The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 11

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 11 Malia disguises herself as Miyo, Moonchasers meet Prof T, the head of the vigilante group

Malia was walking on the street of Manila. She felt the heart of the people she encountered. As she saw some vampires, she followed them and came across SMV Corporation, a business owned by Supremo.

Supremo told Senator Paglinauan that he did not succeed in k?lling Malia before and the senator advised him to focus on finding Malia. However, Supremo did not see Malia as hindrance to his political career and revealed to the senator that Malia was powerless and it would be easy for him to alter the prophesy by k!lling the chosen one.

The security of SMV bumped into Malia at SMV and asked her what she was doing there. She told him that she wanted to apply for a job there but the security kicked her out due to her dressing.

Prof T settled in his house and revealed the reasons he returned to Philippines. Malia came across Kuto and was being chased because he stole a wallet. Kuto who resolved to stealing since the rags he was selling was not bought by anyone denied the man’s allegations but Malia saw the wallet and managed to get it from him to the man and asked Kuto to say sorry.

After the kid apologised the man still went ahead to pick a fight with Malia and she thought the man a lesson. Tristan received a call from Piolo informing him about an emergency meeting. The Moonchasers discovered that Lemuel was now a walking d£ad and was searching for blood to feed on. They decided to return to the cemetery the night.

Lemuel pounced on a cleaner at the cemetery and sucked all her blood. The screams of the woman made the Moonchasers ran to the place to find out what Lemuel had done. They ran after him and he escaped. Supremo payed his captive, Jethro a visit to query him on the reason Malia was powerless.

Strangling Jethro’s neck for claiming the prophecy hasn’t changed, Jethro now explained that Malia comes from a blood line who don’t come into their power early, just like Lyka (Malia’s grandmother) and Lia.

The youth vigilante group after their inability to capture Lemuel now demanded to have a leader and a member appointed Tristan since he was the brave one but Adee was against it. He saw nothing special in Tristan and wanted to lead the group instead. He left feeling upset, Laurene who was scared by seeing Lemuel’s transformation also left and Joey followed her, knowing they were after something bigger than them.

In the woods, Jake wanted to leave the camp in search of his mother and Malia but Baristo advised him against it. Malia escorted Kuto and the boy introduced himself and asked Malia of her name, she said her name was Miyo. Miyo couldn’t find his money, unknown to him Kuto had it already and the boy gave it to him.

Kuto was grateful to Miyo for saving him and also for directing his path. He promised not to steal and pickpocket again. In making up for his deeds, he decided to send Miyo home to sleep with his family when discovered Miyo was homeless. They went home and he introduced Miyo to Dory and Berto, his foster parents and pleaded with them to provide a place for Miyo to lay his head.

Due to financial problem and Glenda’s pregnancy condition, Dory did not allow Miyo to sleep over. Glenda would soon be in labour which meant that she would have to spend extra and did not want Miyo to be added to the family’s burden. With her super hearing ability, Malia left before the woman would come out of her room but she mentioned corn which made Malia turned back.

She asked Dory if she sold corn and the woman gave her some to eat. When Malia was eating the corn and recalling Mateo and Lia, the corn whet the appetite of many and they rushed to Gory to buy all the corn. Dory was now grateful to Miyo and gave him money. She later came to meet Miyo sleeping outside the house and told him to stay with them. As Berto told Miyo that he could be their personal assistance in the distribution of their corn if only he would not return to his mother.

Miyo revealed that his parent were late. Dory told him that he could see them as his parent since they could not have a child and Kuto together with the rest were adopted. Tristan went home to find his Father’s family arrived in Summer’s house. After the pleasantries, Summer summoned Tristan into the room to inform him that he would have to pay for the utility bills for his other family.

Tristan said he would find a good job and gain money to rent a new place for his grandfather but Summer dissuaded him from that, all she wanted was for Tristan to pay for the bills as well as his debts. That night he received a text for a meeting. The Moonchasers met Professor Theodore Montemayor, a lecturer of Pennsylvania State University who teaches Biomedical Engineering.

He shed light on what the vigilante group were putting themselves into. As the rest were exhibiting weaknesses, Tristan assured him that he was in for it but he would keep his day job. Prof T realising Tristan is the breadwinner of his family, he respected the boy’s decision. The rest then joined, Prof T now gave them their first project which would be carried out in two days time.

He told them that Sandrino was targeting influential people and activities that enough money were made. He would be targeting Luningning Ramos, a game wizard who was playing Datu Championship for 400million and they had to save the girl from being turned into a vamp?re.

Supremo addressed his minions and introduced to them Ningning and Nognog, the childhood friends of Malia who Veruska told him about and ordered his minions to turn them into vamp!res especially Ningning.


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