A Soldier’s Heart Episode 27

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 27 Isabel breaks up with Michael, Saal and Alex begin to get along

Michael sneaked out from the camp to go to the governor’s place to ask Isabel not to marry the Muslim man imposing on her by her father. He wanted to see Governor Gezali to talk to him to make him aware of how he truly l0ved Isabel.

One of the guards spotted Michael and called Gezali. The governor told him to do what they agreed on so when Michael was leaving, he was abducted by them. Isabel saw them and followed even when Michael told her to turn back.

They sent him to a room and beat him. Gezali warned him to stay clear off his daughter. Michael told him that he was willing to do anything to prove his l0ve for Isabel. Gezali told him that a Muslim was supposed to marry a Muslim.

Isabel made her way through and pleaded with her father to stop maltreating Michael. Governor Gezali told Isabel that he would only spare Michael on one reason, that is if she would not follow the Soldier again. Michael asked Isabel not to accept it, he would endure all the pains and torture for her.

Isabel told him no matter what happens, he should bear in mind that she l0ved him. Michael pleaded with her not to forget about their promise to eachother and wailed. Isabel then turned to her father and told him she would do anything so he should set Michael free.

At the camp, Lucente discovered Mendoza was not there and wondered where he could possibly go. At the rebels hideout, Alex was standing out and Yazmin got closer to him just to know him more. She asked him if he wanted to eat but he said no.

Alex told Yazmin that once she recovered, he would leave there so Yazmin said she wish she was not recovering fast so that she would spend more time with him. Amir went on a stroll with Alex.

Thinking about Alex, Minda decided to do something in finding her son so she went to the tailor market in search of Amara but did not find her. Elmer found the action of his mother as dangerous and told her to believe in the words of Alex that he would return.

As they were sitting outside talking, some people believed to be police came around to ask if they had seen some suspicious people around. Amir panicked but Alex told him not to as any action will raise suspicions.

The two men approached Alex and Amir and they demanded to speak with Amir but Alex said they should talk to him instead. The men saw Amir not feeling at ease so they insisted on speaking with him. Alex said Amir was a kid and was shy, reason he was not feeling at ease.

Elsewhere, Abe who has successfully infiltrated the syndicate went with his colleague to their operation place but they received a tip off that the police were there and they left.

As Alex was exchanging words with them Imam got there and made Alex and Amir leave to the house while they tackled the men. Least did Alex know that Imam recognised his face and went back to the house with his men. They held Alex at a gun point and asked Saal what the soldier was doing there.

He explained that Alex in his uniform had come to ask his father about Hakeem. Saal asked him not to shoot the soldier he was his brother, Hakeem. Yazmin spoke with Imam and said although Alex was raised as a Christian but he had the Alhurajis blood in him so he was not there for trouble.

Imam then welcomed Alex and assured him that Islam was for peace and were not there to cause chaos. Elmer thought about how an Ingrate Alex was to have abandoned his family who showed her so much l0ve for him to get jealous at times for the rebels.

Alex came to meet Saal having breakfast and his senior brother apologised for what earlier happened. Saal assured Alex that he would be there for him any time and any day, he would not give him up.

He served Alex and told him that when he was a child Hakeem would not be able to eat without him and he wouldn’t fall asleep without him singing a lullaby for him. Saal lamented that he blamed himself when he thought Hakeem had d!ed and vowed to avenge his d£ath including that of their father.

Yazmin woke up to see his sons together and was glad that they were getting along.


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