A Mother's Guilt Episode 37 Jacob released, his goons injected Domeng and flee with him

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 37

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 37 Jacob released, his goons injected Domeng and flee with him

“He could be the missing link, the person Jacob was using to carry his dirty orders and the person who killed Edward Lamoste.”

Sonya and Paco visited Anna at her restaurant and thanked her for her help. She hugged Anna and Paco smiled. he was happy that they had solved their problem.

Paco and Anna had a private talk and he thanked her for settling her difference with Sonya. Anna said that was part of moving on and also part of their destiny. Paco said bye to her, Anna extend her regards to Georgette.

Suddenly a call came through, when Paco received it was Georgette, Anna watched him and said to herself that:

“I lied Paco … I admit part of the name is us but there is no more us.”

As Anna was in a car she was still thinking about Paco .

“Let it go Anna you have no right or reason to follow him.”

“Paco is with Georgette now, I can’t come between them…and I should focus on dad’s case” She said as she caressed her chain.

“…and may be….just may be I could save mom from Jacob.”

As Anna was driving she saw someone tailing her. She was a bit scared and took off her phone since she was not concentrating on the driving and on her phone a white bus came from another side to cross her and almost had an accident.

It turned out that it was the police, Inspector Asuncion who was scaring Anna, he then drove passed her. A flashback revealed his involvement with Jacob and Roman in the crimes they committed. He looked on and smiled.

A call came through, as he received Joseph asked how things were going and he said he has done what he wanted him to do and now Anna was scared. Jacob said good. Asuncion said he was a police officer and he should not be doing that.

“If you want to keep your job learn to keep your mouth shut,” Jacob threatened him.

Anna heave a sigh of relief, as Jacob was telling the police about their plans to ensure Anna and Sonya got separated.

In the morning, the police came to inform him that Attorney Balmaceda was there to see him.

Jean sent Sonya to Jacob’s secret room and showed her the pictures of Jacob’s victims and saw Pearly’s picture among.

“I almost put my own daughter’s life in danger,” Jean cried.

Sonya said the most important thing was that she has realised the real colour of Jacob and was acting on it.

“May be it is better that she stayed in a distance,” Jean tried convincing herself that it was good Anna was not living with them.

Jean said what had happened to Domeng was Jacob’s fault and wished he would rot in jail. Sonya said Paco was finding evidence against Jacob and Jean said they could go through Jacob’s things at the office if they could find evidence against him.

“Don’t judge me too fast and too harshly Jacob” Balmaceda told his client.

“And why not?” Jacob interjected.

“You can’t even get me out of this hell home!” Jacob fumes.

Attorney Balmaceda stretched and was happy revealing to Jacob what he had done.

A flashback revealed that Attorney Balmaceda went to a judge to ask her of a favour to withdraw the embezzlement charges against Jacob.

A nurse came inside the ICU room and Nessa went out, Unyo and Samboy was waiting outside. Nessa bumped into Dindo and watched him. As they were leaving Nessa was not happy she found it suspicious.

Unyo asked Nessa what was going on with her, she said it was about the nurse who just got into the ICU.

A flashback revealed that Nessa had seen Dindo before and suspected that he was there to harm Domeng so Nessa rushed in while Samboy and Unyo followed her.

At that time Dindo had already injected Domeng. They fought Dindo but he overpowered them and managed to escape. As he was leaving, Unyo followed him calling a guard to catch him. Samboy apprehended someone but it was not Dindo so they left the person.

Georgette confirmed from the nurse at the hospital that Domeng was injected with Potassium chloride. They said it could be the act of Jacob but they were also confused since he was already in prison.

They checked Dindo out in a CCTV footage and they said they would find his name and who he is.

Dindo called Jacob to inform him that he has done the work but he was almost caught. Jacob warned him that it was important for Domeng to die and he should ensure that he carried out the work without any mistake.

Sonya visited Jacob to warn him to stay away from her family and Jacob stated that he had nothing to lose unlike Sonya. An inspector came in with Attorney Balmaceda, saying Jacob had been discharged.

Sonya found it difficult to believe, she did not understand. she stood motionless while Jacob whispered int her ears

“See you around,” he left with a smile on his face. Sonya shouted it could not be possible for Jacob to be set free.

Jean was in the secret room searching for evidence, she saw something new and was about to use their wedding anniversary date to open it when she heard Jacob’s voice.

She felt as if she was dreaming, this could not be possible. She was shocked to hear he was home already. She quickly arranged all the documents she scattered on the floor in Jacob’s dark room.

A maid told him that Jean was there, when he asked where Jean was. He went upstairs and Jean opened the door. He was surprised to see Jean in his secret room. He wondered what Jean had seen as he stood to watch around.

Paco was upset that Jacob had been released. He wondered what went wrong as he was being emotional about it Attorney Vega asked him to stop since they were all perplexed.

Paco said it was not a good sign for Jacob to be released, bemoaning that his family was in danger as Jacob had been released because he could do worse to Domeng.

“Don’t worry we will get him again, eventually” Attorney Vega cheered Paco up.

“Attorney Otelessa can you please file PIO against Jacob Montecillo right away,” the Attorney obeyed the order.

Jacob asked Jean: “What are you doing here?”
“I should be asking you that question, what a surprise,” Jean hugged him while Jacob still could not believe it.

Jean said she came to the room if she could get any document which could prove his innocence about the embezzlement case and she came acrossed “T-H-A-T,” pointing on the new thing she saw in the room.

