All Of Me Episode 40

All Of Me Episode 40 Manuel narrates Dr Vicente and Salvacion’s l0ve story after he narrowly escapes Henry’s plot

After obtaining the needed details on Carlo, Marlon went to Carlo’s house and met his land lady. Carlo was packing out to Bulacan since he wanted to work there and be with his kid sister.

The land lady cooperated, she ushered Marlon in to meet Carlo. Carlo provided Marlon with a seat and the investigator started his interrogation. He showed Carlo pictures of Lawrence and Manuel, however, Carlo denied knowing Manuel. Carlo failed to cooperate since he was scared. Carding and Dennis arrived at the Island and rushed to the hut but saw no one. Carding then vent his anger on Dennis for giving him false alert.

Dennis insisted that they were there and saw the bags they had packed which made Carding believe they were there but did not know their whereabouts.

Lena, Bebeng and Princess who were taking a stroll in the forest came to meet a boat and Princess stopped them from taking any step, alerting them of the boat. They wondered who had trespassed. As they were standing and wondering, Carding and Dennis came out from the hut. Before the ladies could run, the criminals spotted them and ran after them.

Since Lena was conversant with the area, they managed to escape them and returned to the shores. Lena went for the bags she has packed in the hut while Bebeng and Princess made the boat ready. Carding realised their targets have returned to the shores they ran after them to find out that the ladies have escaped with their boat.

Marlon did not get the information that would shed light on the crime. Marlon asked of his leave and told him that if he recalls anything he should get in touch with him. In the car while driving to Manila with his wife asleep, Ivan asked about Salvacion and Manuel told him about the story of Salvacion.

Manuel began the story with Dr Vicente, a doctor who was his idol while he was a child. He was a kind hearted man who told him about his early life story in San Antonio during Japanese occupation at the Island. Flashback: There was a time when a pandemic occured leading the death of many. Vicente told a woman who was a mother to him that he was going in search of medicine. He arrived at some point at the forest and a soldier shot him.

Vicente strived hard to carry on with his journey but felt weak. He saw a firefly and he followed its direction. He felt so weak as he succumbed to the wound at the enchanted tree. Before things would totally end for him, the fireflies increased and approached in a human form. A fairy then chanted and healed him. He woke up to find out that he was not feverish anymore and he was no longer dying.

He touched the gun wound and wondered what had happened. He recalled that a fairy appeared at the enchanted tree much to his dismay and when he was battling between life and death the forest fairy looked at him. He realised the fairy saved his life. He searched for her but could not find her. He was grateful for what the fairy did.

Dr Vicente, walked through the woods and heard some soothing sounds of water. He followed the direction to find the fairy bathing in a pond. He watched her and he introduced himself as Vicente Avila, he knew she was the one who saved his life by healing him. He thanked her but the pond deity was not happy to see that Vicente was looking at her nak£dne$$ while she was taking a bath.

Dr Vincente turned his face toward a tree to follow the fairy’s order. He kept thanking her, he did not hear anything again so he turned, only to discover that the fairy has disappeared. Vincente waited for a day he would be reunited with the fairy. The fairy was also enchanted by the handsome of Vicente and thought about him all day.

Vicente walked in the forest and began talking to the air, the fairy was playing hide and seek with him. He felt her presence and told her to reveal herself and she showed up. She played hard to get, but Vicente held her to stop her from going. The fairy was happy to feel his warmth but acted up as if she did not like and slipped, which made Vicente fall on her. He asked of her name and the forest fairy said her name was Salvacion.

Salvacion later walked around the forest, thinking of Vicente and was so dying to have his touch. Vicente went to the camp and the next day, he searched for Salvacion, his new l0ve who he was indebted to and saw a penguin tied to the enchanted tree. He set the bird free, seeing the bird was struggling to fly. Unknown to him the fairy was around, she wanted to be close but kept her distance.

Soon, some soldiers who one shot Vicente travelled on the river to the Island.


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