Article 247 Story Summary and Plot

Article 247 Story Summary and Plot

Article 247 which is locally known as Artikulo 247 is a story about two young women, Jane Ortega and Klaire Almazan whose family history have a dire grips on their lives. Their respective family’s pain and misfortune determined their destiny in a cold and hot pursuit for their life long search for lōve and career.

Klaire Almazan is married to Alfred Gomez. Their relationship begin to receive some hiccups when Marry Jane Ortega starts to work in the Accountancy Firm owned by Alfred. Jane after securing the job of her dream as an accountant just like her father lost the precious man in her life.

She soon discovers she is a product of infidelity as her mother Rose Ortega has snatched her father away from his legal wife. This family history of mistress becomes another twisted fate that she has to battle with through out her life.

In a twist, Jane finds out that Klaire has a boyfriend, Julian Pineda and informs Alfred who has already overheard his wife preventing Jane from voicing out the truth of her extra marital affair from him. After securing all the necessary evidence that proves Klaire as a cheat, he sacks her from his house and goes on a business trip with Jane and some subordinates.

There, he and Jane get intimate which Klaire catches them in the act and attack them. Klaire ståbs her husband and is able to gain her freedom after Court proves her as not of guilty of k!lling since her act is deeply grounded in the revised penal code, Article 247. She receives a destierro as punishment and is banished from Manila for three years and four months.

Before she goes into hiding, Klaire and Julian stage an accident in order for no one to hear from them. A year later, Jane and Klaire’s life comes across in Batangas where Jane’s traumatic past lingers back to haunt her. She meets Carmen Villarama, a sister-in-law of Noah Borromeo, her recent boyfriend who the lady looks exactly like Klaire.

Although Carmen denies being Klaire, Jane is determined to uncover the truth. As she investigates, Jane stumbles upon shocking discoveries about Carmen, and what really happened on the night Alfred was murdered. Her allegations against Carmen makes Noah’s brother, Elijah becomes alert though he and his mother Sarah Borromeo fully support Carmen.

Rose Ortega who is also enjoying the kind gesture of Carmen, the owner of La Bellega Salon rally round her and stops her daughter from investigating. Jane who is convinced that Carmen and Klaire have two different personalities with Klaire seen as psychopath and Carmen as a lovely, generous and adorable lady coils back to her shell in order to enjoy her new love life with Noah who their lives are entwined and are willing to over come their traumatic past.

Realising her mother in-law’s extreme hatred for mistresses, Carmen finds a glimmer of hope in using Jane’s past as mistress to provoke Sarah to make her first son, Noah to break up with Jane.

Carmen secretly sabotages Jane to destroy her chance of becoming part of the Borromeo family. As Jane’s luck gambles around series of misfortunes, she quickly takes a u-turn from her decision to slow down on Carmen just to find answers, only to discover the true nature of Carmen.

Elijah equally wakes up to the realisation that Carmen has been cheating on him with one, Christopher who his investigator identifies him as Julian Pineda, the boyfriend of Klaire Almazan. The new revelation which confirms Jane’s allegations against his wife for him to liberate himself from the emotional bully and saves him from slavery in the hands of Klaire who is posing off with different identity as Carmen rather sends Elijah to his grave.

Ready to fly with the wings of Article 247, the revised penal code of the Philippines leads us to another revelation of Klaire’s bitter past. Klaire’s father catches his wife having an affair with a different man on his matrimonial bed and the man out of anger stabbës his wife to deãth.

The man is set free by the law of Article 247 but later commits suicide leading a friend of Klaire to introduce her to a law student, Julian Pineda who is into hook ups. Since then, Julian uses Klaire to strip off wealthy men from their wealth in order for him and Klaire to live a luxury and expensive life.

With the painful truth behind the deàth of her second son, Sarah puts her resources together to expose Carmen to the court as Klaire who has been taking advantage of the law to stage infidelity act of her target just to k!ll and inherit their wealth. Jane proves her innocent to the court regarding Elijah Borromeos deàth after Carmen accuses her of having illicit affair with Elijah.

Klaire is found guilty of parricide and faces a sentence of reclusiõn perpetua. As the Borromeos and Ortegas are making merry, the unexpected happens for Klaire to once again goes at large. What kind of fate will Jane hold now that her mortal enemy is at large?


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