All Of Me Episode 36

All Of Me Episode 36 Manuel declared wanted by the police, Marlon finds evidence against Carding in the death of Dr Lawrence

In San Isidro, Manuel introduced himself to Carlo and the former delivery worker in Manila asked Manuel whether he was the guests of the father and he said no. Manuel and wife stayed around in the church for a while.

As Princess and Bebeng were preparing food for the family, Bebeng was thinking about Lena and Ivan whether they were all safe and had found a better hideout. Carlo and his sister were eating when he heard the news about Dr Manuel Figueras as the person who k!lled Dr Lawrence in his house.

Carlo recalled when Manuel Figueras introduced himself to him in the church and was finding it difficult to eat. Since he did not want his sister to find out that he was feeling tensed he started to eat. Elsewhere, Henry and Greg were in the car drinking while scheming to divert Marlon’s investigation.

At the precinct, Marlon watched the video of Henry praising Dr Manuel and how well he has helped people, worked tirelessly to ensure the betterment of all, this continued shaping the mind of Marlon to doubt Manuel’s involvement in the murder case. Marlon made a call to one of the officers as he wanted the gun used for the crime to be examined by expert.

While eating, Ringgo mentioned Ivan’s name as he had missed the kid. This turned the faces of the entire family. Ivan had also missed Ringgo so he told Lena about it. Lena put him to bed and she started thinking while Manuel who was asleep woke up to watch Lena. Marlon met an expert to present to him the gun which was used in committing the heinous crime to get into the bottom of the issue.

Later, Manuel and his family continued their journey. They went to the mall, while Lena and Ivan were inside the mall buying eateries, Manuel was in the qué going to the washroom. Some police officers arrived there, one went inside the mall and saw Ivan’s drawing and he complemented it.

Lena was scared so she quickly went for, Ivan, the police called Ivan to inform him that he left his sketch book. Manuel was about to enter into the washroom but the police did not allow him, claiming he was on duty and had to be fast. Manuel took that opportunity to flee with his family. The officer came to inform Marlon that they had posted Manuel’s picture on social media as a Wanted Man.

Ringgo’s friends in school saw the post of Dr Manuel online and they began to mock Ringgo for bringing a criminal into their school. They said Ringgo had always boasted with Manuel not knowing he was a criminal who had k?lled his own doctor friend. This led to a fight between Ringgo and the guy. Apple and Sir Martin saw the fight and went to separate.

Carlo’s sister showed him the viral pictures of Dr Manuel being a Wanted Man. Carlo became indifferent, he did not know what to do. After settling in a room, Ivan asked his parent why they had to run from the police. Manuel and Lena explained the situation to him. Elsewhere, Bebeng was so affected by the incident so she began packing her things while shedding tears. Princess got there to console her.

Henry was also thinking about Ivan, he missed his estranged wife, Lena and the kid. Henry thought of means to claim his family as soon as possible from Manuel and thought of a plan that would work. Marlon went to the hospital to talk to Greg and asked about Henry since he wanted to talk to him too on the matter and Greg said Henry was no longer connected to the hospital again.

When Marlon left, Greg called Henry. Nonoy saw that Ringgo was brooding over an issue. Ringgo opened up to him and he advised Ringgo not to pay attention to his colleagues.
A Lena was in the car with her son, a beggar came around to ask for food, Ivan gave him the snacks they had and Lena was happy that her son was compassionate.

Marlon met with the gun expert and he found out that Manuel had nothing to do with the gun used to commit the crime. As Carding and Dennis were playing cards in the ghetto, Henry arrived to tell them to keep an eye on Lena’s family.

A the office, Marlon researched online about Ricardo Sebastian and he realised Carding’s connection with the weapon. He then recalled his conversation with Kristel who told him that she overheard her father talking to his boss about Dr Lawrence so he sent Kristel a message and they arranged a meeting.

Bebeng and Princess left for the province. Bebeng told Nonoy to take good care of Ringgo and told Ringgo to also take his studies seriously. As they were leaving, Dennis who was keeping tabs on them write the car’s number inside his palm. Marlon met with Kristel to inform her about her father’s connection with the k?lling of the dead doctor.

Although, Kristel covered her father, but when her father came home, she confronted him. Carding admitted committing the crime and asked his daughter whether she would rat him out. Meanwhile, Greg had told Henry how the finances of the hospital sinking all due to Henry’s poor administration. Henry now relied on Greg to cover his back well so that nothing would be pointed to him.

In the safe house, Manuel thought about his life and recalled his childhood days when he was with Dr Vincente learning the ethics of health as they preserved life and never thought of a day that he would be framed for a d£ath and did not know where he went wrong. Lena was optimistic that things would be well soon.


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