the bowls. However, Ema, the land lady came to inform the De Leons that there were wild rumours spreading in the area that the serial k!ller was in their midst.

Thinking it was her, Jane fled not knowing that Madame Ema was talking about Skull. Skull, on the other hand, limped and was bleeding while he took shelter next to an old man who barely talked. Lazaro called Lily to inquire from her where she went and Lily said she was on her way to the palace.

She found it offensive that Lazaro wanted to know her every movement while he was nothing to her.  Chloe was scared that Maureen was having other helpers who would take revenge on them. As they were saying that they did not trust Hipolito, Uncle Red appeared in the scene and told Lance that he was the one helping them and hated that people would be discussing him at his back.

He brandished his gün and Lance also reached out for his gün. They pointed it at each other, the intervention of Jacob saved them from the tragedy that might have occurred. Skull went to k!ll a security to take over his uniform and gün. The De Leons doubted the presence of Skull in their midst. On the other hand, Elmo said it could be true.

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Cardo’s team went to the bar to ask about Ronald and the person  he was lastly seen with. He was told his last escort was Maureen. He requested for her picture but the bartender said he had no picture of her. Actually, that was her first time being there. The faction of the Task Force headed by Major Basco also asked the security and he also said the same thing.

Jane joined the family and Flora told her that she was now part of the family and she could call her grandma. That reminded her of her awful past. A flashback showed the young Jane whose mother worked in a bar and she got paid to make her daughter sleep with him. Jane was forced by her mother to be in the hands of the pervert and the man raped her.

Presently, Jane shed tears and Flora asked what was wrong and she said she was okay. Since their search did not yield any result, the group met where they agreed to meet. However, Major Basco learnt where the Serranos were living so Cardo ordered Billy’s team to search for the place at Bulacan.

Jane saw the kids playing in their room and her identity switched to her child alter. Alyana stumbled on them and was disturbed seeing Jane acting like a child while talking to the kids. Yolly and Elmo arrived there to take Jane to her room since she needed to rest.

At the Palace, Lily told Oscar about her rest house where he would be going sight seeing. She suggested they take the kids along and everyone. Doray got so happy but Oscar told her he wouldn’t get time to spare. Lily managed to get Oscar to side with her and he made Diana reschedule his other appointments after the sight seeing.

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Elmo was escorting Jane to her house when June, a drunkard came to bother Jane. Jane was happy with the flattering words and she flirted along, much to Elmo’s surprise. Least, did Elmo know that it was Maureen who Jane has switched to. When Elmo got home, he heard Alyana informing the family that Jane was acting like a child when she was with the kids.

Alyana found it strange but Yolly believed that was Jane’s way of relating to the kids. However, Elmo asked Alyana if she was sure because he also witnessed a different Jane when June was flirting with her. Bubbles believed she was acting that way due to her traumatic experience during the time she was almost rãped. Alyana then felt sorry for Jane.

While in her room, her alters drove her out. Unfortunately, she bumped into Cardo and his comrades and she claimed she wanted to be good. Cardo then made one of his comrades buy the noodles for Jane. Jane’s action took the guys by surprise but Cardo did not take notice. He told Ramil to send her to the house and warned Jane not to go out since her life was at stake.

When Ramil led her to her room, Jane’s flirty actions made him wonder but she claimed she was kidding. Cardo, on the other hand, told Alyana that he has gotten a lead about the serial k!ller but from indications, the person could be a woman. Jane redressed her wound and said she was bored inside the room and left. She was her other alter, Maureen. She sneaked her way out for Ramil and the guys not to see her.

Big brother alter returned home and wiped her hands after k!lling a man. Big brother promised to always protect Jane from all men. After leaving the palace, Lily called Oscar to urge him to sleep due to the sightseeing tomorrow. Oscar told her he wanted to finish his job.

After the call, Lazaro told Lily that her voice always changed when she was talking to Oscar and asked her if Oscar had not noticed that. Lily told him it was all part of her strategy to woo him. As part of her plans, she would be closer to all those in the palace, most especially the children since Oscar liked them.

Jane while on her bed recalled how the prostitution job her mother pushed her into affected her life. Her mother pushed her to rich men for them to rãpe her while she got the money.   The act affected Jane’s education as some classmates used her plights to tease her.  One day her teacher also acted on the rumours and made an attempt to rãpe her.

Jane was able to defend herself, but, later, the teacher crossed her at a certain bush in the middle of the night to rãpe her. Jane got hold of scissors and stabbed the man. From there, she began to have trauma and it affected her psychologically which made her develop the Disassociate Identity Disorder (DID).

The next day, Cardo was leaving for work when Alyana stopped him and told him to go to Flora’s place for breakfast. She also told him about what she observed about Jane. However, Cardo believed she was just playing along with the kids. They went to Flora’s place and Flora told Cardo that she heard he had not been coming home early and warned him that it was not good for his health.

Cardo explained that it was an investigation they were doing concerning a serial k!ller. The family thought all along it was Skull but Cardo said from the lead, the person was a woman. Jane was surprised and she was shaking while holding some plates.


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