Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 26-30

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 26-30 Caloy and Tessa begin to date while Tessa and Jaime’s marriage head to doom 

The Laurels tried to sort out their differences after Jaime physically abused Tessa for getting involved with Caloy.

Although Tessa gives Jaime the cold shoulder but she later accepts Jaime’s apology to salvage her marriage.

Marga and the parent of Tessa suspect that things were not going on well with Tessa since her face mirrors her problems. Meanwhile, Ximena shows up attitude during the photoshoot with the Laurel brand. She did not like the dresses given to her and believes the dress will affect her brand.

Marga steps in seeing how depressed Tessa was and did not want Ximena to add up, so Ximena comports herself and choose the clothes she wants for the photoshoot.

Vida refuses Rafa’s offer to work at House of Teri. Fortune smiles at her and she gets a job offer at Quezon and enlists Potpot’s help since h s from the town.

Marga keeps her distance from Caloy but Caloy manages to talk to her and confess his feelings for her. They seal their new relationship with passionate k!ss.

Potpot who had not been able to reach his parents on phone due to Melchor’s Saudi Arabia work finds it a great news to follow Vida to Quezon, where his family are. Melchor did not know how to inform his son about his new job so he fails to talk to him.

Rafa offers to ride Vida and Potpot to Quezon. Rafa takes a day off from work and upon reaching, the mayor’s daughter gets interested in Potpot.

Meanwhile, Kayla claims ownership of the designs which Tessa found. Tessa then employes her as a junior designer for House of Teri. Potpot sends Vida and Rafa to his house to meet his family. There, he learnt about his father’s Saudi Arabia job.

Elsewhere, Caloy learns that Marga and Tessa are working together and he tries to make Marga to see the need for them to tell Tessa about their relationship in order not to create problems among the estranged friends who are now business partners.

However, Jaime plots a spy in the life of Tessa to spy on her every movement and people she meets with. Tessa and Marga met to talk and Marga reveals her relationship with Caloy to Tessa. Tessa supports her and wish her well in her relationship with Caloy while promising not to get in the way.

After sewing the dress for the mayor and a fun time with the family of Potpot, Vida, Rafa and Potpot decide to leave that evening but the unfortunate happened when Rafa’s car tyre becomes flat on their way to Manila.

Tessa and Jaime dust up again as he still doesn’t trust his wife for the meeting she attended.

Vida, Rafa and Potpot get attacked by some thugs. Rafa secretly calls Tessa and she hears that her son was in trouble so she decides to travel to Quezon with Jaime.

Meanwhile, Marga is consumed with worry for her inability to reach Vida. She finds out from Guada that Vida has embarked on a business trip to Quezon and she also rushed there with Caloy.

Vida gets missing and left Rafa and Potpot desperately searching for her. Tessa and Jaime come across Caloy and Marga at Quezon. There, Tessa discovers that Vida is the daughter of Marga.

The parents of the missing youth become more agitated when the police were able to recover Rafa’s car from the thugs but are not able to find the three missing boys and the girl.

A search party is deployed to find them. A rain sets in making it difficult to find them. However, Vida who falls into a a ditch is seen by Potpot but he also falls in his attempt to save her. Vida later get save by a familiar person. Finally they were found and Marga blames Rafa for the incident.

The jealous Jaime also confronts Teri for ending up in the hands of Caloy after she had an accident during the search. Marga and Caloy also have a misunderstanding as she keeps blaming the son of Teri and Caloy keeps defending Rafa.

She later vents her anger on Vida after arriving at Manila. She did not want Vida to go back to the boarding house and wants her to remain under her care.

Vida soon discovers that the problem is not about her mother caring about her safety but the fight is all about Teri. She realises that her mother despises and is jealous of Teri so she packs out from her house after receiving a slap from Marga.

Rafa offers to help Potpot’s family in order for Melchor not to travel to Saudi Arabia and they decide to talk about it when Potpot gets to Manila.

Later, Marga receives Tessa’s invite to a launch by House of Teri and plans to attend with Caloy. Rafa makes an outstanding presentation which he receives applause for it but the spiteful Jaime used the opportunity to disgrace Tessa infront of everyone.

Tessa after suffering embarrassment still tries to mask up and defend her husband, Jaime. Soon, Charlie travels to Manila to get Vida sew a gown for her.

Elsewhere, Tessa’s marriage begins to hit the rocks due to Jaime’s constant jealousy. Jaime takes Marga’s name from the guest lists and also compels his wife to work from home.

He later overhears Tessa who is not happy with his decision telling her mother, Rowena that she might end up divorcing Jaime. Jaime then gets a reason to beat Tessa for having such a plan.

He becomes obsessive and promised not to leave her for her to be happy with Caloy. After witnessing such abuse, Tessa’s parents advised her to pack out from the mansion and leave with them but Tessa has other plan.


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