Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 251

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 251 Lena proposes to Fernan after fight with Anton

Holding on to her actual feelings to wait for Fernan to make the approach, Lena gets tired of waiting for the green light from Fernan and makes the approach by herself after Anton pushes her to the tight corner for her to cling to Fernan and voices her feelings for him.

For almost his two months stay in the r3bels’ camp in Mountain Karagao, Lena gradually falls for Fernan, and everyone in the camp realises it including her father Romulo Dumaguit. Romulo asks his daughter whether she is in l0ve with Fernan. She opens up to him after she earlier swerves her father’s question. Romulo gives her his support that he will be happy if she gains Fernan since he is a good person.

Earthworm and Tadpole, Cardo’s friends he made after their unfortunate encounter with the Enriquez in San Isidro. They realise Lena is interested in Fernan so they asks him to propose but Fernan takes it as a joke. Some lady friends of Lena also have been pushing her to take a shot if Fernan is not coming forward.

Realising that his crush is gradually slipping from his hand, Anton takes desperate measures to keep her while he suffers from the hands of Homer and his own recruits in the camp when they make mockery of him and incite him to do everything possible to get Lena. They advise him to get rid of Fernan to keep Lena.

Still jealous of Ricardo Dalisay, now Fernan, Anton tries to incite Emman against Fernan. In Episode 251 of Brothers “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” Emman’s wooden gun toy is faulty so Anton presents himself to fix it for him. However, the kid prefers Fernan to fix it not Anton.

This did not go down well with Anton so he feeds the kids head with whole bunch of lies against Fernan which the kid insists on Fernan being a good guy. Lena overhears the conversation and drives her son away while she faces Anton. She warns him to stay clear off her son and not spread evil thoughts in Emman’s mind against Fernan.

Emman rushes to Fernan’s room to ask his help in fixing his wooden guπ and he also informs him that Anton is upset with him and tells him that he is a bad person. Fernan tells him not to mind Anton. As they are talking, Fernan overhears Lena screaming inside her hut so he rushes there to find Anton forcing himself on her, telling her that she did not know Fernan well and he will prove that he is a bad guy.

Fernan makes it clear that if he doesn’t trust him it is good and the fight should be between them, he shouldn’t get Lena and Emman involved. Anton threatens to expose him in his motive against the group. Fernan replies that if there is anyone working against the group then it is surely not him.

Anton left, Lena in showing her appreciation to Fernan and asks his forgiveness for what Anton said against him, Lena now opens up to Fernan. She tells him how she actually feels about him. Lena says everything that is going on makes her realises her feelings for him and makes attempt to k!$$ Fernan but he pulls back and says it is not right for them to give in to their feelings.

Lena goes on with the advances, however, Emman intrudes which saves Cardo. They are called by Romulo and both left the hut. Will Lena succeeds with Fernan, subscribe to the site for your regular updates.


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