The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 11-15

The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 11-15 Hernan and Luisa secretly marry, Isabelle humiliates Luisa infront of her friends

In a restaurant, Luisa finally reveals her relationship with Hernan to Mayumi and she congratulates Luisa and Hernan. Mayumi comes across Isabelle at the restaurant and she informs Hernan and Luisa for them to escape.

Unsuccessful in her mission to fish out what her father is up to, Isabelle spills the lunch Luisa has packaged for Hernan on the floor but Mayumi fails to fight back.

Later, Francis asks Mayumi out for lunch and she refuses since she has a date with her mom. Isabelle secretly follows her father to discover that he has bought an expensive necklace and finds out from the seller that Hernan is presenting it to his girlfriend.

Hernan, Luisa and Mayumi meet in a restaurant and he gives the gift to Luisa. Luisa hesitates before accepting the gift while she leaves to the washroom, Isabelle arrives to meet Hernan in the company of Mayumi. Isabelle now has an impression that her father is dating Mayumi and she fights with her.

Luisa accidentally stumbles on the scene and she separates them. Isabelle discovers that the expensive necklace which Hernan bought is in the possession of Luisa, Hernan is forced to admit that he is dating Luisa.

Isabelle in furry decides to leave the house but Daphne advises her against it. She soon picks a fight with Mayumi at work and gives her a numbing cream to give to her mother to prevent her from going horny.

Due to the incidence that happened between their children, Luisa breaks up with Hernan, leading the man to drink all night. Mayumi tells Francis her mother’s relationship with Hernan but said they had broken up. Due to Isabelle’s jealousy, she pays some men to harass Mayumi and the latter gets hurt. Fortunately, Francis is there to save her and sends Mayumi to hospital for medical attention.

Soon, Hernan learns that Luisa is travelling and he decides to follow her after his friends advise him to do so. At the place, he makes up with Luisa and secretly marries her. When they arrived, they meet their daughters in a restaurant to open up to them about their secret marriage, making the two girls upset.

When Isabelle reaches home she kicks her father out of the house since she did not want to live under the same roof with Mayumi. Hernan goes to stay with his new wife in Luisa’s apartment.

Soon, Isabelle rescinds on her decision, she accept to stay under the same roof with only Luisa after Daphne convinces her to make her father stay with Luisa in the house. Luisa then agrees with Mayumi to pack out to stay in her husband’s house and once everything is settled with Isabelle, Mayumi will then join her in the Salvador’s mansion.

Isabelle makes an evil plot with a certain maid who despises Luisa and promises the servant salary increment if she is able to make Luisa’s stay in the house a living hell.

Mayumi is sad that she is now living alone without her mother, waiting for Isabelle to get used to Luisa before she gets reunited with her mother. She declines an outing with Francis due to her mood. Isabelle incites her father against Mayumi and he realises that the problem between the stepsisters is Francis.

Hernan and Francis have a talk and Francis denies having any illicit affair with Mayumi. Mayumi tries to get along with Isabelle for the sake of their parent’s relationship but Isabelle is not ready to comply.

Meanwhile, the maid who has a deal with Isabelle creates a problem for Luisa when she left the laundry she is doing to receive a call. Isabelle comes home to meet her clothes ruined since the maid mixed the colored and the white dress together. This makes Isabelle angry with Luisa. Luisa who just finished speaking with Mayumi on phone meets the unpleasant news and faces the wrath of her stepdaughter.

Even though Isabelle disrespected her, Luisa turns blind eye and coverup for her stepdaughters’ tantrums in order not to create a rift between the father and daughter. Hernan embarks on a project which takes away his time from home. Isabelle uses the opportunity to expel all the servant and organises a party to humiliate Luisa.

She makes Luisa do the cleaning and introduces Luisa to her friends as a gold-digger who is following her father for his money. She pours alcohol on her which got on the nerve of Luisa to put her Stepdaughter in her place but fails to tell the father about Isabelle’s action, instead she informs Baby and pleads with her to keep it from Mayumi. Francis learns about Isabelle’s mean actions toward Mayumi’s mother after his friend shows him video of what Isabelle did.

Later, Mayumi discovers that Isabelle has abused and humiliated her mother infront of people and she rushes to the Salvadors’ mansion to put Isabelle in her rightful place. However, Luisa stops her from doing so. Since Luisa refuses to leave her husband’s house with Mayumi, her daughter becomes upset that her mother has chosen Hernan over her.

Realising the spiteful act of his daughter, Hernan packs out with Luisa but Isabelle falls on her knees to beg Luisa for forgiveness to refrain them from leaving.


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