Jacob was happy that Jean had not seen anything yet. Jean asked why that thing was cealed and Jacob asked whether he was under interrogation. He then said he came to meet the thing there when he bought the house.

“If that is the case there is no need for me to be obsessed over it” Jean said she was only interested in getting him out of the hell home and he said he was home now.

“Welcome home” Jacob gave her a suspicious look.

Joejoe visited Sonya at the hospital and brought Inspector Rizalina to watch over Domeng. Sonya remembered her .

Jean prepared a welcome meal for Jacob and as they were having the feast, Jacob asked what was wrong with her. She said nothing just thinking about Anna and he said they would take their trip to US as they earlier planned.

Jean asked why the rush since he was only granted bail and suggested that he stayed over to settle his money embezzlement case.

“Honey they have nothing on me” Jacob said.

“But don’t you want to stay and clear all these accusation to clear your name? ” Jean tried changing his mind.

Back to the clinic, Joejoe said Rizalina was there to provide Domeng with the necessary security. Sonya was then happy as she was earlier thinking the inspector was there for something else. Rizalina said she was at her service.

“As long as I know that I have your trust that is all matters to me” Jacob told Jean.

In the evening Anna, Letty, cora and Mabel met at Sonya’s house and Sonya saw Anna talking about her love for her mother irrespective of what had happened.

Jean slept next to Jacob and was still not enthused that Jacob had been granted bail. She was scared that Jacob would hurt many people as he was free.

“But I will do everything possible to stop you.
Jeans phone rang. Sonya called to inform her that Anna was there and asked her to inform Anna about her plans since she was worried about her.

“Where are you going hun” Jacob woke up.
Jean saw that someone was following her she wondered if it was Jacob and said the car was not his.

“I hope you are not going where I think you are going Jean.” Jacob wondered.
Jean watched the car in her mirror. She then went to the grave yard and called Sonya. She told her that she believed Jacob was following her so she asked Sonya to hug her daughter for her.

Georgette informed her team that her guys had found more information about the person found in the CCTV footage and said his name was Alias Dindo and he was a murderer, drug dealer, illegal fire arm possessor.

He could be the missing link, the person Jacob was using to carry his dirty orders and the person who killed Edward Lamoste,” Attorney Vega concluded.

Jacob met with Dindo and Inspector Asuncion. He told them that of late his wife was acting strange and weired. Dindo offered to eliminate her but Jacob attacked him for saying that. He warned him not to do anything against Jean.

Jean went to visit Anna at her new place and Anna informed her that somebody has been following her of late.

“You are not safe here sweetheart why don’t you come home with me,” Jean was scared for the life of Anna.

Anna said Jean chose to live with Jacob, a person who killed her dad, therefore she would not stay with them. She asked Jean how she knew where she stayed. Jean almost told her the truth but later guided her words and said a friend told her where she (Anna) stayed.

Anna suspected that Jean was the one who made somebody followed her to know where she stayed. Jean assured her full security at home and pleaded with her to stay with her.

“Don’t worry mom because this is how I know you will react.”

Jean hugged Anna and said she has missed her and told her that although she knew she did not understand her now but she would understand her later.

Inspector Asuncion revealed to Jacob that they would be transferring Domeng and they plotted how they could use that to their advantage to finish Domeng. Dindo offered to help when Jacob was upset with the police inspector for allowing Domeng to be transferred with police escort.

In the ambulance, Paco, Rizalina, Domeng and other two health assistants were in. Dindo went in the ambulance as the driver and drove them. Few hours had passed and Sonya had not heard anything about the transfer.

She saw a doctor attending to a certain patient who was rushed there and she went to ask him about the transfer of Domeng and he said he had not received any message on Domeng yet.

Sonya was very worried. In the company of Cora, Mabel and Joejoe  the they a took a ride to follow Paco and Domeng.

In the ambulance, Paco realised that Domeng was reacting and was happy. Dindo shot the health person in front with him, immediately Paco covered Domeng. Inspector Rizalina stayed alert. She took her gun from her pocket as she disguised herself. She told Paco to remain still since the person did not know that there was a police inside the van.

She pointed her gun and watched Dindo through the mirror and when he opened the ambulance trunk the she shot him.

She came out to fight with Dindo as Paco saw that Rizalina was being defeated he also joined the fight. He was pushed down and was having a hard time breathing but he got hold of himself to protect his brother. He slapped Dindo and saw his face when his nose mask was taken away.

Paco said he was the one who injected Domeng in the CCTV footage, he tried hard to beat him but Dindo overpowered him. Inspector Rizalina pointed her gun at him and he went back to fight her for the gun. A shot was fired.

Paco tried hard and he reached out to Dindo’s  gun which was close to him. Dindo hit Rizalina and she fell on the floor.

Paco stood up, Paco pointing a gun at Dindo, he asked him to shoot. He tried to infuriate Paco to test his eager level, when he was getting closer and Paco saw the other health assistant who was in the ambulance with Domeng, he became scared that he might also be working for Dindo so he shot Dindo on the shoulder.

While all these were taking place, Sonya grew fearful after failing to get updates regarding her son’s transport. She tried reaching Paco but it was not going through she was very scared. Joejoe asked her to cool down.

Back to the assassination attempt, Suddenly a car came and Dindo rushed inside the car bleeding. It turned out to be Inspector Asuncion. He was not happy because they were almost caught while trying to murder Domeng. Their assassination operation failed.

Paco on the other hand was shocked and he watched the car move while holding the gun.

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