A Soldier’s Heart Episode 28

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 28 Michael is admitted after mercilessly beaten by Gezali’s henchmen, Abe discovers Abdul Waajid’s evil plans against Christians in Metro Manila

Victor visited Jethro to inform him that he would be going to Mindanao, his presence was needed. Jethro believed he captured his father in Manila and it was time for him to go.

He asked him for a favour to help reinstate Lourd to her former post on the field and Victor promised to see what he could do to help her out even though Lourd was not under him.

Alex treated Yazmin’s wound, Fatima who came to meet it told him to leave it for her to do it but he didn’t. Yazmin wound was improving and Yazmin said Alex had been a good doctor. Alex explained he learnt that as part of his training as Soldier.

He then pulled back but Yazmin told him not to be afraid of telling who he was. Actually she also saw him as an enemy during their first encounter at the Governor’s residence. However, she realised he was different from the rest of the soldiers as he did not shoot when she came in between him and Saal.

She said she had always felt in her heart that he was Hakeem although they all believed he was d£ad but she knew in her heart he was alive. Abe, on the other hand gained evidence that the company he was working for deal with chemicals that were used for explosives.

He called his boss to inform him that it was positive. The military officer told him to continue play along with them to obtain all the necessary information that would help in their operations and should always inform the military for backup should things go wrong.

While Lourd was trying hard to get in touch with Alex, Victor called her to tell her that he has heard of her problem and would do all he could to help her back to the field. As they were transporting the explosive chemicals, they reached a military checkpoint and Abe was able to convince them that his outfit supply potato chips, snacks for shops.

They were allowed to leave with the packages. Aris now gained the favour of the syndicate boss and his colleague sent him to meet Abdul Waajid. Lourd vented her anger on Jethro for using his connection to help her. She said she wanted to prove her worth to the army that women could do what men could do and did not want him to meddle.

They way she had heated made Jethro believe she had a fight with Marasigan. Lourd said not everything was about Marasigan and walked out on Jethro. Fatima told Saal that she spoke with Alex and she could tell he still was not feeling comfortable around them.

Saal indicated the moment they allowed Alex in they had risked their lives. He said he knew Alex was their enemy but deep down he was his brother and always remembered his promise to their father that he would take care of him which he couldn’t. That, he said had a negative toll on him.

Amir went on a stroll with Alex and told Alex that he was lucky to have a family unlike him whose family were k!lled by the Soldiers. He said when rescued he was scared of Saal but they cared for him as if he was their own. Saal on the other hand, was happy that Fatima and Rasheed were getting married.

He wanted them to wait for him to give them a lavish ceremony but Fatima declined. She wanted something simple. Later, Mendoza was found and was hospital. Lucente knew Gezali was behind the act but Michael begged him not to do anything against Gezali as that might hurt Isabel since she l0ved her father.

A certain woman seek help from the Alhurajis after her home and her family were destroyed and k?lled respectively by the soldiers. Yazmin promised to help them and Alex also vowed to support them. Alex then decided to stay and side with them by moving with their beliefs.

He now dressed like a Muslim and helped them to seek for donation. He spotted his brother working on a gun and helped Saal but the latter did not trust him so he signal Rasheed to take the other gun should Alex take them by surprise.

Abe at the hideout overheard conversation about the syndicate’s plans to bomb part of metro Manila. He immediately called to alert the military but wanted to get more information on the day, time and date the explosion would go on so he refused to back down.

As he was leaving, he bumped into Aaliyah and he asked her what he was doing there. Aaliyah realised Abe was a spy reason he was now using using Iris. Abe tried to calm her so that no third parties would know he was a soldier. Abe advised Aaliyah to leave the place but his estranged girlfriend acted up.

Nolia came and sent Aaliyah away. Abe’s friend was surprised to know Aaliyah knew Abe and told Aris that he was interested in Aaliyah but waiting for the right time to propose. Minda called Lourd to come over for them to talk concerning Alex.

Alex thought about the earlier incidence with his brother, Saal and how Fatima queried whether his action meant Saal did not know how to handle guns and Amir went to Alex’s defense to say he was now adjusting and meant no harm.

Yazmin got there and said sorry to Hakeem for what Yazmin said earlier and thanked him for talking to Saal as a brother.


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