Until We Meet Again Highlights Finale Episode 41-42

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Highlights Finale Episode 41-42

Until We Meet Again Highlights Finale Episode 41-42 Evelyn gets down with Odessa’s bullet, what will be her fate?

Evelyn makes it to Larry’s and Margaret’s wedding at the Moon Garden in Batangas together with her sister, Helen, who handles the security for Evelyn to gatecrash to ruin the wedding.

After her truth of being a serial kidnapper and living with a different person’s identity is out, Odessa finally hatch up plans to get rid of Evelyn for good.

In her plan, the daughter of Evelyn is once again dragged into it. Meanwhile, Calvin is sick with worry for his inability to reach Larry or Evelyn to question them about the fate of Odessa.

He finally manages to get the call through to only get informed that his woman has been kidnapped by the long time Medrano enemy.

Suffering once more from her serial kidnapper, Ana begs for her life since she is innocent in the brouhaha.

Elsewhere, Calvin fails to heed to advise from his parent and joins the search to rescue the woman of his heart.

Ana finally learns through Odessa’s confession that the woman who accidentally gets shot in the mission of revealing her past life and identity to her is Conching and even once tried to save her during her childhood days.

Ana regrets for ever trusting Margaret to use her to gets her father, Larry to marry her. She describes Margaret as evil for turning her against her real mother.

Events lead to another and Evelyn ends up being held as hostage together with Ana in the Luna’s family cemetery where she is tied up. Evelyn’s last days on earth was being counted by her nemesis.

Odessa puts gasoline on Evelyn and prepares a fire to burn her and her daughter into ashes. Evelyn fights her way to be out of the hand of her enemy to save her lost but found daughter.

In order to save her daughter, she barks like her dog since her enemy said she should do it before her life and that of her daughter will be spared.

All her plea is turned down by Odessa who believes getting rid of her will make her become the wife of Larry. She is dead obsessed and reach an agreement on phone with Larry.

Larry acts smart but all his efforts are not good enough to rescue his family from the hand of the woman who is desperate for his affection.

However, the cries of Evelyn and her daughter were heard by heavens and a familiar face comes to their rescue but her freedom was short lived as Odessa shot Evelyn in the process of fleeing with her saviour.

After her act, Odessa runs into the bush and the police who arrive with Larry run after her. Odessa still leads in her game but a dog who is lost and feels frightened by Odessa’s presence bite her.

Odessa still takes to her heels, will she be found and arrested? What will happen to Evelyn who is shot and gets down with the bullet of Odessa? What will happen to Glenda? Will Larry gets a united family? What will happen between Calvin and Elmo in their battle for the heart of Angela? Will Conching’s spirit take a revenge on her killer?

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