All Of Me Highlights Finale Episode 41-45

All Of Me Highlights Finale Episode 41-45 Henry transforms into a beast, Salvacion sets Manuel free after his death

Manuel concludes the love of Salvacion and Vincente and later assures Lena that they will be safe. Elsewhere, the memory of Lawrence’s murder haunts Carlo. Manuel takes first step toward clearing his name after Carlo agrees to testify for his innocence in court.

Meanwhile, Kristel agrees to help Marlon to put Henry and her father in jail. Elsewhere, Carding gets punished for his constant wrongdoing. Acquitted from the charges, Manuel does his best to fix the problem the hospital has accumulated during Greg’s management.

Marlon confronts Henry with Bianca’s accusations of murder. Later, Manuel implores his fellow doctors to help him save the hospital, while exhausting all means to control the damages caused by Henry’s and Greg’s administration.

Soon, things possibly fall apart for Henry as he discovers the possibility of him losing his license. Manuel finally gains the upper hand in his search for justice after he talks Greg into testifying against Henry. On the other hand, Henry goes on a downward spiral as he realises that he is about to lose everything to Manuel.

Elsewhere, Lena seeks for Estrella’s help in identifying Manuel’s connection to a date that Manuel saw in his dreams. With most of their loose ends tied up, Manuel and Lena come to a conclusion that the latter’s end is drawing close, Meanwhile, Henry orders Carding to finish off Manuel once and for all.

Soon, Kristel takes the bullet intended for Manuel, eliciting complete surrender from Carding for mistakenly shooting his daughter. Henry then orders Carding’s death and takes off to avoid being caught by the police. Desperate to escape the country with Ivan, Henry kidnaps the child from his school.

Lena follows Henry’s instructions for fear of Ivan’s safety, and heads to his location alone. Meanwhile, Marlon and Manuel continue the search for Henry. In his fury and desperation, Henry takes Lena and Ivan captive. He does the unthinkable when he attempts to rape Lena for not submitting to her after all his sacrifices for her. With Lena’s and Ivan’s lives in grave danger, Manuel and Marlon seek Kristel’s help to find the only person that can lead them to Henry.

In helping the investigator and Manuel, Kristel finds herself in life threatening moment as Dennis tries to use her as hostage to escape. Upon sober reflection, Dennis finally surrenders to the police and reveals Henry’s location. Manuel and Marlon waste no time in rushing to find Lena and Ivan.

Soon, they successfully retrieve Lena and Ivan and later corner Henry into submission. Henry escapes from the hands of the authorities and successfully takes Manuel down. Manuel goes an operation and barely hangs on. Marlon then leads a search for the fugitive Henry.

Desperate for a way to save Manuel, Lena heeds Ivan’s suggestion and takes Manuel to the Island in hopes of convincing Salvacion to let him live. Henry overhears Lena’s plans and secretly follows them to the the Island.

The sick Manuel is sends to the forest of the Island and Ivan begins to plead with Salvacion to return the life of his father. A surprise incident happens when the body of Manuel is taken away by a mystical force into the portal. Lena, Marlon and Ivan follow the body till they reach the mystical tree where the portal is. Salvacion turns into deaf ear to Lena’s plea and takes away Manuel.

Unknown, to Lena and Marlon, Henry is tailing them and is glad to see the dead end of Manuel. However, Nonoy stops at nothing in his chase for Henry. Henry gets close to the portal and pleads with Lena for a second chance. He pleads with Lena using the latter’s earlier plea for a second chance for Manuel, claiming he also deserves a second chance and urges Lena to make them start all over again.

Nonoy distracts Henry so Marlon shoots Henry propelling him into Salvacion’s portal. Henry finds himself transformed into a beast when he lands in the mystical Island. Unhappy with his new look, he pleads with the fairy to transform him into his old self.

However, the fairy reveals to him that his true soul is the one reflecting and does not deserve any transformation. Like a whirlwind, Salvacion disappears in anger over Henry’s wickedness.

Moved by Lena’s l0ve for Manuel and her own promise to Vicente to keep safe the person who will wear the necklace, a symbol of their once upon love, Salvacion releases Manuel from their agreement and the Figuerases reunite as one family, driven with l0ve and sacrifices.


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