Article 247 Episode 17

Article 247 Episode 17 Noah proposes to marry MJ, Elijah attempts to fire Jane while Noah fights Sarah over MJ

Jane packed her things to resign from her post as Accounting Assistant at El Cielo. Tania followed her to try talking to her not to quit her job but Jane’s mind was made up.

Carmen followed her in other to tease her while Tania was sad that it would be left with her alone. She asked Jane if she had informed Noah. Jane cried that Noah did not want to see her face. She called him several times the previous night but he failed to answer her.

“Good for you MJ,” Carmen retorted with smiles “you’ve finally come to your senses.”

Surprisingly, she saw Noah approaching. Noah has heard of that Jane has resigned and rushed to talk to her against her decision. MJ told him that she did not want to bring his family problems that was the reason she resigned. Noah told her not to but Jane said he needed someone without a baggage.

Noah confirmed to her that she was the one he wanted to see first in the morning and last at night. He wanted to wake up each day to see her face because she brought him back to his feet. He then proposed to her, Jane saw that she did not deserve his lõve.

He knelt and opened his ring case to ask her hand in marriage.

“MJ Ortega will you marry me?”

Jane said “Yes” to Noah’s proposal and he told her that she would never regret it. Carmen shockingly asked Noah whether he would marry a mistress. Noah stopped Carmen right there and demanded her not to talk to MJ like that anymore.

They hugged, however, Jane wondered how they would make Sarah accept their relationship. Carmen rushed to tell Sarah how she was humiliated while she was trying to make Noah see the sense of him not marrying a mistress.

Sarah was shocked and Carmen asked her whether she would allow Noah to marry a mistress.

“Of course not!” Sarah objected.

Noah finally got to see his mother seated with Elijah and Carmen. Sarah asked him whether he actually proposed to MJ and he admitted, stressing that he lõved her and did not have any problem with her. Sarah said MJ was a mistress just like what his father Robert did to her.

Noah said that was her personal problem, besides MJ was not the lady Robert cheated her with. Sarah warned him to forget about her blessings if MJ was the one he would marry, but guess what? Noah did not care and he did not need her blessings to make his relationship work.

Sarah reminded him that she was his mother, hence needed her blessings after all they just made up and he was going to his old ways. Noah equally raised his voice that Jane was his wife to be. And if she wanted them to have that mutual mummy and son relationship, then she had to accept the fact that he would marry Jane.

Elijah stopped him from raising his voice. Elsewhere, Jane was worried about the hasty decision she made into accepting Noah’s proposal and asked Rose. Rose said she did what she had to. She would only have to prove to Sarah that her intentions were good and she was the right woman for Noah.

Carmen, on the other hand,used k!sses and other romantic tactics to demand Elijah to fire Jane. Elijah saw that as not easy since he has nothing against her work. Carmen said Jane was a temporary worker so he should fire her.

As Sarah was reflecting on how a mistress ruined her life and Helena’s revelation about Jane. Jane appeared to talk to her. She pleaded with her to give her a chance to be with Noah. Sarah made it clear that she would not accept a mistress as a wife for her son. So if MJ really did lõve Noah then she should leave her son alone, she did not deserve Noah.

Jane objected that leaving Noah was ditching all the sacrifices Noah had made just to be with her so she only wanted her to give them her blessings for her to prove her worth to Sarah. Sarah demanded her to name her price but Jane said she truly lōved Noah and no amount could patronise her lōve for Noah. Sarah told her to forget about her blessings then.

Elijah initiated what his wife told him just to get Jane fired but Jane sailed through as the files he was claiming to search for was with him. Jane called Elijah’s secretary to ask about the files and the lady said she submitted it on that day.

She found the files for him. Elijah not able to get any dirt on her, reminded her not to be so comfortable at the place, simply because she was dating his brother. MJ said she knew she had not been haven a good relationship with Carmen but he shouldn’t use that against her to find problems with her job.

If he had a problem with her work, then she could quit. Noah later questioned Elijah for threatening to fire Jane and knew his wife was behind that. He said MJ was a good worker and he should not use personal issue to threaten her job if he did not want them to fight.

Jane told what Elijah did to Rose and she was positive that Carmen was behind that. Her mother had to deliver a wax to Bellega Salon so Jane decided to present it that evening for her mother. At Bellega Salon, Carmen was with Julian. She had created a dummy account in a fake supplier’s name so that when she send the money into the account it would be in their account.

Jane went to Bellega Salon and bumped into an assistant who failed to take the box of wax since she has closed. She said Carmen was inside so she could deliver it to her. Jane went inside but called out Carmen’s name which alerted her for her to stop the k!sses and lōve she was making with Julian.

Julian quickly hid beneath a near-by desk and quickly pulled his shirt before Jane would see it. Jane after placing the box of wax on the table told Carmen that her mother would not supply her with wax again and she said it was Rose’s lost. As Jane was leaving, Carmen who was driving Julian’s car attempted to run her over.

She went home to tell Rose that Carmen almost run her over. Though, she did not see her face but was convinced that Carmen did that. She said Carmen was the only one who had the motive to do that to her. The next day, she saw Carmen coming the black car which almost knocked her and confronted her for her act.

Carmen asked why she would waste her time to use her car to run-over a mistress. Elijah and Noah chanced on the two rivals exchanging words. Once Carmen saw her husband, she acted innocent and pinned all the blame on me for accusing her.

MJ said she only asked her if she was the one who almost knocked her the previous night and she denied. Carmen said she was only trying to be friends with her since Jane would soon become a Borromeo but she was fighting and accusing her.

Noah saw that Carmen and Elijah were picking up on Jane but Elijah reminded him that Jane was fond of causing trouble even without evidence to back her claims. Sarah saw the commotion and came to take Carmen’s side. She told MJ that she had no value and she was only the mattress of the master.

Sarah exclaimed how much she hated women who did not know their value other than parading their séxual desires with married men. Noah intervened and told his mother that he did not know the reason Robert cheated on her but her spoke it all, he now knew why his father cheated on her.

Sarah slapped him and Carmen together with Elijah went to hold her before the issue escalate. They sent her inside while Jane who has been crying all those while hugged Noah, saying sorry to him for what had happened.

She went to sit at the beach with Noah to plead with him to apologise to his mother for all the harsh words he spewed against her. Noah said his mother equally disrespected her and he would not allow her to disrespect his girlfriend.

He made it clear that she never judged him and showed him lōve so he was the one who did not deserve Jane’s lōve. As they reaffirmed their lõve for eachother, Jane told him to talk to his mother and plead with her for his words.

Julian called Carmen to demand money. Carmen wondered what he had been doing with all those money he had been sending that month since it was huge. She was scared that she would be caught but Julian reminded her of the expensive lifestyle he was living so he needed more.


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