The Legal Wife Episode 36

The Legal Wife Episode 36 Idea Factory loses a big client over Monica-Nicole scandal, Dante declares a new war with Javier

At the hospital, Nicole went to use the washroom. Elsewhere, Monica was monitoring the tracker but Jasper found her act as ridiculous. He said Monica was being paranoid and hurting her own self.

Jasper advised her to stop as the act was not punishing her husband but her own self. He explained that Adrian was doing everything to move on but all the actions of Monica was sending them backwards.

Nicole bumped into Adrian in the elevator. Adrian tried all he could not to talk to her. As they stepped out on the down floor, Nicole called Adrian. Adrian warned her that their act was hurting some people as anytime he spent with her hurts his wife.

Nicole then wanted to say something but held on to it and told him she was sorry. Adrian returned to Idea Factory to gift his wife a necklace which he bought at McCarthney. He said he realised the bracelet he bought for her had no Adrian printed on it.

Since, Adrian told her he went to MC Carthney, Monica hugged him acting so happy with the gift as well. Javier visited his son at Infinity to ask him to return home and work at Vita. He reminded Javi that they were family and it was time they worked together as a family.

Unknown to them, Dante has seen them and later confronted Javi for the declined in sales of Infinity. Javier returned home to tell Eloisa that he went to talk to Javi to return but he refused. Eloisa proposed he talked with Dante but Javier found that as unnecessary.

Nicole did not know what to do, whether to run the pregnancy test with the kits or not. She wondered if it turned out positive what she could do, whether to inform Adrian or not.
She went to urine and realised her menses was flowing and found it a relief. She told Rowena and her friend was happy, she advised Nicole to use protection next time.

Soon, the articles and the pulling of Nicole’s hair re-emerged again on internet and it went viral. Rowena suspected Monica was behind the act but Nicole doubted since Monica was part of the scandal. Both Monica and Nicole received a call from the Waterfall Hair Shampoo.

Nicole told the CEO of the company that she understood her if she wanted to use a different person as a brand ambassador but the woman said she wanted to see her. After the call, Nicole told Rowena to help her with a lawyer should the Waterfall sue her for the scandal.

Rowena told her not to worry, she should go and talk to waterfall people. Monica reached the Waterfall Hair Shampoo company first and she began to propose to the executives that they go through her new concept and choose a different person from the list she brought as the issue of Nicole was personal to her.

The woman asked what she meant and she sabotaged Nicole. Monica wanted them to change the brand model but the woman refused to change Nicole.

Nicole appeared in the scene and the woman made it clear to Monica that apparently Nicole’s hair was pulled and that increased the sales of Waterfall Shampoo so she would keep Nicole but would end their contract with Idea Factory. Monica was surprised and insisted that their image model was involved in a scandal.

As Nicole was leaving, Monica ran to her in desperation to beg her to leave to Australia since that was her initial plans as the world has become too small for them. She said it was time one of them had to back off so that they would have a peaceful life.

Nicole smiled and said she was at peace but Monica was the one meddling. Monica warned her against her husband, saying Nicole knew her as a friend that she fights back and now she would see her as an enemy, she shows no mercy.

Meanwhile, Javier also went to Infinity to plead with Dante to free his son but Dante told him he was no one to tell him what he should do. He threatened to ruin Javier the same way he ruined him: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

Monica arrived at Idea Factory but Adrian just received a text from Nicole demanding him to also defend her even though what happened between them was a mistake. Seeing Monica, Adrian in a soft voice approached Monica and tried to engage her in a conversation.

“My l0ve why did you have to confront Nicole?”

“You two aren’t supposed to be talking anymore!” in fury Monica replied.

“I guess I was mistaken!”

“She just sent me a text because…..” Adrian tried to explain.

“Because of something I did huh?” Monica hissed.

“She just sent me a text because she was just trying to explain,” Adrian said.

“Why does she have to explain anything to you ,” Monica retorted.

“It’s not like you are a cop!”

“Please,” Adrian cried “Control yourself!”

“Can’t we have a decent conversation?”

“This is frustrating!”

“Is it always going to be like this?”

“May be it will be better if we just….”

“What?” Monica interjected “if we go our separate ways?”

“Stop making empty threats!”

“If you want then go…”

“No one is going to stop you!”

Adrian couldn’t believe it and left to a bar to get wasted. Bunjoy did not know the reason his father was still not at home and told his mother to tell him the truth of she was fighting with his father again. Monica denied and said Adrian was on his way so he should go to sleep.

When the boy slept, she started to track where he was. Nicole, on the other hand, wore the necklace Adrian bought and took it off again. She then called the line of Adrian and hang up before the bartender who were looking for someone to send Adrian home could receive.

They called Nicole back and told him Adrian was drunk and she went for him. She sent Adrian to a hotel to make him sleep there. Monica detected that her husband’s location had changed and she drove during the midnight to go and look for Adrian, suspecting he was with Nicole.

She went to the hotel to check if Nicole Esquivel had checked in but she was not given a definite answer. She was rather asked if she was a guest , she turned and saw Nicole leaving. Infuriated by Nicole’s presence which confirmed her suspicions.

Nicole sent her to the room to meet Adrian. She explained to Monica that she received a call from a bartender so she went for Adrian and sent him there since she cared for him. Monica doubted she cared because if she did, she would send h home back to her.

In anguish, Monica woke Adrian up and asked him what he was doing there. Adrian was surprised to find himself in a room, he explained to Monica that he was at a bar and did not know how he got there. Monica was upset with him but he said nothing happened between him and Nicole and pleaded with her to forgive him.

“I will be a complete f00l to believe in what you say,” Monica walked out.

Nicole also added her voice that nothing happened between them but Monica did not care.


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