Betrayal (Halik): A new twist projects Jade a well known Antagonist as heroine in the end

Betrayal (Halik): A new twist projects Jade a well known Antagonist as heroine in the end 

The story of Betrayal or Halik from pilot episodes to the tail of the story has shown Jade Flores-Bartolome, a role played by Yam Conception as a nagging and unsatisfied wife who through the act of infidelity lost her husband.

However a new twist at the end of the series projects Jade as a heroine.

Jade’s character spells out an antagonist who resolves to fighting in gaining her selfish desires as a woman. She aims to lead her own life and getting the necessary finances, facilities and clothes to make up for her bitter childhood experience.

In her quest to become rich overnight, she puts Jacky Y Montefalco-Corpuz’s, a role played by Yen Santos marriage to Ace in jeopardy but her enjoyment with Ace did not last after discovering that she is pregnant for Ace.

Jade had left Lino Bartolome and was living with her new suitor, Ace. She thinks the pregnancy is her trump card to get Ace to be married to her but her desires become her worse nightmare as Ace did not want any serious relationship.

Jade is however left on her own to fend for herself, but her fate is terrible to the extent that her first night with Ace becomes a scandal and is left jobless together with Ace.

Before the discovery of her pregnancy, Ace is already seeing another woman calls Aliyah. As Ace is sacked from Montecorp by the act of his father Paeng, who makes his $ex video with Jade goes viral on social media is bent on getting his position back by enlisting the help of his new girlfriend, Aliyah.

Due to that, Ace did not want to have anything to do with Jade. Moreover, his relationship with Jade is to get back at his archrival, Lino Bartolome for being friends with his estranged wife, Jacky.

Fortune begins to smile at Jade after suffering public ridicule, her estranged mother in-law, Dolor took pity upon her and pleaded with her son to take Jade in to fend for her since she almost took the life of her unborn child through an abortion.

Jacky Montefalco learning about the misdeeds of Ace and confronts her estranged husband for being irresponsible. Ace heeds to the advice of his estranged wife and took Jade in to take care of the pregnancy but a DNA test conducted on the unborn child proves that Ace is not the father, but Lino is.

Lino wondered the kind of tunes his destiny was playing, upon sober reflection, he dances well to the tunes and accepted Jade back into his life only to fend for the unborn child whiles Ace affair with Aliyah continues.

Eventually, Jade’s love for Lino increases after seeing how Lino has developed in his career as a carpenter or furniture designer even without her. Jade then yearns for the attention of Lino, especially seeing she is in competition with Jacky for her estranged husband, Lino.

Jade’s jealousy leads her to early labour, after series of complications that arose from her pregnancy. She gives birth to a premature child who is later named CJ.

Jade is still bent on winning Lino and her act of kindness out of jealousy turns into evil again. She finds solace in Ace, the suitor who she claims raped and abandoned her in times of difficulty.

They joined forces to ruin Lino’s life which the plans backfired leading Jade who wanted to use CJ to lure Lino into accepting her into his life as a wife again to lose custody of the child.

She is also found guilty of infidelity even when she played the victim and claimed Lino cheated on her first. Jade with the help of Ace escaped prison and managed to kidnap CJ. She is able to do that during the christening and baptism event of the child.

Being a gold-digger laced with a bad fate, her evil deeds caught up with her again and now she did not suffer the fate of being left on her own by her suitor, or suffering public humiliation but her life and that of her son were under threat.

As Ace’s family were being haunted by the police, Ace also becomes fugitive after killing Aliyah, his ex girlfriend whose first attempt to kill her through an overdose of sleeping tablets failed.

Jade in her quest to save CJ from Helen and Ace, resolves to shooting Ace’s pen!s, leaving Ace impotent for the rest of his life. Jade also discovers she is coughing blood and is seriously sick from a form of tuberculosis. Fortunately, she gets better. Life presents her an opportunity to redress herself and make up for her mistakes.

Left with no choice as all her plans to escape the law failed, with Ace and the rest of the Corpuzes behind the bars, Jade willingly surrenders to the police and serves her term in jail.

This story as chronicled by Marissa in her book portrayed Jade as a heroine who never stops fighting. She is able to shape the part of many women especially married ones on how to maintain their marriage even in difficult times.

Marissa with the promotion of Jade’s story becomes the most sought after writer and a best selling author. She is able to establish herself better and receives her heroine who she sees her as a fighter with an open arms into her house when she finished serving her sentence. They are bound to the belief that “Once a fighter, always a fighter.”

Meanwhile, Jacky Montefalco who has been of good moral conduct, professional, hardworking and exhibited great sense of intelligence did not gain any uplift in the story.

Now the question stands is Jade really your heroine or Jacky is?

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